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Worth Deserving Chapter 1829

“You all failed to help him achieve it.”

“Just watched from the sidelines.”

“Watching your own countrymen, die before your own eyes.”

“Watching the seal of Yanxia, fall on the doorstep of his own country.”

“Such a proud man, who ended up killing himself.”

“How desperate do you think he must have been when he finally picked up his sword and stabbed himself.”

“And how cold it must have been inside.”

“He just, wanted to go home.”

The God of War, Ye Qingtian, spoke slowly, and there was sadness in his poignant words.

Even, vaguely, one could see crystals shining in Ye Qingtian’s eyes.

“Old Ye,” Tang Hao looked over, and his heart felt intolerant.

The Sword Saint and the Fist King, on the other hand, were lowering their heads and sighing incessantly.

At this moment, the three Sword Saints had clearly prepared themselves mentally for the wrath of the War God.

After all, for so many years, the few of them had already had several conflicts and disagreements because of Ye Fan.

But the previous disagreements had not been big, nor had they been about lives.

But even so, the War God had repeatedly gotten angry with them because of Ye Fan’s affairs.

This time, they failed to protect Ye Fan, and even watched as he fell before the gates of the country.

Neither the Sword Saint nor the Fist King doubted that the God of War, who learned of this, would definitely blame them.

Blame them for not saving him when he saw him die, blame them for watching the genius of Yanxia fall, blame them for not being able to protect Ye Fan.

However, just when Tang Hao and the others all thought that Ye Qingtian would have a huge anger in his heart over Ye Fan’s death.

But what they hadn’t expected was that this time, Ye Qingtian was surprisingly quiet.

There was no thunderous anger, no thunderous shout.

At this moment, Ye Qingtian was just laughing alone.

That laughter was sad and carried an endless sense of loss and sorrow.

Such a perverse action of the War God had undoubtedly caused the Sword Saint and the others to panic a little.

“Old Ye, are you alright?”

“I know that this matter was not handled perfectly by my Yanxia Martial Way from time to time.”

“But you should also understand, our hardships.”

“Even if we, the Yanxia Martial Way, were to step in, we would not be able to protect them at all.”

“Chu Tianfan has caused public anger.”

“He has killed too many people.”

“Martial Dao powerhouses from dozens of countries have combined to surround him, and there are supreme powerhouses like Chu Yuan, who has surpa*sed the seal, leading the way.”

“There was no way he could have survived.”

“It’s all fate.”

“You have to be sorry.”

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng advised from the side.

The Sword Saint also eyed &bsp&bsp worry.

Tang Hao advised the War God to save his grief.

But Ye Qingtian just as if he did not hear their consolation seems to be, still in that sad smile.

“It’s just, decades of wind and rain, let’s go here.”

“There is no point in staying in such a Martial God Hall any longer.”

“This is the end.”

Ye Qingtian smiled up at the sky, disappointment and sadness written in his low words.

He took one last look at the Martial God’s Hall in front of him and looked at the mountainous area beneath his feet.

In a trance, it was as if Ye Qingtian was seeing again, back in the days when a few young and vigorous aspirants had joined hands and founded this Martial God’s Hall, which represented the highest power of Yanxia’s martial dao, at the top of this Yan Mountain.

At that time, they made a great wish to protect the descendants of Yanxia and to promote the martial arts of Yanxia.

However, I don’t know when, as they walked, the original intention back then was all gone.

“What do you mean by that, Old Ye?”

“What has come to an end?”

“What the hell do you want?”

Tang Hao seemed to hear a few rhymes and immediately glared, asking anxiously.

Ye Qingtian shook his head, his despondent words filled with disappointment “This is no longer the Martial God Hall I want to guard, Ye Qingtian.”

“From now on, you guys take care of yourselves.”

“With immediate effect, I, Ye Qingtian, withdraw from the Martial God Hall.”

“For the rest of my life, I will never enter Yan Mountain again!”


These words of the War God were like thunder striking down to the Sword Saint and the others.

At that moment, the few people within the main hall were all dumbfounded.

“Old Ye, you.”

“What did you say?”

“You want to quit the Martial God Hall?”

The Sword Saint’s eyes widened as his body trembled.

Tang Hao and the Fist Emperor both trembled in the same way, their hearts nearly setting off monstrous waves.

The entirety of Mo Wu Ya, the young Fist Emperor next to him, had also been stunned silly.

Obviously, none of them had expected that the War God would quit the Martial God Hall.

One had to know that Ye Qingtian was the patron god of Yanxia’s martial dao, the faith and pillar in the hearts of all Yanxia martial practitioners.

The War God’s prestige and influence in the whole of Yanxia was unmatched.

If he were to withdraw from this, then the Martial God Hall’s so-called status as the highest martial dao in Yanxia would exist in name only.

Therefore, after hearing these words, the Sword Saint and the others all changed their expressions greatly.

“Old Ye, you you can’t withdraw.”

“Martial God Hall, can’t be without you, huh?”

“That’s right, God of War.”

“One must not act with intent.”

“What’s the matter, let’s sit down and talk.”

“We’re all brothers, there’s nothing we can’t talk about.”

Tang Hao and the others discouraged each other.

But the War God paid no heed.

His mind was made up, and after saying this, he directly turned around and left.

“Old Ye, you can’t go!”

“We won’t allow you to go!”

“This Martial God Hall was created by us.”

“Do you really want to shake your hands and not care?”

Seeing that the War God really wanted to leave, Tang Hao and the others couldn’t stand any longer.

Feet on the ground immediately rushed out, reaching out to block Ye Qingtian.

The two of them, the Sword Saint and the Fist Emperor, also rushed over, both blocking the War God’s front path.

“Old Ye, you can’t leave!”

“Anyone in the Martial God Hall can leave, but only you can’t!”

The Sword Saint also said in a deep voice, forbidding Ye Qingtian to withdraw.

However, in the face of several people’s detainment, Ye Qingtian was unmoved.

The sabre-cut face was now filled with moroseness and coldness.

“Get out of the way.”

Ye Qingtian began by saying.

But the Fist Emperor and the others remained in the way.

This time, Ye Qingtian had no more patience.

The anger that was suppressed in his heart finally burst out at this moment.

“A bunch of incompetent rats who are greedy for life and death, all get out of my way!”


Ye Qingtian shouted in fury.

Mighty energy gathered in front of his body before exploding violently.

In a flash, the mountains collapsed and the earth split apart.

The three Sword Saints were all shaken back several steps by Ye Qingtian’s tremendous power.

However, the War God did not stop there.

After releasing his might, Ye Qingtian instantly slapped his palm down angrily at the three people in front of him.

Bang, bang, bang!

After three booming sounds, all three of the Sword Saints spat out blood and flew backwards, falling to the ground in a state of utter disarray.

“Old Ye, what are you doing?”

“Are you crazy?”

Tang Hao’s eyes were red.

He slumped to the ground, forcing himself to endure the pain in his body as he drank at Ye Qingtian in disbelief.


“I am mad.”

“But even if I, Ye Qingtian, were mad, I would not see my countrymen die without saving them, let alone sit back and watch my Yanxia geniuses being forced to die at my doorstep by people of a foreign race!”

“You are all saying that your family and country are righteous, but when it comes to true righteousness, you are all still cowards!”

“If you can’t even protect your own countrymen at your doorstep, how can you have the face to sit at Yanshan Mountain and lead the martial path of Yanxia?”

“I have told you all long ago that Ye Fan is the future of my Yanxia Martial Dao.”

“If Ye Fan is here, the future of Yanxia will be here!”

“Now, because of your cowardice, because of your incompetence, my Yanxia has lost a heavenly son, and even more so, the future of my magnificent Yanxia has been cut short!”

“In the future, if my Yanxia martial path is destroyed by the Chu Clan, it will all be because of you!”

Ye Qingtian’s face was lofty and his palms were clenched tightly.

In his chest and belly, a great amount of anger was rising.

In his rage, Ye Qingtian wanted to kill these b*****ds with his bare hands.