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Worth Deserving Chapter 1836

“But, Little Fan, don’t mind your Auntie Yue talking too much.”

“You say you’re so old, it’s time to hurry up and get a daughter-in-law.”

“It doesn’t matter about your sister, Yao’er is a beautiful girl, there will be no shortage of in-laws in the future.”

“In this society nowadays, girls are more desirable than boys.”

“But you can’t, you can’t afford to delay.”

“I’m not trying to discourage you, look at you now, you don’t have a house or money here in Linzhou, and you’re still working as a labourer.”

“The only competitive edge you have now is that you are still young.”

“Otherwise, when you’re over thirty, try it, it’s specified that no girl will be willing to marry you.”

“Listen to auntie, hurry up and go on a blind date.”

“I’ll also help you find some more.”

“Auntie Yue’s side, the young girls I know may not be pretty or in good condition, but one thing I can guarantee is that they will all be honest and live with you.”

“Looking for a daughter-in-law is not like falling in love, those who live their lives honestly are the best.”

After the joke was finished, Yue Yingchun began to worry about Ye Fan’s lifelong matters.

Although the two siblings didn’t know each other by heart, they had spent more than half a month together and knew almost everything.

Like those young people who came to the south to make a living, they both came here to work.

For so many years, those who came to rent their house were basically these working men and women.

After Yue Yingchun finished speaking, Hu Yipeng next to her said, “Little Fan, don’t mind your aunt Yue’s directness, she’s just like that, she’s big-headed and says what’s on her mind.”

“In fact, your aunt and I also see you as a good person, down-to-earth, progressive, a person who lives a good life, that’s why we talk a bit more.”

“We used to have a few punks living in our courtyard, your Auntie Yue didn’t say anything about introducing them to someone, she just used a broomstick to kick them out!”

“People of bad character, no matter how much money they are given, the house is not even for them to live in!”

Hu Yipeng seemed to be afraid that Ye Fan would be upset and helped his wife explain a few more words.

However, Ye Fan was surprisingly calm, and even smiled cheekily “Haha”

“Uncle Hu, I know all of what you said.”

“You and Auntie Yue, you’re both good people.”

“I thank Auntie Yue for her kindness too.”

“Still, I don’t want to find a wife for now.”

“Look at me now, all poor, no house, no car, which girl would want to marry me. Even if there really is one with bad eyes, if she really marries me, won’t that be a disservice to others?”

Ye Fan looked for excuses and excused himself.

Just kidding, he, Ye Fan, was a man with a wife.

Although Qiu Mu Orange did not necessarily still want him now, there was no way Ye Fan would go on another blind date to marry another.

“Don’t say that, Little Fan.”

“Your hairy boy is a little poor, but he’s still somewhat useful, at least, he can have children with a woman, no?”

“Nowadays, many rich families are looking for sons-in-law.”

“What about it, are you considering it?”

“There’s nothing wrong with it, apart from losing a bit of face, at least you won’t have to worry about food and drink for the rest of your life.”

Yue Yingchun asked.

Ye Fan’s face went black then!

What the hell, I dare say that he had a problem with being a “son-in-law”, right?

Did he look so much like a soft-earner?


While Ye Fan’s face was full of bitterness, Yue Yao next to him was giggling non-stop.

The silver bell-like laughter sounded as if a clear spring was flowing, which was very melodious.

“You dead girl, still laughing!”

“Be careful I’ll marry you off and make you a child bride for someone else!”

Ye Fan glanced fiercely at Yue Yao and said secretly in his heart.

This dead girl, it was just as well that she didn’t speak up for him, she was even gloating.

“How about it, can you accept it? It’s nothing but that the child won’t take your surname in the future.” Yue Yingchun was still asking.

Surely this was unacceptable?

He was the only descendant of the Tian Zi generation.

In the future, if his own son took someone else’s surname.

How could he still have the face to meet his Yunyang ancestors?

Of course, it was not a question of whether or not to take his surname, but rather that he could no longer be a son-in-law.

Therefore, when he heard Yue Yingchun’s words, Ye Fan opened his mouth and was about to refuse.

But before Ye Fan could say anything, Yue Yingchun shook her head again, “No, no, no, no. You’re so dark and wind-blown, I don’t think they’d want you.”


Ye Fan’s whole body froze at that moment.

He had the urge to curse in his heart.

He hadn’t even said that he didn’t want to, but they still disliked him?

I’m the f*cking Lord of the Dragon God Hall, the number one powerhouse in the Heavenly Rankings, and now I’m this bad?

Ye Fan was crying and laughing.

Yue Yao, who was next to him, was even bent over with laughter, her flower branches trembling.

Having seen so much of Ye Fan’s radiant appearance, and now seeing Ye Fan in such a mundane scene, Yue Yao was feeling that there was something else.

Many years later, when Yue Yao recalled her memories with Ye Fan, what she remembered most was this period of time in Linzhou.

Perhaps, there was no scenery, no glory, no prosperity.

But it was real, warm and peaceful.

When one has gone through the vicissitudes of life, one will find that the happiest state in life is to be calm and peaceful.

That kind of steady happiness is far more memorable than the scenery of standing at the top of the world.

“Little brother Fan, don’t be sad.”

“If you really can’t get a daughter-in-law, when Sugar grows up, I’ll marry you.”

Sugar said very seriously while stroking Ye Fan’s head like he had done earlier to comfort her.

Looking at this seven or eight year old girl in front of him, Ye Fan was so “touched” that he was about to cry “I thank you so much!”

This part of the meal made Ye Fan very frustrated.

“Yao’er, do you think I look so much like a son-in-law?”

“Back then, I joined the family, that was because I had no choice, to bide my time.”

“Now that Laozi is famous all over the world, you still want me to be a door-to-door son-in-law?”

“Mudd, I’m afraid I won’t be able to pa*s this hurdle?”

After returning to his room, Ye Fan was crying and laughing when he mentioned what he had just said.

Yueyao smiled warmly and said “Don’t think about good things, they don’t want you even if they want a son-in-law.”

Ye Fan’s face instantly darkened “You dead girl, looking for a fight, right?”

As he spoke, Ye Fan immediately pushed Yueyao to the edge of the bed and gave her a gentle pat on the back.

“Little Fan, hot water has just been boiled, do you want it?”


At this time, the door to the room was pushed open, and Yue Yingchun walked in carrying the freshly boiled water.

But just as she pushed the door open, she saw Yue Yao lying on the bed, with Ye Fan holding her down.

At that moment, Yue Yingchun’s eyes went straight “You hairy boy, don’t be a jerk!”

“She’s your sister!”

Yue Yingchun rushed up and freed Yue Yao from Ye Fan’s clutches.


“Old Hu ah, it seems we need to hurry up and find a daughter-in-law for Little Fan.”

“Look at this hairy boy, he’s lost in thought about girls.”

Yue Yingchun gave Ye Fan a look, then sighed and pushed Hu Yipeng and went back to his room.

As for Yue Yao, naturally she was also taken back to her own room by Yue Yingchun.

“That, aunty, misunderstanding ah”

“You have to listen to my explanation.”

“It’s not what you think.”

“It’s a f*cking misunderstanding.”

“Yao’er, explain it to Auntie Yue.”

Ye Fan was full of bitterness and went after him to explain repeatedly, trying to salvage his glorious image.

But Yue Yingchun and the others didn’t believe him, not only did they ignore Ye Fan, but they even comforted Yue Yao “Yao’er, from now on, you should spend less time with your brother at night.”

“After all, men, when they are single for a long time, they tend to get carried away and can’t control themselves.”

Yue Yao nodded her head very seriously “Mm, auntie, I know.”

Hearing this, Ye Fan almost fell headlong to the ground at that moment.

She still eh?

She still knew?

This D*mn girl, she was deliberately pitting him!

“Ai, this Hall Master’s reputation has been ruined tonight.”

Ye Fan was filled with “grief and anger”.

However, Yue Yao hid her mouth and was delighted, her gentle and beautiful face was bright and beautiful with a smile.