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Worth Deserving Chapter 1835

“Come on, Yao’er. Let’s go back too.”

“Tomorrow, it’s almost time for the Jiangbei auction to begin.”

“When the auction is over, I will first accompany you to the Indian Country and settle an old matter for you.”

Perhaps it was because Ye Fan did not want to chat on this matter anymore, and immediately digressed from the topic, calling out to Yue Yao to prepare to go back.

Yue Yao was slightly stunned “My old matter?”

“Hmm?” Ye Fan looked at him with a puzzled expression, “What, have you forgotten?”

“Back then, didn’t I promise you that I would help you take revenge.”

Only when Yue Yao heard this did it dawn on her.

A rare smile appeared on that always ice-cold pretty face.

“You fellow, so you still remember.”

“I thought that you had long forgotten.”

Yue Yao spoke softly, her tone acting plainly, but inwardly she was undoubtedly very moved.

She did not expect that after such a long time, Ye Fan would still remember about her.

Yue Yao had once thought that in this fellow Ye Fan’s eyes, there was only the Chu Family and the Chu Sect.

“How come?”

“If it’s Yao’er’s business, then it’s my Chu Tianfan’s business!”

“Forgetting anyone’s business, you can’t forget yours either.”

“In fact, the first time I came back from the Chu Sect, I was ready to accompany you to the Indian Country.”

“But nay, then something went wrong, and in a fit of anger, I just killed my way up to Truman Mountain.”

“Speaking of which, I’m quite sorry for you.”

“Waiting, making you wait for so many years.”

“I should have helped you kill that guy a long time ago.”

For so many years, Yue Yao had given a lot in the Dragon God Hall.

Several times when Ye Fan’s life was in danger, it was almost always Yue Yao who fished him out of the ghost gate.

Even this time, Yue Yao, who had travelled to a foreign country, after learning that she needed help, put aside everything and took a plane to Yanxia Jiangdong that night.

And then, seven days and seven nights without sleep, just to formulate a treatment plan for Ye Fan.

So that Ye Fan could be completely restored to his peak.

It was hardest to bear the grace of beauty!

Yue Yao had given too much for Ye Fan, and the only thing Ye Fan could do in return was to help her understand the knot in her heart.

Therefore, Ye Fan had a plan long ago, when this Jiangbei Auction was over, he would accompany Yue Yao and return to his homeland.

Kill the Seal Heavenly King, Burn the Sky!

“But don’t.”

“Just like you are now, how much power can you still have back then?”

“Don’t let another soul be killed by the Burning Heaven’s sword if you fail to take revenge.”

“If you die in India because of me, I won’t be able to explain to your wife and son.”

“For now, it’s better for you to honestly give me a chance to recuperate.”

“When this auction is over, the last medicine will almost come together.”

“The injuries on your body will probably be completely healed.”

“Alright, enough talking, let’s go back.”

Without waiting for Ye Fan to answer at all, Yue Yao turned around and walked towards their abode after finishing this.

The moment Yue Yao turned around, Ye Fan did not notice in the slightest, the woman in front of him, the crystals flickering in those beautiful eyes.

To Ye Fan, this matter might just be the fulfilment of a promise he had made at the beginning.

However, to Yueyao, it was something that touched her heart.

It turned out that there was still someone in this world who remembered her.

That feeling of someone caring was, indeed, wonderful.

“I can’t imagine that your son still looks like you, he doesn’t follow his mother at all.”

On the way back, Yue Yao chatted with Ye Fan.

Ye Fan smiled, but he smiled bitterly and sweatdropped “Don’t talk nonsense, that shouldn’t be my son.”

“It’s an orphan that my mother adopted back then.”

“I just don’t know why, but now he was brought in by Mu Orange for adoption.”

“What?” When Yue Yao heard this, her pretty face was but astonished, “Not your son?”

“You lied to me, right?”

“How much does that little one look like you?”

“I think you’re afraid to admit that you’ve done something bad, right?”

Yue Yao rolled her eyes, not believing these words of Ye Fan at all.

“I didn’t lie to you.”

“You’ve been to my old house back then too, right?”

“That little guy under my mother’s hand, you should have met him too.”

Ye Fan explained with a bitter smile.

However, there was one thing that was actually quite puzzling to Ye Fan.

That was, this little guy, he looked too much like himself.

So much so that, at first glance, Ye Fan also thought that this little fellow, for a time, was his own son.

Only after asking Elder Han did he figure out the situation later.

“A bit impressed.” Yue Yao nodded her head.

As they were talking, the two had already returned to the vicinity of the residence.

Ye Fan and the others had rented an old house in Linzhou to live in due to their limited funds and the fact that they were hiding from the public.

“Brother Little Fan, Sister Yao’er, you guys are so slow.”

“I’ve been waiting for you guys for ages!”

“Hurry up, my mum has already made dinner, she’s just waiting for you.”

“I’m starving to death.”

At the entrance of the alleyway, there was a little girl of seven or eight years old, with two cute goat-horn braids, standing there.

When she finally saw Ye Fan and Yue Yao both, this little girl was so delighted that she immediately ran over.

While grumbling at Ye Fan and them, she pulled them to hurry towards the house.

The little one’s stomach, long ago, was already rumbling with hunger.

“Sugar, tell your mother later that there’s no need to wait for us, you guys eat first and just save some for us.”

Ye Fan dotingly rubbed this little girl’s round head.

This little pink carved girl was the landlord’s daughter, Sugar.

It was her family’s house that Ye Fan rented.

This side of the city was one of those quadrangles with many rooms, and almost every family had a few empty rooms lying around, often for rent.

A room cost two to three hundred yuan a month, extremely cheap.

Ye Fan and the others had been living here for almost half a month, and were familiar with each other, long ago.

“Wow, it smells so good?”

“Wrapped dumplings?”

Before even entering the door, Ye Fan already felt the aroma.

Afterwards, this Ye Fan also ran like a small child, faster than Sugar, and rushed into the dining table.

“Aigoo, you hairy boy, have you washed your hands yet?”

“Go go go, go back and wash your hands!”

“Sugar candies have been brought down by you hairy brat!”

Ye Fan was just about to reach out to grab a dumpling to eat when he was knocked back with a chopstick.

At this moment, a plainly dressed middle-aged woman glared at Ye Fan with a disgusted look on her face.

She was the mistress of this courtyard, Yue Yingchun.

Doing next to her was his husband, Hu Yipeng.

However, due to an accident a few years ago while working on the construction, Hu Yipeng lost all sensation in the lower half of his body.

He will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

But fortunately, thanks to his ancestral shade, he has an old mansion in downtown Linzhou, which is worth a lot of money.

He was able to make a decent living by saving money and relying on Yue Yingchun for odd jobs.


“Yingchun, you shouldn’t blame Little Fan either.”

“Wasn’t it the same when I came home after a long day?”

Hu Yipeng laughed heartily.

He liked the hilarity, it seemed extremely lively.

“That won’t do either!”

“It’s not as bad as being hungry again for a while.”

“It’s still Yao’er who saves people’s hearts, knows how to be clean and is likeable.”

“Such a good daughter, it’s a pity to marry someone else in the future.” The more Yue Yingchun looked at Yue Yao, the more she was pleased with her daughter, and it was a pity to think that such a good girl would be cheaper for someone else in the future.


“Auntie Yue, that’s good to do.”

“You and Uncle Hu work hard and have another big fat boy.”

“When the time comes, I’ll make the decision and set up a baby marriage for my sister and your family.” Ye Fan suggested.

“What a good idea!” Hu Yipeng’s old eyes lit up and he clicked with Ye Fan.

“Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

“Little Fan, what should we do, your Auntie Yue doesn’t seem willing?”


The lights filled the room with laughter.

That warm light only made people feel that this earth was beautiful.