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Worth Deserving Chapter 1793

Chapter 1793

But Tang Xian’s words had just fallen.

Then he felt a wave of searing heat, as if it was a tornado, roaring in.

When Tang Xian raised his head again, he saw the overwhelming cannon fire, wrapping them all, the Chu Sect, in a ma*s.


“Oske, what the hell are you up to?”

After realising that Oske’s attack was really aimed at their Chu Clan, Tang Xian’s scalp exploded at that moment.

His old eyes stared dead in the air as he roared madly and angrily while hastily pushing his Yuan Power to defend.

However, it was already too late.

Before Tang Xian could gather his strength to defend his men from these attacks, the thousands of shells had already fallen.

In an instant, the clearing was ablaze with fire.

The sound of explosions was incessant.

The whole neighbourhood trembled wildly and violently, like an earthquake.

The terrifying shockwave lifted the earth up in a raw layer.

Blood, sinews and bones, flesh and blood were directly vaporized into nothingness by the high temperature of the cannonball explosion.

“This this.”

“What’s going on here?”

“Are they the ones firing the cannon blind, or am I blind?”

Li Er and the others who originally thought they would be subjected to cannon fire were directly dumbfounded after seeing this scene.

Even, for a moment, they thought they had seen it wrong.

Up till now, they hadn’t even figured out what the hell was going on here?

Why did the people of the Chu Clan invite their rescuers, only to end up blasting the Chu Clan powerhouse to death.

Wasn’t this a case of water rushing to the Dragon King’s Temple, of one’s own family blasting one’s own family?

Boom, boom, boom!

The shelling continued.

After the end of one round, Osco ordered another round immediately afterwards.

Although Oske was not versed in martial arts, he knew how powerful and terrifying these martial powerhouses could be.

Even with this indiscriminate carpet bombardment, Oske didn’t have much confidence that he could keep them all here.

Sure enough!

After the continuous bombardment, several figures rose up in the middle of that sea of fire.

One of them was clearly the Chu Sect Grand Elder Tang Xian.

“D*mned Oske!”

“How dare you take advantage of someone’s danger?”

“Wait for it!”

“Not only you, but also the army of guards under you, and Chu Tianfan”

“All of you will die!”

“You all have to die!!!”

Tang Xian was woefully out of shape, his face looming large.

After he burst out of the sea of fire, his angry roar, with endless killing and hatred, swept through the entire sky.

“All surviving members of the Chu Sect, give me an order!”

In the void, Tang Xian stood in the sky.

His face was ruthless and his eyes were as red as blood.

Immediately, in the most fierce tone, he shouted the loudest words!

“Retreat with me!”

As the words fell, Tang Xian stepped on the void and turned around before retreating towards the distant Chu Men Mountain.

Amidst the sea of fire, the remaining few figures that had escaped also left after Tang Xian.

After all, at this moment, Ye Fan had already mastered a thousand armies and horses.

As for them, after the blast just now, there were less than ten survivors.

Ten men against ten thousand armies?

Even a ruthless man wouldn’t dare to play like that?

I guess only wolves who are even more ruthless than ruthless men would dare to do that!

Therefore, under such circumstances, Tang Xian naturally chose to retreat to Chu Men Mountain to regroup and kill Ye Fan again.

As Tang Xian and his men retreated, the cannon fire finally subsided.

The open space where the Chu Clan men were standing was reduced to rubble.

Limbs and bones were scattered all over the place.

As far as the eye could see, there was not a single whole body.

In just those ten minutes, more than a hundred of the Chu Clan’s strongest men had been killed again!

Looking at this result, Li Er and the others were so frightened that they all drew in a cold breath.

Even the martial artists of the Chu Sect had suffered huge casualties under this attack. If they had been the ones who had just suffered these attacks, they would have died out directly.

However, Li Er and the others did not know that the reason why the Chu Sect had suffered such heavy casualties under the cannon fire this time was entirely due to the suddenness of the incident, which had caught the strongest members of the Chu Sect off guard.

It could be said that a considerable number of these people were blasted to death when they were completely defenceless.

If it was truly on the battlefield, and the martial regiments ran into these secular regiments, it would basically be the martial regiments that would have the last laugh.

After all, the single combat ability of a martial artist far exceeds that of an ordinary soldier.

And the more powerful the weapon, the more bulky it is.

Before the people over there could even lock on, the martial artists over here would probably have already killed them.

What’s more, the Sealed Sovereign was not afraid of guns and cannons.

Just now, if Tang Xian had been prepared, a few big moves would have been released in advance, and those tanks and armored vehicles would have been dumbed down directly.

Therefore, in the real battlefield, the only people who can deal with martial artists are often martial artists.

As for secular armies, they could only inflict a large number of deaths and injuries on martial artists if they were out of the blue and could catch people off guard.

After settling the strongest of the Chu Clan, the commander of that corps in front, Oske, then turned his head to look in Ye Fan’s direction.

“Dare I ask who is it, Chu Tianfan?”

A low, thick voice rang out.

Li Er, Xu Lei and the others’ faces then went white.

Their hearts were also instantly terrified and worried.

Could it be that they were now going to turn their guns around again and aim them at these people?

As they thought of this, the thousands of martial artists all came together in combat form and went toe-to-toe with the five thousand guardsmen in front of them.

“I am.”

Ye Fan’s indifferent voice rang out as he stood in place.

There was no trace of fear.

Oske’s gaze also then fell over.

And then, he led the two adjutant men beside him in the direction of Ye Fan.

“Little Brother Fan, be careful!”

Seeing the other party walking towards Ye Fan’s direction, Xu Lei and the others were instantly worried.

Long Baichuan and a host of other powerful men scattered up in a flurry, blocking in front of Ye Fan, and a pair of morose eyes were all fixed on that Oske.

However, Oske also ignored these torch-like gazes as he strode towards Ye Fan with an expressionless face.

In the end, amidst everyone’s trembling and shocked gazes, they saw that Oske clasped his hands in a fist and knelt down violently towards Ye Fan!

“Dragon Hidden King Oske, pay my respects to Dragon Master!”

“My subordinate is late in saving the day, please be punished by Dragon Lord!”


With a few words, it was only like thunder exploding. The thunderbolt exploded.

The moment Oske knelt down, Li Er, Chen Ao, Lei Lao San and Long Baichuan were all dumbfounded.

Even Tang Yun, who had been hiding in a corner and had never shown her face, covered her red lips with a pair of small hands out of surprise.

She simply could not believe that this Osque, was actually one of Ye Fan’s people.

Oske, Tang Yun knew knew.

This was a sharp knife inserted by the military of the rice country under the Chu Men Mountain.

Although it was nominally a*sisting in the defence of Truman Mountain, in reality, it was spying on Truman to prevent Truman from doing anything that would threaten the rulers of the secular world.

However, Tang Yun had never imagined that right under the noses of the Chu Sect, Ye Fan had also planted one of his men.

In Tang Yun’s memory, when she was not yet the Chu Sect’s Sect Master, Oske had already been stationed under the Chu Sect’s mountain.

In other words, hadn’t this Ye Fan already tamed Oske a long time ago?

For a moment, everyone’s admiration for the man before them grew even stronger.

One could only feel that this Dragon God Hall Master, the Peerless Seal, was truly unfathomable!

However, in the face of Oske’s kneeling, Ye Fan shook his head “Dragon Hidden King, you shouldn’t have appeared.”

“You should know that once your identity is exposed, the military of Rice, will take away your authority.”

“By then, you won’t be the commander of these five thousand soldiers.”

Ye Fan spoke in a low voice.

Ye Fan naturally knew about the existence of the Dragon Hidden King.

However, in Ye Fan’s plan, it should be after defeating all of the Chu Sect’s above-sealed powerhouses, and then, if necessary, causing the Dragon Concealment King to deliver a final blow to the Chu Sect, completely ending the Chu Sect Mountain and blowing up this place of right and wrong.

“I know.” Oske nodded, “But if the Dragon Lord falls, what is the point of me staying hidden for another ten years?”

“Dragon Master, there is no need to say anything else.”

“I will escort you away while there is still time!”