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Worth Deserving Chapter 1817

Annan Province, the provincial capital.

Ma Guoping sat steadily in the middle of the army, calmly receiving intelligence from all sides.

“Qing Yang City affiliated personnel have arrived at the designated position!”

“Those belonging to Fengxiang City are still five kilometres away!”

“General Chen has expressed that he will give his full support to our ministry in the fight against the bandits!”

Information from all directions was all gathered in this office at this moment.

Ma Guoping was smiling, just like a national player playing chess, planning his strategy and winning a thousand miles.

“Pa*s the order down, first the courtesy and then the troops.”

“As long as these thieves are willing to bend their heads and submit, then it is best.”

“But if they resist, let those who are on the spot, improvise!”

“In short, no matter what, this group of bandits must be exterminated, within the province of Annan!”

Ma Guoping gave orders in an orderly manner.

By now, it was already 4:30 pm.

The time to close the net at five o’clock was drawing nearer and nearer.

But Ma Guoping didn’t feel half nervous, instead he was confident and looked as if he was sure of victory.

He even gave his best friend a call “Old Lin ah, remember to watch TV tonight, buddy I’ll make a big news for you.”


“Soon you’ll know what’s going on.”

Ma Guoping said with a smile.

At this moment, Ma Guoping could be said to be in an extremely good mood.

As far as he was concerned, the other side was a bunch of rabble-rousers.

He had mobilised such a huge army tonight, so it was a matter of handy to deter those people.

However, Ma Guoping’s smile did not last long.

Soon, a dedicated phone call from Yanjing came in.

“From Yanjing?”

“Could it be that the news was received so quickly?”

“Knowing that my old Ma is about to take great credit?”

Ma Guoping first froze, and then answered the call with a smile.

“Hey, old leader, you’re well-informed enough.”

“I was just about to report to you?”

“I’m telling you, I’ve found a group of bandits in Annan Province.”

“There are many of them, and they have kidnapped several people along the way north, which is extremely dangerous to society.”

“But don’t worry, I’ve got a complete plan, I’ll get rid of them all tonight!”

Ma Guoping said in an inviting manner.

However, his expected appreciation did not wait, instead he waited for the cold, angry voice on the phone, “b*****d, you still have the face to claim credit, do you know that you have caused a big trouble?”

“Now, I order you to immediately hand over the command of this operation, and all personnel stationed at the border of Annan Province will be temporarily handed over to Gao Bairen, the head of the Annan Military Region, to take full command!”

“As for you, after discussion and decision from my side of Yanjing, you are suspended from duty and reflect on your duties!”


This call was only like thunder striking down.

All of Ma Guoping’s previous confident smile vanished in an instant.



The border between Jiangdong and Annan provinces.

There is the Yellow River rolling, mountains, forests and gra*ses like evil spirits towering on both sides of the Yellow River.

The wilderness, which was rarely visited by people, is now filled with 5,000 men and horses.

These men were armed and heavily armed, standing in the way like a torrent of steel.

The eyes of all of them were faraway and profound, leaning far ahead.

It was as if they were waiting for someone.

Finally, the earth, which had been calm for so long, began to tremble.

The wind swept up and the birds rushed to the sky.

Between the trembling of the mountains and rivers, thousands of sons and daughters appeared in the sight of these people.

All these people were dressed in white robes and clothes.

They looked like white ghosts walking in the human world.

At the front of this group of people were two tall, strong men carrying a coffin straight into the east of the river.

From a distance, they looked like a white-streaked sword plunging straight into the hinterland of Yanxia.

“General Gao, the target has entered the attack range.”

“Please instruct!”

The men and horses who had been on guard here long ago were instantly alerted, as if they were facing a great enemy and walking on thin ice.

The leaders of those dozen teams all asked for orders from the chief commander of the scene, Gao Bairen.

Gao Bairen lifted his hand and gestured for the men to wait!

“General Gao, the enemy is less than a thousand metres away from us.”

“Less than five hundred metres!”

“One hundred metres to go!”

“General Gao, we can’t wait any longer!”

“If we wait any longer, once they get the upper hand, we will lose a lot of money!”

Many people were anxiously urging Gao Bairen to give the order as soon as possible.

However, Gao Bairen turned a deaf ear to them.

He stood there with a solemn expression, watching the group of men in white mourning clothes slowly approaching.

Finally, when he saw that the group of Dragon God Hall’s strongest men had reached them, Gao Bairen stepped forward and shouted in a mixed voice, “All of you, listen to the order!”

“All give way.”

“Stand to your left and right and salute!”

“Send the Qinglong Major General on his last journey!”


Gao Bairen’s words were like thunder across heaven and earth.

Those who had been ordered by Ma Guoan to arrest these bandits were undoubtedly confused.

“General Gao Gao, you are not mistaken, are you?”

“The top told us to come and arrest them!”

The people in the police system were full of confusion and asked Gao Baenin in disbelief.

The order given by Gao Bairen was undoubtedly a world away from the order they had received before.

Naturally, these people trembled with fear!

However, Gao Bai Ren did not pay any attention to them.

Brush, brush, brush!

After he issued this order, the generals of the Annan Military Region who had followed him all stood to their left and right, making way for the Dragon God Temple crowd that had entered Jiangdong before them.

“Greetings, Major General Qinglong!”

Gao Bai Ren was the first to step out, standing to his left and right, standing like a pine, palms raised above his head, giving a salute of attention to that former military myth, the heroic spirit of the Peerless Pillar Kingdom!

“Greetings, Young General Qinglong!”

“Farewell, Major General Qinglong!”

As Gao Bairen led the way, the two thousand soldiers behind him bowed in unison.

The sound of the rushing sky shook the heavens.

However, this was only the beginning.

As Gao Bairen was sending the Dragon Gods out of Annan, a thousand metres ahead of him, within the Jiangdong border.

At some point, a thousand troops had already been stationed.

Yes, these people, were no one else.

It was none other than those belonging to the Jiangdong Military District.

Just earlier, the commander-in-chief of the defence zone, Lu Tianhe, had learned from the Martial God Hall that Ye Fan had extinguished himself. His subordinates, who were carrying Ye Fan’s relics, were heading towards the land of Jiangdong.

The news was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Lu Tianhe and the entire Jiangdong Defence Region.

After all, the world only knew of the power of the Peerless Seal, but few knew of the grace of the Young General Qinglong.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, was undoubtedly as gracious as a mountain to the entire Jiangdong Military Region.

Back then, it was Ye Fan who fought for Jiangdong in the military tournament.

It was Ye Fan who helped Lu Tianhe, Wu Yang and others to take charge of the entire Jiangdong army.

To this day, there is still a legend of Ye Fan’s indestructibility in the Jiangdong Defence Region.

Even, in the eyes of many people, Ye Fan was the figure that came out of their Jiangdong Military District.

One can imagine how mournful Lu Tianhe and the others were when they learnt of this.

At that time, Lu Tianhe put aside all military affairs and led 100,000 soldiers from the three armies to the Jiangdong border.

At the sight of the mourning team, dressed in white and carrying coffins to the north, the white-haired Lu Tianhe burst into tears almost instantly.

In the end, he could no longer hide his grief and led the way out.

Looking ahead at the procession that had come to Jiangdong to report the funeral, Lu Tianhe, with tears streaming down his face, knelt down and worshipped.

“Lu Tianhe, Commander-in-Chief of the Jiangdong Defence Region, leads the three armies to welcome General Chu, his soul to his homeland!”


It was as if a huge stone had fallen into the sea, raising a thousand layers of waves.

The moment Lu Tianhe knelt down, the 100,000 sons of Jiangdong behind him also knelt down in unison.

“Welcome General Chu, your soul returns to your homeland!”

“Welcome General Chu, return your soul to your homeland!”

The 100,000 soldiers shouted in unison.

The voices of the soldiers were so loud that they became a stream, shaking the sky and the earth.

Hundreds of warplanes hovered in the air, thousands of artillery guns fired ten thousand shots, and 100,000 sons and daughters knelt down to welcome them.

That night, the border between the two provinces was lit up like daylight.

That night, the sons of Jiangdong welcomed back their king in the way they saw fit!