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Worth Deserving Chapter 1821

Genting Mountain Villa.

Qiu Mu Orange, who had heard of Ye Fan’s descent, was overjoyed.

She changed into her prettiest clothes and put on her favourite high heels.

At her neck, a diamond necklace glittered.

The clover earrings swayed slightly in the wind.

Today’s Qiu Mu Orange, stunningly beautiful and dignified, is of course the Queen of Jiangdong.

With thousands of her people, waiting for the King of Jiangdong!

“Mu Orange, be calm.”

“After you see Ye Fan later, make sure you hold steady.”

“Be like me and strike a high and proud pose.”

“You just wait here and let that Ye Fan come over to you.”

“You have to let that Ye Fan know that we, women, are not unable to live without a man.”

“You have to fight, so many people in Yunzhou are watching, don’t shame us women.”

“You have to keep our noble and elegant female posture.”

“Don’t go out of your way to throw your arms around your man when you see him coming back.”

“Let everyone see the joke.”

Next to her, Su Xi also accompanied her bestie to stand at the highest point of Yunzhou.

At this moment, all those powerful bigwigs in Yunzhou, and even the powerful people in the entire Jiangdong Province, were standing below.

This undoubtedly made Su Xi feel proud and honoured.

It only felt that at this moment, her own face and majesty was already above these bigwigs.

Of course, Su Xi also knew that she had been blessed by Qiu Mu Orange.

“Alright, alright.”

“I know.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll definitely hold it end to end.”

Qiu Mu Orange replied.

Despite her efforts to keep herself calm, the splash of joy in her words, the excitement and redness on her pretty face, was so distinct.

When Su Xi saw this, she held her forehead and sighed, “You’re hopeless.”

Not long after, Han Dongmin led the Ye family also arrived at Yunding Mountain.

Apart from Han Dongmin, there was also Wang Jiexi, the head of the Wang family of Haosu, the number three person in the secular world of Jiangdong back then.

In addition, Lu Tianhe, the Grand Chief of the Jiangdong Defence Region, as well as He Lanshan also arrived.

After these people arrived at the Genting Mountain Villa, they greeted Qiu Mu Orange with respect.

“General Lu, why are you here too?”

“There’s also Han Province and He Province.”

“Everyone has a heart.”

“In a moment, when my family Ye Fan returns, I’ll have him host a banquet at Cloud Top Mountain to treat you all.”

“Everyone today, all of you will not return without getting drunk.”

Qiu Mu Orange said to Lu Tianhe and the others with a smile in a hostess gesture.

Lu Tianhe and He Lanshan and the others looked at each other, but the words hidden in their hearts could not be said by anyone.

In between Qiu Mu Orange’s conversation with these people, Su Xi next to her was simply going crazy with envy.

“I didn’t expect that when Ye Fan made a trip back home, all the big names from the entire Jiangdong Province had arrived.”

“I originally thought that the city lord of our Yunzhou city was already a very powerful figure.”

“But I didn’t expect that on an occasion like today, it doesn’t rank at all?”

“Not even having the chance to speak to Mu Orange?”

“Mu Orange is simply too dignified, isn’t he?”

“This is completely the queen of Jiangdong.”

Looking at these top-level big shots who were at the top of power in Jiangdong in front of her, Su Xi was excited and at a loss.

After all, with her status, she was not even qualified to meet the Lord of Yunzhou City on a normal day, and now she was naturally terrified in front of these provincial bigwigs.

Thinking of this, Su Xi’s heart was undoubtedly more envious of this best friend of hers.

“I still remember when Mu Orange was just an unappreciated third young lady of the Qiu family.”

“She didn’t even bother to buy good cosmetics, and was still crammed into a small house of less than ninety square feet with her own parents.”

“At that time, Mu Orange was far inferior to herself in terms of financial conditions and family status.”

“But who would have thought that in just a few years’ work, Mu Orange would already be standing so high and so tall, and even the most powerful people in Jiangdong like Han Dongmin and Lu Tianhe would be that respectful in front of her.”

“Without realising it, it’s surprising that I’ve already been left so far behind, by this best friend.”

“Really, it’s very ungrateful.”

In the front, Qiu Mu Orange was still exchanging pleasantries with the guests who had come today, while Su Xi was hiding behind and quietly watching, with a little bit of loss on her delicate pretty face.

Although, she and Qiu Mu Orange were very close.

But even if they were the best of sisters, seeing that they were so far behind each other, they would still feel hard and lost in their hearts.

What’s more, back then, Qiu Mu Orange was far inferior to herself.

Of course, Su Xi also knew that the reason why her best friend had soared to become a phoenix was not because she was more capable than herself, but simply because, she had married a good husband.

“Back then, I even advised Mu Orange to get a divorce, saying that Ye Fan would drag her down.”

“At that time, everyone thought Mu Orange was a silly girl who couldn’t read people.”

“But now, it seems that it’s yourself who’s stupid.”


“I just hate that I didn’t have the same discerning eye as Mu Orange back then.”

“Otherwise, I would have had to steal the show and take down Ye Fan.”

“Then at this moment, the one standing at the top of this Jiangdong talking and laughing with a bunch of powerful people would probably be me, Su Xi.”

Su Xi was in a complicated mood, thinking wildly there.

Time continued to pa*s.

At this time, the news that Mr. Chu would return to Yunzhou had already spread through the streets and alleys.

For this great man who had come out of their hometown, the folks of Yunzhou naturally felt honoured and proud.

At this moment, they all walked out of their homes and onto the streets in unison, ready to welcome their king from Yunzhou.

While the citizens of the city were excited, Chu Wenfei, who was detained by the roadside, was also “excited” with tears streaming down his face.

“Ye Fan?”

“It’s Ye Fan again!”

“God, will you spare me?”

“Did I, Chu Wenfei, provoke you?”

“Why, do you keep messing with me anymore?”

Chu Wenfei, who was still confused, learned that today was the date of Ye Fan’s return to his hometown.

Upon hearing that name Ye Fan, all of Chu Wenfei’s heartfelt anger undoubtedly scattered in an instant.

Some people, after all, could only look up to them for the rest of their lives.

“Ye Fan, ah Ye Fan, you have won.”

Chu Wenfei’s face was full of tears and he cried into tears.

The grandma and grandpa next to him saw this and hurriedly handed over tissues “Mr. Chu is coming, look at how excited this little brother is, just like seeing his own father’s, what are you crying like?”

A rumble.

The earth began to shake.

At the end of the River of Heaven, there were figures appearing.

A large number of citizens had already started to cheer and greet them, and some even more. Running directly towards the front.

However, when the crowd got closer, the citizens of Yunzhou were instantly staggered in place.

Those pairs of eyes stared in gigantic horror!

“This this”

“What’s going on here?”

Looking at the white procession in front of him, Chu Wenfei’s head buzzed and he was dumbfounded, his mind going blank.



“Here it comes!”

“Already heard footsteps coming.”

“Quick, Mu Orange, let’s go down the mountain together to welcome Xiao Fan.”

On Genting Mountain, Ye Ximei and the others, who had been waiting for a long time, also heard the commotion at the bottom of the mountain.

In a flash, they could no longer hold back the miss and excitement in their hearts, and pulled their daughters-in-law down the mountain to welcome them.


“Old madam, take your time.”

Wang Jiexi also followed down with a smile.

Only He Lanshan, Lu Tianhe and the others were filled with a heavy heart.

Soon, Qiu Mu Orange, as well as the Ye family members and Ye Fan’s friends and family, arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

Their eyes were full of smiles and they were full of joy.

However, when they actually saw the crowd rolling in, all the joy and laughter on these people’s faces suddenly froze.

They saw thousands of people in front of them, all dressed in onyx mourning clothes.

They looked like white ghosts walking in the human world.

At the front, Li Er, Lei Lao San and Chen Ao were carrying the coffin and finally reached the bottom of Cloud Top Mountain.

When they saw Qiu Mu Orange, Li Er, Chen Ao and the others could no longer hold back their guilt and sorrow.

With eyes full of red, they knelt down with a bang.

“Madam Chu, we, can’t thank you.”

“After all, we were not able to protect Mr. Chu.”