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Worth Deserving Chapter 1825

“Who who?”

“How come it’s so strong?”

Mo Wu Ya was spread out on the ground on his buttocks.

A cold wind swished beneath the clothes and trousers that had been cut by the long sword.

Mo Wu Ya only felt a cold chill under his crotch.

Of course, what was even colder was Mo Wu Ya’s heart.

One must know that Mo Wu Ya now barely had the strength of a seal.

It could be said that if one looked at the whole of Yanxia, there were definitely no more than a double palm above him.

But now, the other party’s casual chopping of a long sword had caused Mo Wu Ya’s heart to feel a sense of despair and fear.

This feeling was undoubtedly an unacceptable disgrace for a sealed Grandmaster.

Mo Wu Ya had always felt that the gap between himself and those old generation powerhouses at the top of the world should already be very small.

As long as he worked hard for another ten years, he would almost be able to surpa*s these people, enough to reach the top of the martial arts.

But now the harsh reality has undoubtedly awakened Mo Wu Ya.

The gap between him and the real powerhouses of this world was so wide.

“Moon Moon God?”

As Mo Wu Ya was filled with horror, Tang Hao’s old eyes behind him were undoubtedly also glaring huge.

He looked in disbelief at the stunning figure of someone’s heavenly maiden descending in front of him, his pair of eyes close to gaping out from fear and trembling.

Of course he recognised that the person coming was none other than Moon Reader, who was recognised as one of the two most likely to be a God Realm powerhouse in the world today.

But Tang Hao couldn’t figure out what she was doing here in Yanxia all by herself, for no good reason.

Moreover, it seemed that she had even hit out at the Sword Saint and the others, in a big way?

“Could it be.”

After a brief moment of panic, Tang Hao seemed to realise something, and his face suddenly changed drastically.

The entire person was so frightened that he almost cried out.

“This woman, no isn’t going to make us bury that man with her.”

After realising that something big was wrong, Tang Hao hurriedly ran over.

First, he went to a*sist the two of them, Sword Saint and Fist King.

“Sword Saint, Fist King, are you two alright Chen Han?”

Tang Hao asked anxiously with a bitter face.

The Sword Saint wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and the Fist King also held his body together without collapsing.

The two men’s eyes stared dead ahead at the Moon Reader, as if they were on the brink of death.

“It’s alright, can’t die yet.”

“That’s good.” Tang Hao let out a long sigh of relief.

He was afraid just now that the Moon God had killed the Fist King and the others.

Then this would be a big deal.

“Moon God, what do you you mean by this?”

“We’ve never messed with your Japanese martial art over the years, have we?”

Tang Hao turned back and asked Moon Reader in a stern and stern voice.

But the Moon God paid no heed to his words, only asking coldly ” You are also from the Martial God Hall?”

Tang Hao nodded and immediately declared his identity, “My name is Haotian, the third ranked permanent hall master of the Martial God Hall. If the Moon God has any complaints, she can speak to me. I, Tang Hao, still have some weight in this Yanxia martial dao.”

However, before Tang Hao could finish, the Moon God’s expression chilled once again, “Then you should also die!”


Another sword sounded, and the seven-foot long sword in front of Mo Wu Ya’s crotch flew out once again, and in an instant, it was in Moon Reader’s hand.

Between the rivers of heaven, the Sword Saint and the others could only see that the Moon God was holding a long sword and wielding it in a fury.

The sword qi streaked across the heavenly river and fell straight into the nine heavens.

“Tang Hao, dodge!”


The Sword Saint and Mo Kucheng were terrified.

Tang Hao was also so scared that his legs trembled.

But at this time, it was already too late to dodge.

Already, Tang Hao hurriedly summoned his Haotian Divine Hammer and prepared to resist this strike hard.

However, before Tang Hao could take out his huge hammer.

Those several sword qi had already come close and then, ruthlessly cut into Tang Hao’s body.

His robe was torn and blood flowed.

Under the Moon God’s sword, Tang Hao’s entire body was directly sent flying out with a boom, smashing through the mountain behind him, hundreds of pounds of his body embedded in this way.

“This this.”

Mo Wu Ya, behind him, looked dumbfounded.

With one sword, he had smashed apart Tang Hao?

The difference, it was too great!

In fear, Mo Wu Ya’s eyes rolled white and his entire body directly fainted, lying motionless on the ground, not knowing whether it was a real faint or a fake faint.

“Moon Reader, you you don’t bully people too much!”

“Yes, a few of us, we are not as strong as you.”

“But, don’t you forget, I, Yanxia, still have the God of War. There are still countless hidden powerhouses.”

“If we were to start a national war, it wouldn’t necessarily be you who would have the last laugh!”

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng covered his chest, the corner of his mouth was still bleeding, but he roared at Moon Reader with a stern voice.

“You Yanxia?”

“You few, who can’t even protect your own people, have the face to represent Yanxia?”

“You should also be thankful that you belong to the same country.”

“Otherwise, I would have to level Yan Mountain and kill you all today!”

Yue Yi’s face was cold, and the long sword in her hand could not stop trembling.

The murderous intent at the bottom of his heart was so vivid.

But in the end, Yue Yue read left them alone.

Because she knew that if that man were here, he would not want them to die.

After all, the man’s homeland still depended on these people for shelter.

After venting her frustrations, Yue Yue also turned around and headed down towards Yan Mountain.

Before she left, she looked at the mountains and the earth, and her cold voice rang out quietly, “You guys, you really don’t deserve him.”


The cold wind blew by, swirling up the fallen leaves.

The Moon God had already disappeared.

Behind him, there was only a mess of wreckage.

As well as, the Sword Saint and the others who had mixed thoughts.

At this moment, Mo Wu Ya also climbed up from the ground, looking at the far away Moon Reader, but Mo Wu Ya’s palms were clenched tightly, full of resentment.

“Chu Tianfan, what exactly is so good about you?”

“Why, even after death, are there such strong people standing up for you?”

“Could it be that you are really that good?”


“I, Mo Wu Ya, am the most demonic genius in Yan Xia!”

“One day sooner or later, I will surpa*s all your achievements!”

Mo Wu Ya’s eyes were red, and there was a fire of unyieldingness burning in his heart.



The news of the attack on the Martial God Hall spread far and wide.

After learning that it was the work of the Moon God, the global martial arts community, could not help but be shocked.

They didn’t expect that it had been so many days, and the fallout from Ye Fan’s fall was still not over.

Many people were already getting scared.

In particular, people like Burning Heaven and others who had participated in the siege of Ye Fan were hiding in their mansions behind closed doors, obviously afraid that the Moon God would find them to take revenge on Ye Fan.

“But if you want revenge, you should also look for the Chu Sect.” ”

“Bullying us, what kind of skill is that?”

“If you’re capable, you Moon God go and seek revenge on Chu Yuan, he’s the one responsible for forcing that little boyfriend of yours to death”

Burning Heaven, who was hiding at home, was filled with bitterness and complained repeatedly.

Of course, there were by no means a few people who had this thought.

There was a righteousness to the wrong, and Chu Yuan was the main culprit in the first place, so if he really

If they wanted to avenge Ye Fan, they would have to look for Chu Yuan first.

Naturally, Chu Yuan did not care much about this.

With his ability, no one in this world would dare to seek revenge on him.

But Chu Yuan’s peace did not last long.

Just a few days later, a message suddenly came out from the Chu family’s old residence in Jiangdong.

“Chu Yuan has been treacherous, deceiving his teachers and destroying his ancestors, brutalising loyalists, forcing his children and grandchildren to die, and losing his conscience.”

“Today, in the name of the ancestors of the Chu family, I, Old Taijun, declare that Chu Yuan is abolished as the Chu family head, expelled from the clan, and is forbidden to enter the Chu family tree for the rest of his life, and is not allowed to enter the Chu mausoleum after his death!”

“Tian Fan is dead, the Chu family has been destroyed.”

“Under the world, there will be no more descendants of Yunyang!”

This declaration by the Chu Family’s old lady spread through all major channels, including the online media.

It was a global sensation!

The Chu family was the most powerful family in the world, and Chu Yuan was the strongest martial artist in the world, so the world was already paying attention to him.

The Chu family’s highest-ranking senior woman has now publicly declared that her son, Chu Yuan, will be expelled from her ancestral home.

The Chu family has openly imploded and the mother and son have fallen apart.

This is an unprecedented drama.

For a while, many people began to gossip, and they were watching the hilarity, waiting to see how the overseas Chu family would respond.

Although, Old Taijun has long since retired from the Chu family’s affairs.

But after all, Old Taijun is the highest-ranking person in the Chu family, and to a certain extent, a symbol of the Chu family’s orthodoxy.