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Worth Deserving Chapter 1787

Chapter 1787

As he said this, Li Er also quietly glanced at the gentle woman in a kimono not far away.

Unlike Xu Lei’s mature and sensual aura, this young girl exuded a youthful and lively look.

At first, when Li Er and the others met here and saw this young girl, they thought she had entered here by mistake.

Only after questioning her did they learn that she was the head of Japan’s largest conglomerate, the Sanhe Foundation, Chi Ikki Shizuku.

“D*mn chicken, Mr. Chu is really awesome.”

“In the land of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu sits in his hometown’s hometown.”

“Where Yanjing is concerned, General Xu is holding down one side.”

“Even overseas in Japan, there are girls guarding the family business for Mr. Chu.”

“What is this struggle for Mr. Chu?”

“It is enough to let the girls under his hand to rule the world, he only needs to conquer women.”

Li Er looked at the two beautiful girls in front of him, and in his heart, he was in awe and admiration of Mr. Chu.

He only felt that Ye Fan was really a winner in life, a model of contemporary men.

Of course, apart from Li Er, Chen Ao and Lei Lao San were also shocked.

Before this, Chen Ao had only thought that Ye Fan’s power was only in Jiangdong and Yanjing.

But now, it seemed that they were very wrong.

Ye Fan’s sphere of influence had long since spread across the five lakes and four seas.

Just like the people gathered here today, they were not only from the Yanxia Sun Country, but also from Africa and Europe.

“Thanks to us, we have been following Mr. Chu for several years.”

“I thought that I had understood everything about Mr. Chu.”

“Now it seems that what we once knew was only the tip of Mr. Chu’s iceberg.”

Lei Laosan was filled with emotion, and Chen Ao also had mixed feelings.

Thinking back then, Chen Ao had even betrayed Ye Fan in order to protect himself, fearing that Jiangdong’s Mr. Chu would lose at the hands of the Yanjing gentry.

But tonight, after seeing these Four Seas Qinwang teams, Chen Ao finally realised how ratty he had been back then.

It was only now that this Iron Triangle of Jiangdong truly knew what kind of existence that once snail-rooted, submissive son-in-law of the Qiu family was.

Time continued to pa*s.

The winter night became colder and colder.

Finally, it was not until the early hours of the morning that two figures, a man and a woman, quietly appeared in the depths of the dark night.

“Is it Mr. Chu?”

“But why two people?”

Li Er and the others immediately frowned, looking carefully ahead while having their men load their guns and prepare for a self-defence attack.

These were special times and they had to be cautious.

“Stand still!”

“I wonder who your Excellency is?”

“What is the purpose of your night visit here?”

Long Baichuan, who was among the crowd, also sensed that something was wrong and immediately asked in a deep voice.

Long Baichuan was also a martial powerhouse and was extremely sensitive to qi and blood fluctuations.

In the past, when Ye Fan appeared in front of him, even though his sharpness was restrained, the dragon like qi blood was still thick.

But now, that figure in front of him, surprisingly, Long Baichuan could not feel the slightest fluctuation of qi blood and energy.

It was like an ordinary man with no power.

However, after Long Baichuan asked, no one responded.

“Friend, please tell us the reason for your visit.”

“Otherwise, don’t blame us for making a move.”

Li Er and the others also became nervous at once, and Long Baichuan even gripped the long sword on his back.

However, just as the crowd was about to strike, a faint laugh came out quietly, “What?”

“How long has it been, can’t you even recognise me anymore?”

A familiar laugh, a faint chuckle.

The moment Ye Fan’s words rang out, Xu Lei, Qian Chi Jing and the others, their delicate bodies, all trembled.

Especially Xu Lei, she could hardly contain herself and directly ran over.

“Little Brother Fan.”

That cry, which almost crossed life and death, resounded through the ages.

Under the long night, the former Queen of Yanjing, who had helped Ye Fan to guard his side, was like a little woman who longed for care and attention, running towards Ye Fan without a care in the world, and then burrowing headlong into his arms.

“Little brother Fan, Lei’er thought that she would never see you again.”

“Why are you so stupid?”

“Why did you come on your own”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xu Lei’s tears fell like rain, and her piteous cries could not stop ringing out in between the night.

Her parents had died early and her relatives had no righteousness.

It could be said that to Xu Lei, Ye Fan was the only thing she had left in this world, her family, and the meaning of her life.

When she learnt that Ye Fan had gone to the Chu Sect alone, no one knew the sadness and worry in Xu Lei’s heart.

She was so afraid that Ye Fan would fall in the Chu Sect, so afraid that her “young man” would never return, so afraid that her only meaning in this world would be gone.

While Xu Lei was crying in Ye Fan’s arms, the procession of the king from all over the world knelt down on the shores of the lake in the eastern suburbs.

“Ten years of patience, a thousand days of drinking ice.”

“We, the Dragon God Starfire, pay our respects to the Dragon Lord!”

The voices that rose and fell shook the entire heaven and earth.

Looking from afar, the mountains were filled with the Starfire that Ye Fan had once planted.

In the winter of the year Xin Chou, the Dragon God Hall Master and his three thousand sons and daughters finally met on the shores of the eastern suburban lake!

Under the heavenly river, Ye Fan stood quietly with his beautiful woman in his arms.

Beneath his feet, the waters of the Eastern Suburbs Lake rippled.

In front of him, the children of the Dragon God were in flames.

Looking at these people kneeling at his feet, it was as if Ye Fan was seeing his own youthful years of these ten years.

Was this the cause he had fought for half his life?

Was this the starburst that he had scattered all over the world?

Just like what Han Lao had said back then, the king’s division had finally descended!

However, at this time when he should have been so proud and full of ambition, Ye Fan’s heart was filled with despondency and desolation.

“Gentlemen, you have not failed me, Chu Tianfan, but I have failed you all!”

“It was me, Chu Tianfan, who was incompetent and ultimately defeated under the Chu Sect Mountain.”

“It is I, who have failed everyone in this hope.”

“Not only did I fail to send my Dragon God Hall to the top of the martial arts dao, but now I have to involve all of you in deep danger.”

Ye Fan was filled with guilt, and his words were heavy.

Although, the Dragon God Hall Hall crowd would finally meet the division.

However, the defeat of Ye Fan’s Chu Sect troops had signalled that the momentum had gone.

The high end battle had already been defeated, and the remaining middle and low end battles could not change any outcome at all.


“You have already done very well, Dragon Master.”

“You have stepped down half of the Chu Clan with just one person.”

“If Chu Yuan had not appeared, today both the Chu Family and the Chu Sect would have been trampled down by the Dragon Lord.”

Amongst the crowd, someone shouted.

“That’s right!”

“Besides, what’s the harm in losing this time?”

“Big deal, in ten years’ time, we’ll roll up and come back.”

“By then, we, the Dragon God Starfire, will help the Dragon Lord to reach the top of this human world!”

“Since we can wait for ten years, we can also wait for twenty or thirty years.”

“As long as the Dragon Lord’s fire of heart remains intact and his fighting spirit does not fade, we all have enough patience to wait.”

“We all believe that when the next time the Dragon Lord stands on this land again, not only the Chu Sect, but the whole world will tremble under the Dragon Lord’s feet then!”

The crowd shouted, their words filled with reverence and sincerity for Ye Fan.

As Ye Fan looked at them, an inexplicable emotion surged in his heart.

It turned out that he was not alone in this world.

Behind him, there were so many people that supported him.


“Since everyone trusts me.”

“At this point today, I will make a vow here.”

“It doesn’t take ten years, within three years, I, Chu Tianfan, will come back with a vengeance!”

“Chu Yuan, Chu Sect, the humiliation of this day will be repaid a hundred times in the future!”

Ye Fan’s palms were clenched tightly, but in his eyes, there was a blazing fire.

After that, Ye Fan immediately ordered everyone to retreat to Yanxia!

While Ye Fan was meeting up with Li Er and the others, the Chu Clan’s clan members, who were scattered all over the world, were also a*sembling in large numbers.

“Grand Elder, in accordance with your request, we have also recalled all the expatriates stationed outside on duty on a global scale, as a matter of urgency!”

“Apart from the injured, my Chu Sect disciples, those who still have the strength to fight, more than three thousand!”

In the Chu Sect’s main hall, Tang Xian sat upright.

The disciples under the stage, kneeling in submission, reported.