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Worth Deserving Chapter 1822


As Li Er and the others knelt and submitted, thousands of sons and daughters behind them knelt in unison.

“Lady Chu, we are guilty!”

“For failing, to protect the Dragon Lord.”

“Please, Lady Chu, reprimand!”

“Please, Lady Chu, reprimand!”

Poignant voices and mournful words resounded through this heaven and earth.

On Genting Mountain, the people who were waiting for Ye Fan’s return with great joy were all struck by lightning.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to see such an end to their wait?

On this day, the people of Yunzhou mourned together.

On this day, weeping was heard all over Cloud Top Mountain.

Many people could not accept that the man who had risen like a comet back then had fallen at such a young age.



The mourning of Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Xi Mei and the others no longer needed to be said.

However, even if it is sad, no matter how sad, life must always go on.

After discussing with the elders of the Ye family, the people of the Dragon God Temple unanimously decided that the funeral would be chosen to be held three days later.

Soon, the news of Ye Fan’s fall spread throughout Jiangdong.

The day Ye Fan was buried, the sky in Jiangdong was overcast.

The pale earth was covered with white snow.

On that day, people came from all the citizens of the 18 major cities in the whole of Jiangdong.

They were in front of the grave, offering flowers to Ye Fan.

The sky was filled with drifts of white snow.

He Lanshan, Li Er, Lu Tianhe and the others wore straight suits and all had mourning clothes on their arms, all stood there, paying silent tribute and quietly watching that coffin go into the ground.

Of course, it was not Ye Fan’s body that was inside the coffin.

Rather, it was the ancient sword that he had used during his lifetime, the Yunyang.

Li Er and the others, watched Ye Fan fall before them, but the body was not brought back after all.

They could only use this method to bury Ye Fan’s corpse instead.

Earlier, it was suggested that the funeral be held after Ye Fan’s body was found.

However, Li Er Chen Ao and the others all refused.

Because they felt that what if Mr. Chu’s body could never be found?

Wouldn’t this funeral, then, never be held?

Ye Fan killed himself and died in front of the whole world.

It could be said that the global martial dao knew about Ye Fan’s fall.

They did not want Ye Fan to be laughed at even after his death.

It said that they, the Dragon God Hall Masters, had no one to bury them after their fall and were desolate.

Li Er knew that Mr. Chu was a man who was good at saving face.

In life, Mr. Chu was a man of great glory, and after his death, they, the survivors, should let Mr. Chu leave this world in glory as well.

Of course, Li Er and the others, too, would not give up on the matter of finding Ye Fan’s corpse.

The old-timers had once said that if a person after death could not be buried in the ground, then he would become a lonely soul and a wild ghost.

It was for their protection that Mr. Chu had killed himself.

People should be grateful after all.

It was their duty to let Mr. Chu’s body go into the ground.

On that day, Li Er, Chen Ao, Wang Jiexi and the rest of the Jiangdong crowd, the powerful people of Yanjing represented by Xue Renyang, the group from the military district represented by Lu Tianhe and Wu Yang, and the forces of Japan represented by Qian Chi Jing, as well as the thousands of Dragon God’s sons and daughters.

In short, all of these people who had received Ye Fan’s grace and had followed him for many years had knelt here for a day and a night.

They knew that when their Dragon Lord was buried, the man called Ye Fan would really never be seen again in this world.

Chu Tianfan took all his scenery and past events with him, and all of them went up in flames.

Therefore, everyone knew that this day was the last day they could accompany Mr. Chu.

From now on, there would be no more emperors in Jiangdong!

Thinking of all that had happened before, Li Er suddenly burst into tears.

“Second brother, it’s time to go home.”

It was already breaking dawn.

In the distant sky, the white of a fish’s belly appeared.

The guests in all directions had long since dispersed, and at this moment, only Ye Fan’s closest friends and family, as well as the Dragon God Hall crowd, were left standing.

Li Er’s body was already weak, and now that he had knelt here all night, coupled with his emotional grief, his face was pale.

Li Er’s sister, Li Xueqi, could not stand it any longer and walked forward, trying to help Li Er up from the ground.

However, it was fine if Li Xueqi did not speak, but when he did, Li Er, who was in deep mourning, could no longer bear his emotions.

He tilted his head, looked at his sister, and actually bawled like a child “Xueqi, Mr. Chu is gone”

“Mr. Chu is no more.”

“Without Mr. Chu, who else can I rely on to protect me, Li Er?”

“Without Mr. Chu, who else will be willing to take me on?”

For so many years, it appeared that Li Er and the others were working for Ye Fan.

But Li Er knew very well that it was actually Ye Fan who was protecting them.

Because as long as Ye Fan was there, then his Li Er’s majesty in Yunzhou, in Jiangdong, was untouchable.

Ye Fan was the great tree of Jiangdong, fighting alone, and alone, blocking all the storms for Jiangdong.

Now that Ye Fan is gone, not only Li Er, but the whole of Jiangdong will be exposed to the world without any cover.

In the future, if another Wu He Rong or another Lu Hua were to emerge in Jiangdong, who else would be able to protect them?

Although they did not want to leave, Li Er and the others, after all, went back.

As for the people of the Dragon God Temple, they were also temporarily housed in a hotel under the arrangement of the Li family.

Before leaving, the people of the Dragon God Temple had to get together once to discuss their future plans.

For this meeting, Xue Ranyang and the others unanimously elected Elder Han to preside over it.

Now that Ye Fan had fallen, the group had no leader.

In the Dragon God Hall, the only people with the highest status were Han Lao and Yue Yao, who had stayed in Jiangdong.

Yue Yao had left Yunzhou after attending the funeral, but Elder Han was still there.

At this moment, thousands of sons and daughters of the Dragon God Temple were gathered together.

The crowd looked downcast and quiet.

Xue Renyang was the only one, reporting to Elder Han about what had happened.

When he heard that the Dragon Master had been forced to kill himself, the old man, who had long pa*sed his prime, his aged body trembled and his red eyes fell into tears.

“The Dragon Lord has gone through a lot of hardships before returning to his country.”

“He must have been thinking before that when he arrived home, he would be safe.”

“But I never thought that he would still fall under the gates of the country.”

Han Lao’s words trembled, but the corners of his mouth were tinged with a sad smile.

He was the one who had accompanied Ye Fan for the longest time, and he could almost imagine what kind of despair and sadness Ye Fan should have felt in his heart when he arrived at the national gate and saw the Yanxia martial powerhouse who had blocked him out of his home.

Probably, that pain of being abandoned by his family and country was even more intense than the pain of ten thousand swords piercing his heart.

“You have them in your heart, but they have never had you in their hearts.”

Han Lao let out a long sigh and burst into tears.

Afterwards, in front of everyone, Elder Han turned on his computer and logged onto the Yanxia Martial Dao House forum.

Here, almost all the martial artists of Yanxia were gathered.

On weekdays, it was a lively place to brag and sit and discuss.

The War God, the Sword Saint and others, all had accounts in this forum. A few of the pillar powerhouses were all vice-masters of the forum.

As for the forum owner, it was a person called “Mortal Dust Starfire”, who had a huge number of fans.

Everyone only thought that “Mortal Dust Starfire” was a certain reclusive master of Yanxia, but only Han Lao knew that this person was actually Ye Fan.

For ten years, whenever he had an insight into the martial arts, Ye Fan would share it selflessly on the forum.

Moreover, Ye Fan had searched for several martial arts techniques suitable for martial artists in Yanxia from the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book.

These martial arts techniques, although not as good as the Cloud Dao Heavenly Dictates, definitely far surpa*sed the existing martial arts techniques within Yanxia.

Even the War God was ashamed of himself after reading them back then.

He said that if he had been involved in martial arts back then, he would have become a Seal five years earlier if there had been such techniques in Yanxia!

But it was such a powerful and precious martial arts technique that Ye Fan taught openly and for free on the forum, and even had time to answer questions and solve problems.

For so many years, the martial arts of Yanxia had been lukewarm and difficult to make a breakthrough.

Apart from human reasons, the most fundamental one was the martial arts.

Why did the Chu Family flourish, because the Cloud Dao Heavenly Dictate gong method was unique in the world?

Ye Fan’s improvement of the Yanxia gongfu method is a way to promote the development of the Yanxia martial art from the very root.

Perhaps it would be difficult to see results in five or ten years.

But what about twenty, thirty or even fifty years later?

When the children who practiced Ye Fan’s improved gongfu grew up, then the power of the Yanxia Martial Dao would definitely achieve a qualitative leap.