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Worth Deserving Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790

At this moment, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were icy cold.

A fierce killing spirit rushed through his heart.

However, this was all an afterthought.

It was still too early to say this.

Ye Fan himself knew that it was still unknown whether he could safely claim Yanxia now.

However, once the fierce tiger returned to the mountain, one day, Ye Fan would definitely stain half of the sky with blood.

“Yu Rou, let’s leave here first.”

Ye Fan picked up He Yurou, who was dying, and jumped towards the stairs.

However, just as Ye Fan landed on the ground, hundreds of Chu Sect’s strongest men came rushing in like a tidal wave.

Ye Fan and He Yurou were surrounded by them.

Tang Xian, who had just been slapped down from the upper floor by Ye Fan, wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and reappeared.

“It seems that you really don’t know how to die?”

Ye Fan’s gaze glanced over, and his morose words were filled with threats.

At the same time, a majestic pressure and aura, also emanated from Ye Fan’s body.

That mountain-like majesty caused the surrounding Chu Sect disciples to unconsciously retreat several steps backwards in fear.

Obviously, these people were also frightened by Ye Fan’s majesty when he had killed on the Chu Sect Mountain.

That fear of being dominated by Ye Fan was not only shared by Tang Xian, these Chu Sect disciples, naturally, also had it.

“Elder Dada, I we should probably retreat.”

“It’s better to go and ask the old Sect Master.”

Beside him, a Protector of the Chu Sect spoke in a low and frightened voice.

This fellow in front of him was a killing embryo.

Even the Chu Sect Master had lost to him, and the Chu Family’s family head&bsp&bsp Chu Zhengliang was still nailed to the Chu Sect Mountain crying in ghostly tears.

The entire Chu Sect up and down was slaughtered by Ye Fan alone almost two thousand people.

In front of such a supreme killing embryo, they are a few hundred people, is really not enough to look at ah.

Before they came, these people all thought that Ye Fan was dying and was not enough.

But looking at this appearance of Ye Fan now, where did he look like a seriously injured body.

While being shocked at Ye Fan’s terrifying recovery ability, these Chu Sect powerhouses in front of them were all starting to beat a retreat.

“What are you panicking about?”

“Did you all really think that in just a few days, that Chu Tianfan would be able to come back from a near-death body to full blood?”

“He’s just bluffing!”

Tang Xian spoke in a stern voice.

Just now, when Ye Fan had suddenly descended and killed him, at that moment, Tang Xian was also terrified and afraid, so much so that he had lost his basic judgment.

However, after being knocked away by Ye Fan just now, Tang Xian, who had calmed down, also came back to his senses.

In his opinion, even if Ye Fan had been injured like that, even if a god was alive, it would be impossible for him to heal in a few days and return to his peak.

What’s more, if this Ye Fan had really recovered from his injuries, that encounter just now, he would not simply be injured, but would have been killed.

In short, based on all the signs, Tang Xian was almost 90% sure that this Ye Fan was in fact a golden jade.

“Don’t stand still!”

“All of you, go!”

Tang Xian suddenly ordered in a deep voice.

However, those Chu Sect powerhouses beside him were still having a hard time dispelling the fear of Ye Fan in their hearts.

They looked at me, and I looked at you, but they all dared not go forward.

“A bunch of trash!”

“At a critical moment, none of them can be counted on!”

Tang Xian was infuriated by this group of men.

In the end, as a last resort, Tang Xian had no choice but to make his own move.

“Chu Sect Three Jedi!”

“Green Dragon Jedi!”

Although Tang Xian guessed that Ye Fan was bluffing, even so, he still didn’t dare to be careless and gullible.

The moment he struck, it was the Chu Sect’s most powerful martial art.

Under the dark night, a blue dragon shadow cut through the sky, cutting straight at Ye Fan.

Faced with Tang Xian’s sudden attack, Ye Fan forced the Dragon God’s Body and his physical strength instantly burst forth.

With a fierce punch, he struck out directly at the green dragon’s energy.


A boom sounded.

The majestic energy spilled out, and the cars on both sides of the road were all directly shaken away.

Tang Xian let out a stifled grunt and retreated several steps in succession with his feet on the ground.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, also retreated three steps under the huge impact.

At the same time, the true essence in his lungs ran amok, and the blood that reached his mouth was forcibly swallowed by him.

“Grand Elder!”

“Are you alright?”

“I’ve said it all, this Chu Tianfan is a demon.”

“Let’s retreat first, shall we?”

“Go back and report to the Old Sect Master, only the Old Sect Master can kill him ah”

Seeing that the Grand Elder had been repulsed with a single blow, the few guardians beside him once again came anxiously to advise, clamouring for a retreat.

Tang Xian was so angry that he kicked them in the face, “A bunch of fools!”

“Can’t you see that?”

“This guy is just holding out!”

“Otherwise, would a Heavenly Ranking Number One be repulsed by me in one move?”

Tang Xian roared with hatred.

When those Chu Sect powerhouses beside him heard this, they instantly dawned on them.

“That’s true!”

“With that ability of the Grand Elder, he was able to knock him back?”

“It seems that this kid’s majesty just now was really an act.”

“What a cunning Yan Xia brat!”

“To think that he tricked us all.”

“I told you, how could a dying man come back to life with full blood in a few days’ time?”

Finally, with Tang Xian’s personal test, the trepidation in the hearts of these Chu Sect powerhouses all dissipated.

Afterwards, these people did as Tang Xian said and began to join forces to surround Ye Fan.

The truth was just as Tang Xian had expected.

Now Ye Fan’s tendons and veins were damaged, and his dantian was empty.

All he thought he could use was the strength of his physical body.

But even so, Ye Fan could not hold out for long, and with his serious internal injuries, he could not support Ye Fan’s continuous high-intensity outbursts.

Therefore, under the siege of the Chu Sect’s strongest fighters, Ye Fan soon showed his fatigue.

Finally, he could no longer suppress the deficient Qi and blood in his body, and with a mouthful of crimson, he finally vomited out.

The Yunyang Ancient Sword, which had been carried by Ye Fan all along, was stuck above the earth by him, supporting his body and not collapsing.

Once again, deep in a heavy siege, Ye Fan did not have much grief.

What he did have was only guilt for the woman in his arms.

Thinking that he, Ye Fan, had spent his whole life crossing over, he had eventually dragged too many people into it.

“Yurou, if possible, after you return to Jiangdong, say sorry to her for me.”

Ye Fan spoke in a low voice, a calm smile on the corner of his mouth.

Afterwards, he used all his remaining strength to wrap He Yurou and threw her out towards the distance.

Ye Fan had just used soft force, so that even when He Yurou landed on the ground, there would be force to help her reduce the impact.

Tang Xian did not care about Ye Fan sending He Yurou away.

It was just a small, insignificant person.

If he left, he left.

As long as Ye Fan was left here, that was enough!


“Chu Tianfan, didn’t expect it, did you have a day too?”

“The youngest Sealed Grandmaster of the world, the supreme powerhouse at the top of the Heavenly Rankings, the supreme demon of Yanxia, would die in my Tang Xian’s hands today.”

“To be honest, Chu Tianfan, I have you to thank for that.”

“In the future, when the history books record this history, I, Tang Xian, will also follow you, Chu Tianfan, and be famous for thousands of years to come.”

Tang Xian was undoubtedly excited at the thought that he was about to kill Chu Tianfan by hand.

If he thought of a demon like Chu Tianfan, even after his death, he would certainly be written down in the history of martial arts, and be studied and admired by future generations for thousands of years.

After all, in his twenties, he had entered the seal, stepped on the Chu Clan and became number one on the Heavenly Ranking.

Such a demon is definitely the first person in a thousand years.

He should be remembered in history.

And he, Tang Xian, who had defeated Chu Tianfan, would undoubtedly become the most glorious and splendid stroke of his life in this year of worship.


After laughing, Tang Xian instantly attacked, sheathing his short sword in his sleeve and slashing at Ye Fan’s throat!


At this time, Tang Yun, who had been hiding in the distance, finally couldn’t sit still any longer.

She was the Lord of the Chu Sect after all, so naturally, she did not want her men to know about her relationship with Ye Fan.

However, when Ye Fan was alive or dead, any more scruples were not scruples anymore.