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Worth Deserving Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786

Outside, it was a long, cold night.

In the room, it was the gentle woman crying in tears.

Jack Brown sits quietly, a gla*s of red wine poured in his hand, playfully admiring the girl’s struggle and despair.

Looking at the woman who had once treated him with disdain, but was now crying out in pity at his hands.

In his heart, Jack felt nothing but a sick pleasure.


With the sound of a dress breaking open, it looked like this gentle and intoxicating girl’s seductive and delicate body was about to be completely naked.


There was a loud boom.

The doors and windows of the flat burst open with a bang.

The cold, chilly wind, wrapped in a morose fury, swept in instantly like an ocean storm.

“What is it?”

Jack Brown was instantly startled.

He stood up with a scuffle, and his gla*s of wine slipped from his hand.

The rest of his men also looked up.

They saw a thin figure at the door and window in front of them, silently moving away.

Half of the darkness was shrouded in darkness, while on the other side the light swayed.

The figure standing there between the streaks of light and shadow was only like a ghost!

“Is that you?”

But after a brief moment of panic, Jack Brown quickly recognised Ye Fan.

All the panic immediately dissipated, and a cold smile then emerged “Brat, you’ve come just in time.”

“I was looking for you!”

“How dare you steal my woman, I’ll send you to hell tonight.”

“Spades, go on, kill him for me!”

Jack Brown laughed wantonly.

And then, a big man smashed in Ye Fan’s direction with a club in hand.


There was a muffled sound.

The iron rod, forged of fine steel, unexpectedly broke with a sound.

But Jack was dumbfounded, “How is this possible?”

“This guy’s body, couldn’t it be made of iron?”

Jack, who was greatly shocked, then asked his men to go on piece by piece.

But it was useless, in front of Ye Fan, these people were nothing more than ants.

Even now, Ye Fan could not use his Yuan Power, but his physical strength alone was enough to defy most people.

Just like this, in just a few breaths, Ye Fan took several steps, and with each step, several figures were kicked down from the upper floors by Ye Fan.

In the end, in the large hall, apart from Ye Fan, there was only one person left standing, Jack.

“You you.”

“How how could this happen?”

“Who the hell are you?”

Jack Brown had been completely dumbfounded.

These bodyguards of his were all sturdy men whom he had handpicked.

Even boxing champion Tyson would never be able to defeat a dozen men in a row by himself in such a short time.

But this man in front of him had done it.

But Ye Fan didn’t give him any nonsense, he just reached out, strangled him by the throat and slowly lifted him up.

“You scum, it is a sin to let you live.”

The cold words rang out quietly.

Straight away, a death sentence was pronounced for Jack.



Jack was struggling, tearfully begging for mercy.

But it was useless, Ye Fan twisted his wrist, directly snapping his neck, and then threw him downstairs.

On the highway, tens of tons of heavy trucks drove by, instantly crushing him into mush.

In response, Ye Fan showed no mercy.

To the strongest person on the Heavenly Ranking, this multitude of beings was nothing more than a mole.

What’s more, the one who died was a human scum.

After settling these people, Ye Fan then hurriedly picked He Yurou up and put her on the bed, using the quilt to cover her body.

“Yurou, it’s alright.”

Ye Fan comforted.

But He Yurou was still in shock, and she fiercely hugged Ye Fan, bawling like a person who had fallen into the water and grabbed the straw that saved his life.


“Mr. Chu, I was so scared”

“I thought, I was about to be taken by them”


He Yurou came from a wealthy family, and had been surrounded by the stars since she was a child, so she had never been so frightened.

What’s more, she was alone in a foreign country, with no one to rely on.

Just now, she was really desperate.

But fortunately, Ye Fan had returned.


He Yurou was in tears, hugging Ye Fan with all her might. She had completely forgotten that her dress was torn, revealing the snow-white and delicate skin inside.

“It’s alright, Yurou, it’s alright.”

“I’ve settled it, no one will pester you anymore.”

Ye Fan softly rea*sured, while in his heart, he was glad that he had made a trip back, otherwise then the consequences would have been unthinkable.

Ye Fan stayed with He Yurou for a few moments, and only when he saw that she was gradually calming down did he say, “Yurou, the reason I went back is to advise you to go back to your country for a few days if possible.”

“I’m worried that you’ll be in danger if you’re alone here.”

In fact, Ye Fan had already regretted it a little.

He shouldn’t have come to disturb He Yurou.

Now, it was highly likely that he would be involved in this fiasco as well.

Although in the past two days, Ye Fan had been extremely careful.

New York City was ultimately the stronghold of the Chu Sect, and it was possible that at some point, the people of the Chu Sect would know that he had crossed paths with this kind girl.

When that time came, Chu Yuan was afraid that he would not let He Yurou go.

“Then, Mr. Chu, shall I go with you?” He Yurou’s beautiful eyes were still a little red and swollen as she inquired in a low voice.

Ye Fan smiled to himself “Yurou, you and I have known each other for a while, so we are kindred spirits.”

“There are some things that I won’t hide from you.”

“The current me is long since not the prosperous Jiangdong emperor of yesteryear.”

“Instead, I am a dog who is in danger of losing his home.”

“If I were still at the top, it would not be difficult to send you back to my country, or to make you the queen of New York City.”

“But now, the glamour is gone, and all is bleak.”

“Honestly, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to return to Yanxia alive.”

“Your father is the Lord of Jiangdong Province, if you follow me and also fall in this foreign country, how will I face your father and the fathers of Jiangdong in the future.”

Ye Fan shook his head, and between his words, there was a sense of desolation.

It was as if the hero was dying!

These words, he had hidden in his heart for a long time.

From the time he escaped from Chu Men Mountain, Ye Fan realised that the possibility of him returning to Yanxia alive was already very slim.

Ye Fan was already filled with guilt for letting Tang Yun follow him into danger.

How could he, in turn, drag an innocent and kind girl into it.

“Yu Rou, remember what I said.”

“Although, within a short time, they shouldn’t be able to find you.”

“But, to be on the safe side, you should return to your country as soon as possible.”

After saying that, Ye Fan turned around, and headed outside.

However, when Ye Fan reached the door, He Yurou suddenly called out to stop him.

“Mr. Chu, I will see you in Jiangdong.”

She looked at him and said with tears in her eyes.

Ye Fan smiled and only returned a good word.

And then, Ye Fan’s slim figure disappeared into the long night.



New York City, the eastern suburbs of the lake.

A group of people were waiting here.

These people, all wearing sungla*ses, were pacing back and forth by the lake, the night wind blowing their coats, windy and dusty, like travelers on a long trip.

“Li Er, have you really gotten word that Mr. Chu will appear here tonight?”

Both Lei Lao San and Chen Ao frowned, looking at one of the older men with suspicion.

“It can’t be wrong.”

“Han Lao’s call, could the news still be wrong?” Li Er said back.

“But the appointed time has already pa*sed, how come Mr. Chu is still missing?” Chen Ao and the others were worried in their hearts.

It had been a day or two since they had arrived in New York.

Originally, they had planned to go to Truman Hill for support, but when they landed in New York, they learned that Truman’s people were searching for Ye Fan.

At that moment, Chen Ao and the others undoubtedly guessed that Ye Fan had already left the Chu Sect.

So, they all changed their original plan, from going to Chu Sect Mountain for support, to searching for Ye Fan in New York City.

However, there was no news for several days in a row, and just when Li Er and the others had almost given up, they actually received a call from Han Lao.

Informing them to meet Ye Fan here, tonight.

“Since Grandpa Han said that Brother Little Fan would come tonight, then he will definitely come.”

“We’ll just wait here in peace.”

The person who spoke was a beautiful and charming woman.

On her stunning face, she vaguely carried a bit of the coolness and majesty of someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

However, from her beautiful eyes, one could vaguely see the worry and miss that was hidden in the depths.

“Miss Xu has said so, we definitely believe in Miss Xu.”

Li Er hurriedly and respectfully returned.