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Worth Deserving Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791

However, the moment those words fell, Tang Yun was just about to rush over to save Ye Fan.

Suddenly, a tongue of fire erupted from the distant street.

Overwhelming attacks were woven into a dense line of fire here, pouring down towards the Chu Sect powerhouse.

At the same time, countless martial dao attacks followed the streams of gunfire and came silently.

This sudden artillery fire attack undoubtedly caused the Chu Sect’s strongmen to be instantly startled.

For a while, many of the weaker forces were instantly killed or injured.

Even Tang Xian, caught off guard, was instantly knocked back.

But after being knocked back, Tang Xian immediately used his internal Yuan power, and between the operation of his true essence, he directly put up a wall of Qi in this heaven and earth, blocking all those dense lines of fire.

A strong person above the rank of clan master could fear no gunfire.

But these concentrated fire attacks still pose a threat to martial artists below Zong Shi.

Especially, when these fires were dense to a certain extent, they could completely achieve killings on martial artists.

Therefore, Tang Xian also had to be cautious and specifically move to deflect these guns and cannons.

After the fire continued for some time, this area of heaven and earth, returned to calm.

Tang Xian dispersed his wall of Qi, his eyebrows containing authority, his tiger eyes gazing into the distance “Who dares to stir up the affairs of my Chu Sect?”

“I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

Tang Xian shouted angrily.

However, no one responded.

Only the dense sound of footsteps, like a river rushing, rolled in.

In the end, the first person to emerge from the night was an old man with a round head and small eyes.

He had a solemn face, his eyebrows contained authority as he led the hundreds of men behind him and quickly rushed to Ye Fan.

Afterwards, he clasped his hands together and bowed to Ye Fan “My servant Li Er, leading a group of people from Yunzhou, I am here to protect my master!”

“My servant Lei Lao-san, leading a group from Jingzhou, has come to protect the Lord!”

“I, Chen Ao, have come to protect my Lord!”

With the appearance of Li Er, it was as if a huge stone had been smashed into the sea, and in an instant, a huge wave was created.

In a flash, Chen Ao, as well as Lei Lao San and the others, led their subordinates to come and kneel down to Ye Fan.

“You what are you guys doing here?”

“Didn’t I tell you all to quickly retreat to Yanxia?”

Seeing Li Er and the others who had followed him across Jiangdong, Ye Fan was undoubtedly greatly shocked.

He did not expect that Li Er and the others, had followed him here.

One should know that the Chu Sect was a martial arts family, and the war before him was even more of a war between martial artists.

Li Er and the others were nothing more than worldly people, and Ye Fan undoubtedly did not want to involve them in this.

“If Mr. Chen doesn’t retreat, how can we retreat?”

“Just like what Elder Han said, even a star’s fire should show a meager light.”

“Mr. Chu, my Jiangdong sons are not cowards.”

“You can single-handedly kill the Chu Sect for the sake of love and righteousness. We, I will not fear life or death for the sake of loyalty and righteousness!”

Li Er, Chen Ao and the others returned in a deep voice, their words resounding, just like gold and stone falling to the ground.

Immediately behind them, the Jiangdong sons who had followed Li Er and the others, roared in unison, “No fear of life or death!”

“No fear of life and death!”

The words that rushed to the sky gathered into a stream, shaking the whole heaven and earth.

When Ye Fan looked at them, he could not help but be stunned.

He did not expect that he, Ye Fan, would have such a status in the hearts of the people of Jiangdong.

He had caused them to travel across the ocean to protect himself, without fear of life or death.


“Ye Fan will remember your kindness to his heart.”

“If I am fortunate enough to return to Jiangdong in the future, I will definitely be grateful for your kindness of sheltering me today!”

Ye Fan clasped his hands and bowed heavily to the Jiangdong crowd in front of him.


“What a great show of ‘father’s kindness and son’s filial piety’.”

“But Chu Tianfan, do you think that with just this rabble, you will be able to get you out of my hands tonight?”

“Don’t you think that you’re underestimating the strong men of my Chu Sect?”

Seeing Li Er and the others appear in droves, after a brief moment of panic, Tang Xian quickly calmed down.

He gave a fierce laugh, then ordered his men to surround Li Er and the rest of them piece by piece.

Although there were quite a few of them, and they still had weapons in their hands.

But, after all, they were mundane people with unarmed hands. In front of martial artists, these two to three hundred people were not enough to be feared.

“What about adding us?”

As Tang Xian’s words fell, not far away, a clear, cold drink sounded.

Then, turning his head to look, he saw a valiant woman, dressed in a black trench coat, with the appearance of a queen, leading a group of Yan Jing, descending to this place.

Among them was Xue Ranyang, who, upon seeing Ye Fan, even knelt down on both knees and bowed his head to the ground, “Xue Ranyang, King of Dragon Yang, has come to save the Lord!”


When Tang Xian saw this, his expression immediately changed.

“And us!”

There was another clear, cold drink.

Thousand Chi Jing led a group from the Sun Country, and also quietly appeared.

The black crowd was like a tidal wave, surging towards this place.

Iwai Zen, who had followed him, also followed Xue Ranyang and knelt down to Ye Fan, “Sinner Long Yan Wang, come to save the Lord!”

“This,” Tang Xian’s face trembled once again.

However, before Tang Xian could regain his senses, a majestic voice followed in the darkness behind him, like a thunderclap.

“Add us to the list!”

Boom, boom, boom!

In the darkness of the night, several dull booms suddenly rang out.

Immediately afterwards, ten sturdy figures dressed in military uniforms arrived in a flash like ghosts.

And then, amidst the trembling gazes of the Chu Clan, these men actually knelt down in front of Ye Fan in unison!

“Dragon Chuan King Long Baichuan, leading his disciples, has come to save his master!”

The sky-rushing might, like the dragon’s qi and blood, was like a blazing fire burning in this dark night.

As if the wings of a butterfly were stirring, more and more people emerged from the darkness of the night as the four Dragon Kings appeared.

Eighty guardians, thousands of elite martial artists, plus a group from Jiangdong, Yanjing and Japan.

Who would have thought that in just a few minutes, the number of people who had gathered here would be as many as three thousand.

The dark crowd was like a star in the dark night, or like a little starburst on a wilderness full of stars.

Perhaps each one of them, taken individually, was insignificant.

But when millions of stars and fires converge into a stream, they can also paint a galaxy in the sky!

“We, the Dragon God Hall Master, pay our respects!”

“Dragon Lord of the Thousand Ages!”

“Greetings, Dragon God Hall Master”

“Dragon Master Qiangu!”

More than three thousand people shouted in unison, and the sound of “Dragon Lord Qian Gu” shook the heavens and earth, and the heavens and earth trembled.

Looking at the overwhelming crowd and the torrent that swept through the entire neighborhood, Tang Xian and the people of the Chu Sect were already scared to death.

“Great Elder, this this.”

“How come there are suddenly so many people?”

“How the hell should I know.” Tang Xian’s old face turned white.

In order to besiege Ye Fan, he had brought more people this time, almost a couple of hundred.

He had thought that with his numerical advantage, he would be able to surround and kill Ye Fan.

But now, not to mention surrounding and killing Ye Fan, they were surrounded by Ye Fan’s men, instead.

One or two hundred, against three thousand?

How the hell was this going to play out?

“This D*mned Chu Tianfan!”

“How could there be so many people under his hand to pledge their allegiance?”

Looking ahead at the vast crowd of people kneeling at Ye Fan’s feet, calling out Ye Fan a thousand years in unison, Tang Xian’s face was ashen, his old face as gloomy as water.

Originally, he thought that Ye Fan was relying on nothing more than those few great Dragon God powerhouses.

But Tang Xian, in his wildest dreams, had never imagined that under Ye Fan, there was such a huge force.

Apart from those secular people, the number of martial artists with Qi-blood power alone was in the thousands.

Tang Xian remembered that in the entire Yanxia Kingdom, there were only two to three thousand martial artists, right?

And Ye Fan’s men alone could be worth half of Yanxia?

“I can go f*ck myself!”

“What the hell has this outcast of the Chu family done in the past ten years or so?”

“How could he have secretly developed such a terrifying power?”

“The key to this is that my Chu Clan is unaware of it?”

Tang Xian’s face was filled with horror, only feeling that this Ye Fan was so terrifying that it made one’s scalp tingle!