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Worth Deserving Chapter 1826

If Chu Yuan is the emperor of the Chu family today, then Old Taijun is the emperor of the Chu family.

An emperor who is not recognised by the emperor is naturally lacking in legitimacy.

In other words, this declaration by the old empress directly denied the legitimacy of Chu Yuan’s reign over the Chu family.

If the overseas Chu family members continued to follow Chu Yuan, then these so-called Chu family members would have gone to the orthodox lineage.

At the very least, the ancestral registry of the old Chu family house would no longer recognise these people as descendants of the Chu family.


When Chu Yuan learned of this, anger immediately appeared on his old face, which had always been calm.

His palm slapped angrily, and his anger was unleashed.

Before his majesty, the long table in front of him instantly shattered.

“This old woman, she’s really ruthless!”

“This is to break my foundation!”

Chu Yuan was furious to the extreme.

Although Old Dowager Chu was the oldest person in the Chu family, she was also the person with the highest seniority in the family.

Decades ago, when Chu Yuan had not yet taken charge of the Chu Family.

At that time, the Chu family was headed by the old dowager.

She had great prestige in the family and was the one who said everything.

Even though she was a woman, all three families of the Chu Clan respected her.

The Old Dowager’s dominance and majesty was unparalleled.

Even the head of the Tang family back then was unbeatable.

But as soon as he saw Old Taijun, he would immediately bow with his tail between his legs and greet her.

It can be said that during that period, Old Taijun’s prestige in the Chu Clan was unrivalled.

However, later on, Old Taijun took the initiative to relinquish her power and retired to the old Chu residence, ignoring the family’s affairs for many years.

Over time, the people of the three families of the Chu Clan had almost forgotten about the Old Madam’s majesty.

Even Chu Yuan, after learning that the old lady would never leave the old mansion, was only outwardly respectful of the old lady, but not fearful at heart.

This time, Chu Yuan even blatantly disobeyed the Old Madam and forced her most beloved son and grandson to die.

Previously, Chu Yuan thought that even if Old Taijun was angry when she found out, there was nothing she could do about him.

As long as he didn’t go to the Old House to seek his own misery, the Old Mistress couldn’t do anything to him.

However, Chu Yuan never expected that the old lady would go to such an extreme.

She had directly and openly expelled him from the Chu family.

This was like the emperor issuing a direct edict to abolish the current emperor.

Although it was only in name, but in life, what one relies on is a reputation and face.

Chu Yuan no longer needed to think about it, and after today, it was estimated that the people of the martial dao around the world would feel that he, Chu Yuan, had a disgraceful reputation and no longer represented the Chu family proper.

“This D*mned old thing.”

“It really P*sses me off!!!”

Chu Yuan was simply going mad with anger.

Unexpectedly, after settling a Chu Tianfan, he had been a hundred times more careful and was set upon by the old lady.

“Old family head, what should we do next?”

“There’s talk about us everywhere now.”

“Even the two families of the Tang and Jones families have changed their gaze on us.”

“There are even rumours that the Chu family of Chu Mun Mountain is an impostor, a fake, not a true descendant of Yunyang.”

“The direct lineage of the ancestor of the Chu family, Chu Yunyang, is in Yanxia, in Jiangdong, in Fenghai”

“The orthodoxy of our Chu family on Chu Gate Mountain has been severely questioned, ah.”

At this moment, those of the Chu family’s older generation were all suddenly anxious and came to Chu Yuan to ask about their future plans.

After all, the older one was, the stronger the clan concept was.

The more importance they placed on lineage, on heritage, on direct lineage, the more important they were.

And now Chu Yuan had angered the old lady and was directly removed from the clan tree.

Naturally, these old men of the Chu family were also afraid that they would have difficulty entering the Chu family temple after their death, and that they would be removed from the Chu family genealogy before their bodies.

Thinking of this, these old men of the Chu family became even more panicked.

“What are you panicking about?”

“That old lady will remove our names from the clan tree, so we will renew the clan tree in another way.”

“If we are not allowed to enter the clan temple, we will establish another clan temple!”

“As for the rumours outside, there is no need to pay any attention to them.”

“All you need to do now is to make good use of your time to cultivate.”

“Practice all the martial arts that I brought out of the forbidden land this time.”

“In this world, the strongest is the most important.”

“When you have mastered enough power, the cacophony of those mortal mere mortals will naturally no longer be heard.”

After his anger, Chu Yuan once again calmed down.

He did not want to waste his time on such things now, he only wanted power.

Only when he mastered the power to destroy the heavens and the earth would all things be subservient.

As for what clan temples, what orthodoxies, what bloodlines.

It was all bullsh*t!

“I, Chu Yuan, am not the descendant of anyone.”

“After today, all of you, all of you, will take me as your ancestor!”

On this day, Chu Yuan’s rolling flood of voices resounded throughout the entire Chu Sect Mountain.

When the Chu family heard the words, all of them changed colour in horror.

They only felt that after ten years of seclusion, the Chu Yuan who had awakened this time had completely changed compared to back then.

“Great-Uncle, it’s really nothing like before.”

On the Chu Sect Mountain, there were descendants of the Chu Family, muttering to themselves.



The matter of Chu Yuan being expelled from the Chu Family’s ancestral domain had caused quite a storm in the global martial arts community.

No one had expected that Chu Tianfan’s fall had caused the Chu Family’s old dowager to become furious.

While the martial dao of all countries were debating, the martial practitioners within Yanxia were unconcerned.

Under the call of the Martial God Hall, a wave of search for the man was set off in this country.

All over the country, people were looking for the former moderator of the Yanxia Martial Arts Forum, the owner of the “Mortal Dust Starfire” account.

While the Yanxia martial arts community was busy, a powerful and majestic figure appeared at the foot of Yanshan Mountain.

I guess the Sword Saints would never have dreamed that another unexpected guest would arrive at Yanshan Mountain just a few days after the Moon Reader from the Sun Kingdom had left.

“You guys, this Mortal Dust Starfire, who could he be?”

“More than ten years ago, suddenly appeared.”

“And now, innocent pins and hides.”

“This is too bizarre.”

“What is his motive? And what is the purpose?”

In the past few days, the Fist King and the others had been overwhelmed by this matter.

With the rise of Yanxia’s martial arts at stake, those of them who were top-level designers were naturally extremely concerned.

The Sword Saint shook his head “This old senior, I don’t think he has any bad motives.”

“After all, for so many years, old seniors have always given quietly and contributed freely on the forum.”

“Gong methods, secret techniques, all of them have been made public without compensation.”

“Moreover, he would also teach all the confused and unexplained things that our Yanxia descendants encountered in their cultivation, without reservation.”

“This is an old senior who has the righteousness of his family and country at heart.”

“I now think that the old senior probably died at the end of his life, so his family, that’s why they helped him log off his account.” The Sword Saint spoke in a deep voice.

“Are you saying that Old Senior might have met his demise?”

“This this,” Fist Emperor and Tang Hao and the others smiled and their faces changed.

After all, if it was really as the Sword Saint had said, wouldn’t that mean that those unfinished gong methods and secretaries would really become completely extinct?

That the hope that the Yanxia Martial Dao had so easily seen was just, well, extinguished?

At a time when several people were filled with sadness and a low mood, outside the Martial God Hall, there was suddenly the sound of low footsteps that came quietly.



The Sword Saint and the others, instantly startled, paled instantly.

According to reason, if a martial artist had entered the range of Yan Mountain, they should have instantly felt the other party’s Qi.

But now, if they hadn’t heard the sound of the other party’s footsteps, they wouldn’t even have known that someone had already arrived under the Martial God Hall.

Just as the three of them were all startled, the imposing and heavy doors of the Martial God Hall were slowly pushed open.

The sunlight from outside shone in.

A figure appeared in front of the three people’s eyes.