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Worth Deserving Chapter 1841

Forget it.

The more you paint this thing, the darker it gets.

Let the girl think what she wants.

At this time, after a short period of silence, people were already bidding one after another.

After just a few rounds of bidding, the bear’s waist wine had already reached a high price of one million.

“One million one hundred thousand!”

Ye Fan followed up with another round.

It was then that Yueyao got anxious with him “You’re still calling?”

“Do you want to die?”

Yue Yao glared at Ye Fan fiercely and reached out to pinch Ye Fan around his waist.

Looking like that, as long as Ye Fan followed the robbery any further, she would strangle him to death with force.

How could Ye Fan dare to resist, he only had to resentfully reply that he would not follow no more.

In the end, that bear-waisted wine was bought by a rich young master.

“It’s a pity.” Ye Fan sighed.

Yue Yao said with contempt in her eyes “Isn’t it just that that aspect doesn’t work?”

“I’ll just cure you some other day.”

“No need to waste this money.”

Ye Fan glared at that moment “I said, I bought it for a friend.”

“Fine, fine, friend. Really, you’re still doing this with me, I’m not going to tell anyone about it.” Yue Yao didn’t bother arguing with him about this, twisting her head and whispering.

Ye Fan””



Time continued to pa*s by.

In the blink of an eye, it was evening.

Today’s auction was drawing to a close. The auction was already coming to an end.

“It looks like that herb, will have to wait until tomorrow.” Yue Yao said with some disappointment.

The sooner she obtained that herb, the sooner she would be able to heal Ye Fan.

That man back then had been gone for too long, Yue Yao just wanted to see the once terrifying Chu Tianfan, the true king, return a little sooner!


“I think so.”

“Why don’t we go back.”

Ye Fan looked at the time and found that it would soon be time for Xiao Fan to leave school.

If he went over at this time, he would still be able to catch a glimpse of their mother and son.

This point in Ye Fan’s mind was naturally clear to Yue Yao.

“Good, then let’s go.”

Yue Yao nodded, however, the two of them had just gotten up when, at this time, the last lot of the day was brought up.

“Gentlemen, this next one will serve as today’s finale treasure.”

“I believe that many of you here have heard of magic weapons from novels or TV and movies.”

The moderator’s crisp and moving voice slowly rang out.

The crowd was stunned at the words.

“Dharma weapons?”

“You mean, the kind of magic weapon that immortals use?”

“Able to move mountains and tread the sea, shift stars and change the moon?”

“In this world, could there really be such a thing?”

The crowd exploded.

Almost all of the wealthy merchants present were interested.

Throughout the ages, there were countless legends of strange powers.

Thousands of years ago, Emperor Qin Shi Huang sent Xu Fu with 3,000 boys and girls to the immortal island of Penglai to seek immortals for immortality.

Hundreds of years ago, Isaac Newton, after building the edifice of physics, turned to theology.

Do immortals, really exist?

For thousands of years, generation after generation has raced to find the answer.

And now, the shocking appearance of a magic weapon at this auction naturally led many people to speculate about the existence of immortals.

Even Ye Fan and Yue Yao, who had originally planned to leave, came to be interested and continued to listen.

“Whether it was used by an immortal or not, we don’t know.”

“However, we can be certain that it is indeed a magic weapon with magical power.”

“Of course, it may not be possible to drain a mountain or a sea, but destroying gold and breaking jade is a breeze for this magic weapon!”

“Next, let’s invite a master of the art of the Heavenly Master Dao to give a demonstration!”

Moderator Xiao Ya spoke softly.

And then, a Daoist priest dressed in Daoist robes stepped onto the high stage.

He was seen holding a black disc, his brow was furrowed and he was reciting words under his breath.

From the last one, he shouted “Now!”

And there was a stab!

The crowd could only see that several lightning bolts flashed suddenly above the disc.

Like electric snakes, they struck the ground violently.

Rubble flew and the earth cracked.

The tiles beneath their feet instantly exploded into a deep crater of more than one size.

“This this.”

Everyone looked dumbfounded.

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would probably believe that a round disc could really explode with such a terrifying power of opening monuments and cracking rocks.

“Xiao Ya, quickly tell us, what the hell is this this?”

The crowd of tycoons were filled with fire between their tremors and pressed the host.

Seeing that the crowd’s enthusiasm had all risen, the host Xiaoya instantly revealed a satisfied smile “Gentlemen, this magic weapon, is called the Black Jade Thunder Plate.”

“It is the accompanying magic weapon of the last Old Heavenly Master of the Heavenly Master Mansion.”

“Those who know about the path of martial arts should know that the Heavenly Master’s Way is known for its thunder magic.”

“This black jade thunder disc was refined by the old Heavenly Master using the secret method unique to this school.”

“The electric snake you all saw just now is the power of thunder.”

“This Black Jade Dharma Disc is the inherited treasure of the Celestial Master’s Way Sect, and it can not only ward off evil, but at critical moments, it can also protect one’s life!”

“If you are interested, you should bid enthusiastically, oh?”

The host was still boasting on top.

But Ye Fan clearly noticed that the moment that black jade spell plate appeared, Yue Yao’s emotions clearly showed a huge ups and downs.

For so many years, Yue Yao had always been aloof.

Even if a mountain collapsed in front of her, she would not change her colour.

Even if something was even bigger, Yue Yao mostly had a cloudy attitude.

Ye Fan had rarely seen this girl lose her temper like this.

“Your teacher’s relics?”

After listening to the introduction, Ye Fan seemed to guess something and asked in a low voice.

Yue Yao did not speak, but her palms were quietly clenched.

After a long time, she suppressed the emotions rising and falling in her heart “Ye Fan, let’s go back.”

Yue Yao turned around and walked towards the outside.

Over the years, she had actually searched for this black jade spell plate many times.

It was her teacher’s accompanying object.

It was even held as a treasure by her teacher during her lifetime.

Yue Yao did not expect that the thing she had been searching for for a long time would appear here.

As a disciple, Yue Yao was of course eager to auction it off.

However, their funds were limited.

The herbs for Ye Fan’s healing had not yet been obtained, and they simply did not have the extra money to fight for this.

Instead of being here and watching their teacher’s relic fall into the hands of others, they might as well just leave.

If their eyes did not see, their hearts would not be bothered.

However, as Yue Yao walked to the door, a low bidding voice behind her, had already sounded.

“Fifty million!”

Yue Yao heard the words and snapped back.

Sure enough, she saw the slim figure standing amidst the tide of people, bidding with a group of wealthy people from Jiangbei.

“Fifty-one million!”

“I bid fifty-two million!”

“Fifty-three million!”

Such a miraculous item naturally drew many people present to compete for it.

All of a sudden, bids were coming in!

“Sixty million!”

As the crowd raised their bids by a million and a half, Ye Fan directly raised his bid by another ten million.

The bold and majestic words were like the thunder of a tiled cauldron, instantly overpowering the aura of everyone present.

Yue Yao was stunned there and then, staring at the slim figure with fascination.

No one knew what kind of emotion Yue Yao was feeling at that moment.

Perhaps, she was moved?

In this world, there were really people who were willing to risk their lives to please themselves.

However, Yue Yao was only stunned for a moment.

Soon, she ran over and reached out to pinch Ye Fan around his waist again “What are you doing?”

“Do you still want to live?”

“It’s simply a defeatist thing.”

“We’re just 200 million, and you’re spending so much money to buy a broken plate.”

Yue Yao kept blaming Ye Fan.

However, Ye Fan calmly replied “Yao’er, don’t worry about it.”

“Leave the money matters to me.”

“This place in Lin’an, I know it very well.”

As they spoke, the bidding for that black jade spell plate had reached a white hot stage.

It was soon pushed up to ninety-five million!

“One hundred million!” Ye Fan raised his card again and said again in a deep voice.

“You,” seeing that Ye Fan did not listen to him at all, Yue Yao was so angry that her nose turned crooked, “Humph, you’re just going to be capricious and do whatever you want.”

“I’ll see what you’ll still grab from people when you bid for that medicinal herb tomorrow?”

Yue Yao was simply furious.