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Worth Deserving Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788

“Only three thousand left?” Tang Xian immediately frowned.

As the world’s largest martial power, at its peak, the Chu Sect had five thousand martial practitioners.

But now, those who could fight, surprisingly, only had three thousand left.

That is to say, Ye Fan alone had actually slaughtered nearly half of their Chu Sect disciples alive.

However, although there were only three thousand Chu Sect disciples left, they were still able to crush all the martial forces in the world.

After all, the number of martial artists in the entire European countries, combined, was only two thousand.

There was also Yanxia, although it had 1.4 billion people. However, the number of martial artists registered with the Martial God Temple was only about one or two thousand.

In other words, the martial artists that Ye Fan had killed by going up to the Chu Sect twice were already equivalent to slaughtering the entire Europe.

“No way!”

“The difference is too much.”

“Only three thousand people, far from enough.”

“Now, you immediately contact the Brown Family, the Du Pont Family, the Adams Family and all the other secular families that are affiliated with my Chu Sect.”

“Tell them to immediately dispatch their men and use all the military and political energy they can to seal off the entire border of New York City!”

“One post at three steps, one guard at ten steps.”

“Station all the crossing roads leaving the city!”

“In addition, issue a wanted notice for Chu Tianfan as well as the Dragon God Temple in both the secular and martial worlds.”

“Anyone who harbors and harbors is an enemy of my Chu Sect!”

“Also, print 100,000 copies of that Chu Tianfan’s photo and distribute them to all those involved in the siege operation.”

“I don’t believe it, in my Chu Sect’s stronghold, how can we still let him escape?”

Tang Xian’s face was gloomy as he methodically issued the orders.

The matter of finding Ye Fan and searching for Tang Yun naturally fell on Tang Xian alone.

Tang Yun was the future and hope of the Tang family, and he was also the head of the Chu Sect, so in order to save Tang Yun, Tang Xian would naturally go all out to hunt down Ye Fan.

As soon as he found Ye Fan’s whereabouts, then he would immediately report to Chu Yuan.

At that time, the old Sect Master, the King of Heaven, would not have the protection of the Four Dragon Gods and the Moon God, so as soon as Ye Fan showed up, it would be his time of death.

However, not long after Tang Xian had issued a full-scale siege on Ye Fan in the martial and secular worlds, a piece of news came from the mouth of one of the Chu Sect’s affiliated clans.

“Grand Elder, there’s a clue.”

“Over at the Brown family, someone was attacked and killed by a Martial Dao powerhouse.”

“That person, they suspect, is the Chu Tianfan we are looking for!” In the middle of the hall, the men under his command reported anxiously.

When the Grand Elder heard that, he was startled.

“Is this true?”



On the other side.

After Ye Fan and the others met up at the eastern suburban lake, they began to evacuate in an orderly manner towards the outside of New York City.

However, Ye Fan and the others were ultimately a step too late.

At this time, all the major departure ports were manned.

Even the entire coastline had a large number of people posted to keep watch.

Among them, there was no shortage of Rice’s sea defence troops.

“D*mn it!”

“This Chu Mun, how can he order so many people?”

“In order to capture us, this must have used at least a hundred thousand people, I’m afraid.”

When Li Er, Lei Lao San and the others learned of their current situation, their old faces were suddenly gloomy and their brows were furrowed.

“These, aren’t people from the Chu Sect.”

“All are some secular forces.”

“The Chu Sect has been operating here for generations, and the entire New York City is already the basic turf of the Chu Sect.”

“Military, political, industrial and commercial, in every field, the Chu Sect has a significant influence.”

“Like some of the big local families, the Brown family, the Adams family and so on, all of them are affiliated forces of the Chu Sect.”

As Li Er and the others were lamenting, a woman with a demure air next to her, whispered back.


“Mr. Chu, this is?”

Li Er and the others had long noticed this graceful woman who was travelling with Ye Fan.

With this woman’s face covered in a light veil, a long black dress wrapped her exquisite and delicate body in all its glory.

However, even so, the transcendent aura and graceful beauty of Tang Yun’s body still made people unable to help but drop their eyes on her.

Li Er had been following Ye Fan for many years, but he did not remember that there was such a strange woman beside Ye Fan.

Could it be that it was another one of Mr. Chu’s confidantes?

It seemed, however, to know all about the affairs of the Chu Sect.

Li Er and the others secretly pondered.

Xu Lei, who was at the side, also revealed a puzzled look.

She didn’t know why, but she always felt that the woman with a light veil over her face in front of her was somewhat familiar.

It was as if she had seen it with her at some point.

“This my cousin.” Ye Fan explained.

He did not say that this person in front of him was the Chu Sect Sect Master, Tang Yun.

After all, her identity was too sensitive.

What’s more, Tang Yun, herself, did not want to reveal her past identity.

Otherwise, if word got out that the titled Chu Sect’s Sect Master had eloped with an enemy, it would be a fatal blow to the reputation of the Chu Sect.

Tang Yun did not want to let her sect teacher, because of herself, fall into the laughing stock of the martial arts world.

For Tang Yun’s mind, Ye Fan naturally knew.

Therefore, he was also being careful to conceal Tang Yun’s identity for her.


“Brother Little Fan, apart from Yuyan, how come I didn’t know that you had a cousin?”

Xu Lei was a little suspicious.

Ye Fan knocked the girl’s head “You little ninny, don’t ask too many questions about adult matters.”

Ye Fan lectured Xu Lei like a child.

This scene made the corners of Xue Ranyang Li Er and the others’ eyes twitch.

Li Er and the others knew that this General Manager Xu in front of them was a queen-level figure who was in charge of Yanjing’s business empire.

It was estimated that in the whole of Yanxia, Ye Fan was the only one who dared to lecture her like a child.

The key was that Xu Lei wasn’t even angry, she just covered her head and kept crying out in pain.


“Rhyme you just said the Brown family?”

“This New York, how many Brown families are there?” Ye Fan suddenly remembered something and twisted his head to ask Tang Yun.

“Just one.” Tang Yun said honestly.

When Ye Fan smiled, his expression changed.

“Not good!”

“I’m afraid that something is going to happen.”

Ye Fan instantly felt bad and turned around to leave.

“I’m going back to run some errands, you guys don’t need to wait for me.”

“All go back individually.”

“We will meet again in Jiangdong!”

Ye Fan’s words echoed through the place.

Xu Lei and Qian Chi Jing and the girls wanted to go after them, but when they looked up and looked again, they found that Ye Fan had already left.

Of course, along with Ye Fan, there was also Tang Yun who had left.

“They are all here to find you, why don’t you let them wait for you to return to Yanxia together?”

On the way back, Tang Yun asked Ye Fan.

Ye Fan shook his head “The person Chu Sect is looking for is me, why involve them?”

Before this, Ye Fan had indeed planned to break out of New York City with Li Er and the others.

However, the severity of the situation now was undoubtedly beyond Ye Fan’s expectations.

The Chu Sect had actually used its secular forces to participate in the siege of himself.

Under such circumstances, the more Ye Fan and his group had, the bigger the target would undoubtedly be.

Rather than letting them accompany him in the danger, it would be better for them to go back first on their own.

Faced with what Ye Fan said, Tang Yun did not say anything, but in her heart, she admired the man in front of her more and more.

She did not know how much courage one had to have to stand up to the entire Chu Sect with one person.

Even though he was now facing a siege by the Chu Sect, and even though there were thousands of friends and brothers behind him who supported him, Ye Fan still chose to face all the storms alone.

However, thinking about it, Tang Yun’s emotions suddenly lost.

Because, even in her heart, she had no bottom.

She did not know whether she could return to Yanxia safely with Ye Fan or not.

In the city, the international students’ flat was suddenly under martial law.

People from an unknown source suddenly poured in.

One of the flats was surrounded by a group of people.

At this moment, in the room, a beautiful woman had been hung up.

The jade-like body of the past was covered in wounds.

She was so bruised and battered that she was in a state of utter misery, dying.