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Worth Deserving Chapter 1839

The talk around him was still ringing in his ears, but Ye Fan had stopped talking.

“What’s wrong, is it hard?”

Seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, Yue Yao next to him asked with a pretty smile on her face.

Ye Fan shook his head “There’s nothing to feel bad about.”

“I’m already a dead man, so who am I to ask Mu Orange to remain a widow for me.”

“Actually, it would be good if she could find a good man.”

“That silly girl, she used to stir the blanket in her sleep at night.”

“In the future, there can be someone to get up in the middle of the night to tuck her in as well.”

Ye Fan spoke indifferently, trying hard to keep his tone calm, but Yue Yao could still hear the faint sorrow contained in those words.

“So, just going to ignore it?”

“Let others pursue your wife?” Yue Yao continued to ask again.

Every word struck Ye Fan straight to his heart.

That searing look was as if she wanted to rip the heart out of the man in front of her, she had to see how much arrogance was left in this man’s heart, after the calamity back then.

“Yao’er, as I said, the Ye Fan back then is already dead.”

“Along with the dead, there are all his social connections.”

“Mu Orange is already free herself, and she has the right to pursue her own happiness.”

“I am not qualified to interfere with her life.”

Ye Fan’s tone sank, no one knew how many emotions this man was carrying in his heart.

But when Yue Yao heard these words, her heart felt angry for no reason.

She ignored Ye Fan again, but took advantage of the driver’s stop to turn her head and walk out of the car.

There were still several stops away from the Linzhou Hall, but Yue Yao got off the bus early.

Alone, she walked along the street with a puff of anger.

“What a pretty young lady, can I get to know her? My family has three suites.”

“f*ck off!”

As soon as they got off the car, many people came to strike up a conversation.

To these self-conscious social youths, Yue Yao simply didn’t even look at them and directly told them to get lost.


“Still a little pepper, huh.”

“Brother likes it.”

But there were always those who were as thick-skinned as Ye Fan, who insisted on moving forward even when scolded.

They even put their hands on Yue Yao.

“Sister, come, get on brother’s motorbike!”

“Brother will take you for a ride!”

A social youth with dyed yellow hair took Yue Yao’s hand and dragged it towards his car.


It was at that moment that the wind flashed by.

A yellowish fallen leaf actually cut through the youth’s hand like a sword.


The youth wailed, and crimson blood flowed down the back of his hand.

“It’s not too late to go to the hospital.”

Ye Fan didn’t know when he had already walked over, and his faint voice, quietly rang out.

“b*****d boy, you wait!”

The yellow-haired young man covered his blood-covered hand and scolded Ye Fan fiercely before rushing off to the hospital.

“What are you doing following me here?”

“I don’t know you!”

“I only know Ye Fan!”

Seeing Ye Fan, Yue Yao was furious.

“Yao’er, don’t be like that.”

“You understand what I mean.”

“I don’t understand!” Yue Yao’s beautiful eyes were red as she roared at Ye Fan.

“Why do you keep saying you’re dead!”

“You’re still alive, aren’t you?”

“Ye Fan is still alive, Chu Tianfan is also still alive, the Dragon God Hall Master, the Venerable Jiang Dong, none of them are dead.”

“In this world, there are so many people waiting for your return.”

“Your wife, your mother, the Dragon God Hall congregation, and those Jiangdong sons and daughters who once followed you.”

“So many people are waiting for you, but why do you keep saying these demoralising words?”

“Chu Tianfan, where is your once high-mindedness? Where is the heartiness you once had?”

“Are you still the same Chu Tianfan I know?”

“Without the courage to cut through everything and the arrogance to defy everything, how can you reach the God Realm, how can you challenge Chu Yuan, you are afraid that you cannot even defeat Burning Heaven!”

Yue Yao shouted hard, her beautiful eyes red with tears, her words full of reluctance.

She was really unwilling that a man who was so proud back then would become so deadly dull.

She did not like this kind of Ye Fan.

She only liked the Ye Fan that she once was.

The Dragon God Hall Master who was so empty-eyed and defiant of the world!

Perhaps impulsive, perhaps radical, perhaps irrational at times, but enchantingly windy and spirited.

Faced with these words from Yue Yao, Ye Fan was silent, he didn’t say anything and didn’t know what to say.

But there was one thing Yue Yao was right, he was different from the past now.

If it was said that once Ye Fan was the sword out of the box with a sharp edge.

But now, after the catastrophe he had gone through, he was already a sharp sword in a box, with his sharpness hidden.

But after venting a bit, Yue Yao also realised her slip of the tongue and immediately apologised to Ye Fan “Sorry, Ye Fan, I was a bit out of line.”

“But, I will definitely cure you.”


“Whether it’s a physical wound or a mental wound!”

Yue Yao’s eyes burned, and there was determination in her beautiful eyes.

In fact, Yue Yao had some understanding of the present-day Ye Fan.

Back then, when the army had defeated Chu Men Mountain, in that battle, Ye Fan had lost too much.

The Dragon King was killed, and the whereabouts of several great Dragon Gods were still unknown.

The martial arts heritage that Ye Fan had accumulated with all his efforts was nearly all destroyed in that battle.

Not a single high-cla*s warrior remained!

Yan Xia was merciless and the world was unjust.

Faced with what the world was forcing him to do, Ye Fan extinguished himself from the world.

Yue Yao did not know how Ye Fan had survived these two years.

But there was one thing Yue Yao could be sure of, and that was that this man was carrying too heavy a burden of past.

Now, the only thing she could do was to help Ye Fan heal his old illness and help him finally reach the top and regain his power!

Only then could this man, truly, be able to carry these heavy pasts.

Yue Yao always believed that Chu Tianfan would not die.

On the day he rejoins the world, all the rebels will eventually die!



Linzhou Guild Hall.

The Linzhou Auction was the largest auction in Jiangbei Province and was held once a year.

Although it was not as good as the auctions in Yanjing and Magic City, the scale of the Linzhou Auction was enough to be ranked among the top five in Yanxia.

Therefore, every year during the auction, apart from the wealthy local businessmen and bigwigs in Jiangbei, there would also be some overseas exotic people gathered.

When Ye Fan and Yue Yao both entered, the meeting hall had long been filled with people.

After Ye Fan and Yue Yao received their masks, they too then sat down in their seats.

“I don’t know if two hundred million is enough.”

“In case it’s not enough, I don’t know when I’ll come across this kind of medicinal material next time?”

Yue Yao, who had taken her seat, was still a little worried.

“One herb is just one herb, ten million would be the top, right?”

“Two hundred million, more than enough.” Ye Fan was calm, although this medicine was related to his injury, but people were not worried at all.

“Really the emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuch is in a hurry!” Yue Yao gave Ye Fan a white look and immediately disliked him, “You fellow, you simply don’t understand what the value of treasured medicinal herbs is.”

“Often, a medicinal herb can determine a person’s life or death.”

“Herbs have a price, but life is priceless.”

“Such situations often lead people to spare no expense!”

“Let alone two hundred million, if it’s one billion or two billion, to save one life, someone will pay the same.”

“Just pray now, pray that among those present, no one else needs this herb except us.”

“Otherwise, the two hundred million you have, is designated to be insufficient!”

Yue Yao said in a very serious manner.

But Ye Fan still didn’t feel the gravity of the situation in the slightest, and looked as breezy as if he was nothing.