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Worth Deserving Chapter 1828

“What’s going on?”

“Are you guys going to kill me in a hurry?”

“Say something!”

The God of War was simply going to be P*ssed off by these old yin and yang living things.

“Fine, if you guys don’t say anything, I’ll personally go to Jiangdong and find Ye Fan!”

“I’ll ask him face to face!”

The War God was a fiery nature and was about to turn around and go to Jiangdong as he spoke.

In the end, he was shouted at by the Sword Saint.

“It’s just that, after all, I have to let you know.”

“It’s better to tell you.”

“Chu Tianfan he, killed himself.”


These words of the Sword Saint were only like a thunderbolt from a clear sky to Ye Qingtian.

The ten-thousand-foot thunderbolt nearly pierced through the War God’s entire heart.

In that instant, this man who had guarded Yanxia for decades, his eyes then turned red.

He stared dead in disbelief on his fierce and majestic face, “What are you saying?”

“He… he killed himself?”


“How is that possible?”

“It’s impossible!”

“I know him, I know Ye Fan, I couldn’t have killed myself.”

“He is such a proud man, what kind of hardships could he not overcome? What kind of hardships could he not sustain? What kind of thorns and setbacks can’t he step through?”

“He even dared to fight Chu Yuan, he wasn’t even afraid of the Chu Sect.”

“How could he possibly think of killing himself?”

“You guys are all just talking nonsense!!!”

Ye Qingtian, who had just been filled with joy because of his success in cultivation, suddenly lost his temper.

He kept shaking his head, repeating it over and over again, his heart ebbing and flowing with emotions like a gigantic river.

He remembered that the Ye Fan before the retreat, how spirited was he?

The Heavenly Ranking Supreme, the Lord of the Dragon God Hall, stepping down the mountain of the Chu Sect with only his body.

The birthday feast of his relatives, the world’s great and powerful came to pay homage.

At that time, Ye Fan was like the brightest star in the sky, a star in the limelight and admired by the world.

What astonishing talent he was!

But how long had it been?

To the War God, it was almost just an instant of opening and closing his eyes.

But when he woke up, the Sword Saint told him that Ye Fan had killed himself?

How could this be acceptable to the God of War!

Something must have gone wrong.

Something must have gone wrong.

Otherwise, it would never be possible for such a sea change to take place in just a few months.

Besides, that man, how proud he was.

A man like that would kill himself?

“War God, it’s true.”

“Chu Tianfan, really died.”

“In front of the whole world, holding his sword and killing himself.”

“We are sorry too.”

“It wasn’t possible to save him.”

Tang Hao said with a sigh.


A long, dead silence!

The War God was staggered in place for a long time, his body trembling, and he couldn’t even utter a single word.

In the end, I don’t know what had pa*sed, but Ye Qingtian raised his head sharply and looked at the Sword Saint, his morbidly cold voice sounding quietly “Tell me, everything, tell me everything.”

“In the end, what happened?”

“Who forced him to die!”

Ye Qingtian’s palms were clenched tightly and blood was seeping out of his palms, so one could imagine what kind of ups and downs this man had inside his heart.

Tang Hao and the Sword Saint looked at each other, and in the end, did not conceal it from Ye Qingtian, but instead told him everything in full.

After all, what had happened that day had been seen by almost all of the world’s martial artists.

Even if the Sword Saints wanted to conceal it, they could not do so.

“Faced with the might of Chu Yuan and the pressure of the martial dao of the nations, he had no choice.”

“In the end, in front of everyone, ten thousand swords pierced his heart and killed himself.”

“We tried to save him.”

“But he had sinned too much and offended too many people.”

“Everyone let him die.”

“The whole world no longer allows him.”

“In this situation, there is nothing we can do.”

“We, the Martial God Hall, can’t resist the world either.”

The Sword Saint’s words were heavy, and in his tone, it was written with powerlessness.

The War God just listened, and when he heard it later, his face was already written with anger and ruthlessness.

In the end, the God of War suddenly smiled sadly, his eyes full of sorrow “So, you are just watching, my Yanxia martial artists, being forced to die in front of the country’s gates, and doing nothing?”

“From Chu Men Mountain, to the Yanxia Sea, ten thousand miles away, he thought of going home in the end.”

“That’s all he wished for.”