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Worth Deserving Chapter 1818

And in the Annan land, those who had led the siege were already scared booths.

“Warplanes escorting?”

“Ten thousand cannons fired?”

“Three armies kneeling to welcome them?”

“This… this…”

The people of the Annan territory had been completely dumbfounded.

They simply didn’t dare to imagine what kind of heavenly figure was pa*sing through their Annan Province tonight?

Jiangdong Province, Yunzhou City.

As the first rays of morning light crossed the sky, a new day had finally arrived.

However, the city of Yunzhou today is a little different from the previous days.

The lawns on both sides of the roads have obviously been specially groomed. The city’s landmarks have also been refurbished with some greenery and flowers.

In particular, Yunzhou Avenue, which runs through the centre of Yunzhou City, was decorated in an extremely clean and beautiful way, as if it were a festive street scene.

“Old Li Tau, is today New Year’s Day?” The grandfather who woke up early for his morning walk couldn’t help but wonder when he saw the refreshed streets of Yunzhou.

“I think you’re in a daze, how many days until New Year’s Day?”

“Then why are the streets so beautiful for a good reason?” The grandfather asked again.

Old Li shook his head and smiled, “You haven’t been following the news in Yunzhou, have you?”

“I heard that a certain entrepreneur from Yunzhou is returning to his hometown today to visit his relatives.”

“In order to call on successful entrepreneurs who have left their hometowns to come back home to buy property, the Yunzhou municipal government has made great efforts to please them.”

“I’ve heard that from the highway intersection to Yunzhou Avenue, there are traffic police officers all the way.”

“The red carpet has been paved for thousands of metres, from the Yunzhou Avenue to the entrepreneur’s home.”

“It is said that early this morning, our first and second in command in Yunzhou have already gone to the home of the family and waited for this entrepreneur to return to his hometown together with his parents.”

Old Li Tou said without envy.

When the people next to him heard this, they were stunned.

“Holy sh*t, that’s a lot of face to give!”

“That Mr. Chu from Jiangdong didn’t even make such a big show when he returned to Yunzhou.”

“Tell me, who is this entrepreneur?”

“Could it be that another dragon has flown out of Yunzhou?”

Along the way, many people were talking.

After so many years, Ye Fan’s name had long been known throughout Jiangdong.

From the elderly to the women and children, no one knew the name of Mr. Chu in Jiangdong.

They had thought that Mr. Chu was already powerful enough, but now, it seemed that there was someone even more powerful.

A visit to his home to save his family was such a big deal.

“Hey, do you guys say it’s a coincidence.”

“This time, this entrepreneur who has returned to his hometown is also surnamed Chu.”

“I heard that back then, when he left Yunzhou, he was still a fop who was not doing his job.”

“But who would have thought that in just a few years’ time, he would have become the general manager of a hundred billion dollar group.”

“You can’t imagine the situation of this person.”

Old Li was not without emotion.


“Also surnamed Chu?”

“Could it be that he is a family member of our Jiangdong Mr. Chu?”

“Old Li Tau, don’t be so secretive, tell us who it is?”

The crowd became even more curious.

Finally, Old Li stroked his beard before he slowly said, “This man is the young leader of Yangtian Real Estate, the son of Chu Yang, Chu Wenfei!”

Holy sh*t!

“Yangtian Real Estate?”

“Isn’t this company going bankrupt?”

“I didn’t expect that… his son has made a fortune?”

“This Chu Yang, he’s got a good life.”

The crowd shuddered at the words, and they all lamented unbelievably.



At this moment, a black Rolls Royce slowly drove down from the highway.

Inside the car, a man, all dressed in a suit.

He was sitting quietly, beside his right hand, brewing a special strong tea.

Between the scent of the tea and the familiar and unfamiliar light outside, the man is in an excited and complicated mood.

“Leaving, almost three years ago.”

“Just three years, but, it’s like a lifetime ago.”

The man whispered softly.

At that moment, the phone suddenly rang, it was his mother calling.

The man then answered, “Wen Fei, when will you arrive? The Lin’s have come early in the morning to welcome you in person.

“Yes, mum, I know.” The man said back in a deep voice, then hung up the phone.


“Mr. Chu, at your age, you are personally greeted by the head of a city when you return to your hometown. Not to mention Yunzhou City, I guess you are the first one in the whole Jiangdong Province.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Thirty years old, and you’re treated like this?”

“No wonder the chairman said that you are a phoenix among men, so Missy will not marry you, right?”

The driver of the car boasted.

The man shook his head and laughed, “I’m sorry, I’m just saying that we all have our needs.”

“The economy is in the doldrums, Jiangdong is dominant, Yunzhou is struggling financially, and they are here to attract investment.

“Mr. Chu is modest, how can they beg you, not me, it’s not because you are excellent, Mr. Chu?” The driver continued to praise.

The man did not say anything else, smiling without saying anything.

Yes, this man, was Chu Wenfei.

Compared to back then, the current Chu Wenfei looked much more mature.

He also had a moustache at the corner of his mouth.

The whole person looks mature and stable.

After the years and setbacks, there is less youth and youthfulness.

Outside the window, countless scenes of light hurriedly pa*sed away.

Chu Wenfei looked at the city that he had left behind for many years and had mixed feelings in his heart.

Even now, Chu Wenfei still remembered that he had offended a certain big shot in Jiangdong because he was young and impetuous.

In desperation, he had to leave his hometown and start all over again.

“It’s been three years.”

“Back then, when I left my hometown, I had nothing and was in a wretched state.”

“Today I am back in Yunzhou, dressed in brocade, with windy hair and intent.”

“Ye Fan, Ye Fan, back then, you had a dominant hand in Jiangdong and made it difficult for me to make a name for myself. Today, I, Chu Wenfei, have soared to great heights, how can you still suppress me?”

“Golden scales are not a thing of the pool, once they meet the wind and clouds, they turn into dragons!”

Chu Wenfei’s eyes were full of arrogance and he was full of determination.

He suddenly had some expectations of how Ye Fan and his deceased friends would react if they saw the glory and status he had achieved today.

Thinking of this, Chu Wenfei became even more excited.

And then he took out his mobile phone, edited a dynamic and sent it to his circle of friends.

“Closer to home, three years, Yunzhou, hello!”

“Also, thank you for the fire-like enthusiasm of the Yunzhou municipal leaders and citizens. Tonight, don’t get drunk.”

Below, with some random photos taken on the road, there was a banner that read, “Warmly welcome Yunzhou entrepreneur Chu Wenfei to his hometown!

Soon after this circle of friends was sent out, various likes, comments and private chats immediately exploded.

“I go!”

“Brother Fei has become rich, huh?”

“Being rich and not returning to your hometown is like walking in a brocade coat at night.”

“When are you free, come out for a drink!”

“Brother Fei, my brother is getting married, the down payment is not enough, hurry up and borrow a million for emergency!”

After a casual glance, Chu Wenfei shut his phone completely and closed his eyes to recuperate.

At this moment, outside the car, the traffic police, who had been waiting for a long time, respectfully asked, “Dare I ask, is this Mr. Chu Wenfei?”

“I am the captain of the second brigade of the Yunzhou detachment, and I have been ordered to escort Mr. Chu Wenfei home, please instruct!”

Chu Wenfei waved his hand through the window and said indifferently, “Set sail!”


Back and forth, a dozen motorbikes with double flashing lights escorted this man, who had left his hometown, home!

However, the citizens of Yunzhou did not know that it was also on this day that the man of Yunzhou would also return home.

Even before Li Er and the others arrived, the provincial government of Jiangdong Province received a letter from Yanjing, as well as the Jiangdong Military Region.

“Mr. Chu’s soul has returned to his homeland, the Jiangdong region will do everything in its power to provide facilities!”

“We will do everything we can to see Mr. Chu off to his final journey!”