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Worth Deserving Chapter 1838

In response to her cousin’s and her cousin’s husband’s eviction, Qiu Mu Orange did not insist on staying.

She had already had the idea of moving out.

When she first arrived, it was too late for her to find an apartment, so she first took advantage of her relatives’ home.

Later on, her cousin’s husband said that they had plenty of room, so they let Qiu Muqing stay in their house.

Of course, during this time, Qiu Mu Orange did not treat them badly.

The monthly rent was paid according to the market rate, and the utilities were also covered by Qiu Mu Orange.

If you do the maths, it is more expensive for Qiu Mu Orange to live with her relatives than to rent her own place outside.

It was also far from Fan’s school, so Qiu Mu Orange had long been thinking of moving out.

She had never found the opportunity to say so before, but this was the right time to do so.

After Auntie Cousin said this, Qiu Mu Orange didn’t have to beg, so she packed up her things and left with Xiao Fan.

Seeing how determined Qiu Mu Orange was to leave, the couple was undoubtedly even angrier.

“You heartless thing, you’re just going to leave?”

“Simply a white eyed wolf that can’t be fed!”

“If we hadn’t taken you in, you two would have frozen to death on the street.”

“If I’d known, I shouldn’t have let you and your mother live here in the first place!”

“Even birds and animals know how to feed.”

“You ungrateful thing, you are worse than a beast!”

The couple cursed angrily at Qiu Mu Orange.

Originally, Qiu Mu Orange did not want to pay any attention to them, but since they had come to this point, Qiu Mu Orange could not remain silent any longer.

“Cousin Aunt, you took me in, and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“But for you to call me ungrateful, I beg to differ!”

“I have lived here all this time, but have I ever paid you a penny less in rent?”

“Outside, I rent a two-room apartment for two or three thousand dollars.”

“And I’m paying you two and a half thousand for a single room at my cousin’s place. Plus the utilities and property fees, that’s almost three thousand a month.”

“So Auntie Cousin, justice is in the heart.”

“I believe we all know who is heartless and unjust!” After Qiu Mu Orange dropped these words, she turned her head and walked away without looking back.

“I’ll go!”

“This D*mn girl, she’s really eloquent!”

“I’m so mad at her!”


“But boy, I think it’s better if we don’t kick him out.”

“After this, it’s going to be over two thousand less a month.”

“That’s 30,000 less a year.”

“This kind of good thing, I guess you won’t be able to find it in the future.”

After Qiu Mu Orange left, the couple first vented a little.

But soon, they realised that it was themselves who had lost the most.

At once, they regretted it.

They called again to ask Qiu Mu Orange to come back.

But Qiu Mu Orange was not stupid, since she had already moved out, how could she go back?

The rent was not bad at all, and she was still looking up to others.

It would be better to rent an apartment on her own!

However, it took time to find an apartment.

In these two days, Qiu Mu Orange only had to cope with the hotel now.



The night pa*sed quickly.

The next day, Ye Fan and Yue Yao, both of them, woke up early. After washing up, they ran straight towards the main door.

“Hairy boy, aren’t you eating breakfast?” Behind them, came Yue Yingchun’s shout.

“No, Auntie Yue.”

“We’re in a hurry, we’re not eating.”

Ye Fan waved his hand at them and then disappeared at the end of the road along with Yue Yao.


“Young people nowadays, life is too stressful.”

“In order to make money, they can’t even care to eat breakfast.”

“It’s especially hard for beaten workers like these who don’t have much background and education.”

“Girls are better off, the big deal is to find an in-law to marry.”

“What about that hairy boy Ye Fan?”

“He’s going to be thirty soon and doesn’t have a stable job, so who’s going to marry him?”

Yue Yingchun and Hu Yipeng let out a sigh.

“Mum, I’ll marry Little Brother Fan.” Sugar raised her hand and proposed herself.

“Go, go, go, you little girl, go and stay where you are!”

Yue Yingchun glared at Sugar, and the family continued to eat breakfast.

Ye Fan and Yue Yao, on the other hand, got on the bus and rushed to Linzhou Hall to attend today’s auction.

“I say, Yueyao, didn’t Han Lao give us 200 million?”

“A bus ride won’t cost a few bucks.”

“Do we have to squeeze the bus?”

It was the morning rush hour and the bus was packed to the brim.

Among them were a few old guys with unkempt clothes, making their way to Yue Yao’s side.

And naturally, Ye Fan would not let them have their way.

He himself used his body to block Yue Yao in front of him, trying not to let people squeeze this girl.

“Is two hundred million a lot?”

“Do you know how precious the collection we’re auctioning this time is?”

“I am now worried that two hundred million is simply not enough.” Yue Yao, however, frowned, with worry in her heart.

The previous Ye Fan could be considered rich beyond his means.

However, in these two years, without Ye Fan, the Dragon God Hall had almost all scattered.

Like the Mufan Group that Ye Fan had created, it was also on the verge of bankruptcy.

Just these two hundred million was still something that Elder Han had managed to scrape together by all means.

In the past, when he had money, he felt that money was something outside his body.

And now that they had no money, Yue Yao and the others realised that without it, it was really difficult to move an inch.


“Ye Fan, look, is that, your wife?”

At this moment, the bus pa*sed by a station.

Yue Yao unintentionally saw that there was a portrait poster on the billboard at the station.

The person looked, surprisingly, just like Qiu Mu Orange.

When Ye Fan looked over, he was also immediately surprised, “Really?”

In the middle of Ye Fan’s surprise, a buddy next to him patted Ye Fan’s shoulder, “I say, brother, this meal can be eaten carelessly, but words cannot be spoken carelessly.”

“Be careful, you’ll lose your life tomorrow.”

“What do you mean?” Ye Fan was even more puzzled.

“Don’t you know? Just that girl on that advertisement is the woman that Meng Chuan, the youngest master of the Meng family, has his eye on.”

“Right now, Young Master Meng is wooing her like a storm?”

“If you don’t believe me, take a look at the advertisement on the back of this car seat.”

Ye Fan instantly looked down.

Sure enough, he saw that the advertisement on the back of the bus seat had a poster of Qiu Mu Orange on it, with the words “Mu Orange, you will eventually become my bride.”

“And that’s not all.”

“Just wait, soon the whole city will be full of Young Master Meng’s courtship campaign.”

“There will be similar courtship posters plastered everywhere.”

“By that time, the entire citizens of Linzhou will know that this girl, is Young Master Meng’s woman.”

“So brother, don’t misidentify your wife.”

“This will kill you if you identify it wrongly.” A kindly man next to him warned.

“This is too much.”

“This Young Master Meng is only at the courting stage, and that Miss Mu Orange hasn’t agreed to him, so how does that make her his woman?” Ye Fan frowned.

“Brother, you’re a foreigner, right?”

“The Meng family is the number one family in Jiangbei.”

“Anyway, over the years, Young Master Meng has played with many women. There have been girls who didn’t know any better before.”

“But in the end, without exception, all of them succumbed.”

“The pressure of the Meng family is not something that we mortals can resist.”

“Especially in such a situation where everyone knows about it, believe it or not, there are many people who rush to send this girl to Young Master Meng’s bedside without even needing him to do it himself.”

“In Jiangbei, people who are in the Meng family’s thrall are like carp in the river!”

In the bus, many people were talking about the Meng family as if they were gossips.

Among them, there was no shortage of people who felt pity for the female lead in the poster.

“It’s a pity, what a nice girl.”