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Worth Deserving Chapter 1794

Chapter 1794

Tonight’s commotion was so big that after Tang Xian returned to Chu Sect Mountain, the people of Chu Sect would undoubtedly make a big move.

After tonight’s encounter, Ye Fan’s whereabouts had undoubtedly been completely exposed, and in this situation, it could be said that they had no choice but to evacuate immediately.

In this way, the group of people rushed towards the border in great numbers.

As for those people sent by the Chu Sect to guard the border, after seeing this 10,000-strong group, they were naturally scared out of their wits and fled to report back.

At the pier, Oske had already prepared several large cruise ships, enough to accommodate Ye Fan and the others.

“Aren’t you coming with us?”

Li Er and the others had already boarded the ships one by one, and under the night, the steam whistle that was ready to set sail resounded above the heavens and the earth.

Oske, however, stood on the shore, watching Ye Fan and the others leave.

Looking at his stance, he did not seem to have the intention of leaving with Ye Fan.

“Dragon Master, I won’t be going back.”

“This side is my hometown, and also has my business.”

“In the future, if the Dragon Lord makes a comeback, there might be places where I can use my Oske.”

Oske smiled softly and waved his hand to say goodbye to Ye Fan.

Yes, he did not intend to leave together with Ye Fan.

He was not a martial artist, nor did he have superior strength, nor did he have a talent for business.

His greatest value was only the five thousand soldiers under him.

Therefore, Oske knew deep down that once he followed Ye Fan back to Yanxia, then he would have no value left.

Perhaps Ye Fan was merciful and would give him something to do.

But that was not what Oske wanted. He had been in hiding for so many years, and in no way did he want to linger on and be an insignificant person.

So Oske still chose to stay and continue to command the five thousand troops under his command.

“But you should know that once the news of last night’s incident reaches the top, your superiors will definitely not tolerate you.”

“It is a great crime to move troops without permission.”

“Have you ever thought about the consequences of staying behind?”

Ye Fan worried.

However, Oske waved his hand and said blandly “Don’t worry, I have been on this side for so many years, I still have the connections and ability to get up and down.”

“I will be fine.”

“But you, Dragon Master, be more careful.”

“Returning by sea may be able to hold off most of Chu Sect’s people. However, it won’t be able to stop the top powerhouses of the Chu Sect.”

“Once they catch up, your situation will remain perilous.”

Oske reminded from the side.

Ye Fan nodded his head.

Of course, he was clear about what Oske had said.

However, at the moment, it was relatively safest to return to the country by sea.

At least, this vast ocean was enough to stop all the strongest people below the Seal.

As for the rest, it would be up to the will of the heavens.

“Since you’ve already thought about it, I won’t advise you anymore.”

“Take care of everything!”

“I hope that next time, when I come back, I will still be able to see you.”

Ye Fan patted Oske’s shoulder before turning around and getting on the boat.

The blue sea and cloudy sky, the smoke and waves were vast.

Ye Fan and his group, took the boat and went far away.

Under the dark night, the melodious sound of the steam whistle echoed in the Heavenly River.

On the shore of the coast, looking at the distant cruise ship, Oske stood upright with his legs, his right hand raised, and gave an unusually solemn military salute in the direction of Ye Fan’s departure.

“Sending off the Dragon Master!”

Oske let out a long whistle.

Brushing brushes

In a flash, the five thousand soldiers behind him all followed suit with a salute.

“Dragon Master, farewell forever.”

As the sky and river roamed, after watching Ye Fan leave, Oscek’s old eyes turned red as he spoke in a low voice.

Afterwards, he turned his troops around and headed towards Chu Men Mountain.

What is the Dragon Concealment King?

It was the king who had held back for a thousand days and burst forth one day!

He was only useful for that one moment of revealing his identity.

Just like Oske, who transferred his troops from his men and left Truman Mountain without permission.

When his superiors found out, his dismissal would be minor and he would even be subjected to a military trial.

These consequences were clear to Oske.

But it didn’t matter anymore.

What mattered was that, at this moment, he still had the military power in his hands!

Ye Fan had said that he would make a comeback in three years’ time, or a year’s time.

However, King Long Yin knew that he could not wait any longer.

After tonight, he would have no chance at all!

With determination and resolve, Oske led his troops back to the Chu Men Mountain once again.

Ye Fan and the others, on the other hand, embarked on a cruise ship for their return journey.

After several days of travel and exertion, Li Er and the others had already rested and slept.

And now, it was still late at night.

The dawn had not yet appeared.

But the night breeze in the early hours of the morning was extraordinarily damp and cold.

Tang Yun stood on the deck, looking at the continent ahead of her as it drifted away, and at the hazy shadow of the mountain in the darkness, which was becoming more and more blurred.

For some reason, this scene gave Tang Yun an inexplicable feeling of sadness and uncertainty in her heart.

The dream she had once had was about to come true.

Finally, she was going to live with Ye Fan.

There was no sword and shadow, no grudges and murderers.

Only the blossoming of flowers in front of the garden, and the rolling clouds outside the sky.

A husband and children, peace and tranquillity.

During the day, we watch our own flesh and blood laugh and play.

At night, the tender home of a loved one.

A big world, a small home, and steady happiness.

Wasn’t this what she had wanted?

But why was Tang Yun never happy?

Just when Tang Yun was lost in thought, a broad and warm embrace wrapped her in a hug.

Tang Yun was startled, and when she turned her head, she saw Ye Fan’s clear and rea*suring side face.

“Finally going back, why, aren’t you happy?” Amidst the night breeze, Ye Fan gently embraced the delicate body of the woman in his arms and smiled gently.

Tang Yun shook her head “Ye Fan, I don’t know why, I’m just a little scared.”

“Afraid that what awaits us ahead is not what we expect.”

“Ye Fan, do you think we can really get the happiness we imagined?”

Tang Yun spoke in a low voice, her words filled with uncertainty about the unknown.

For the first time in her life, Tang Yun was really so afraid that the end, in the end, would not be a happy one.

Ye Fan fiercely knocked the Chu Sect Master’s head “Silly girl, what, do you still think that I, Ye Fan, will be negative to you?”

“You gave up your supreme power and wealth and glory and chose to follow me when I was at my lowest point.”

“Even if I, Ye Fan, am insensitive, I wouldn’t dare to let you down.”

“I will explain to her about Mu Orange.”

“Mu Orange has always been understanding, I believe she will accept you.”

“As for my mother’s side, there’s even less to worry about.”

“My Rhyme is charming and stunning, no mother-in-law would reject such a good daughter-in-law.”

“Moreover, even if my mother doesn’t accept you, it doesn’t matter, big deal, we’ll have a small little Fan first, then my mother will have no choice if she doesn’t accept it.”

Ye Fan smiled a bit “cheaply”.

The brazen words made Tang Yun’s face blush.

“You’re thinking beautiful.”

“Who wants to give birth to your child?”

“This palace is the Lord of the Chu Sect, in this world, the man who can conquer the Lord of this Sect hasn’t been born yet?” Tang Yun stubbornly defended the bit of pride she had, but in her heart, she was secretly thinking that if Ye Fan knew that she already had their child, there was no telling how he would react.

But this was something that Tang Yun still couldn’t say right now, if she let this guy know that she had already given birth to a child for him a few months ago, wouldn’t she Tang Yun have no face at all.

It would be better to wait until later to tell him, to secretly hide it first, and then to amaze everyone later.