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Worth Deserving Chapter 1842

Having known Ye Fan for more than a year or two, Yue Yao knew that once this man decided on something, she could not stop him no matter what.

Just like now, this black jade spell plate, Ye Fan had obviously moved to get it.

Yue Yao had persuaded him for half a day, and even choked and twisted him, but she could not stop him.

In her helplessness, Yue Yao could only let Ye Fan go.

She now only had to pray that this Ye Fan really had a way to still get money, right?

Otherwise, their trip to Jiangbei this time would really be a waste of time.

“One hundred and ten million dollars!”

“One hundred and twenty million!”

After the price rose to one hundred million, there were obviously much less competitive voices in the venue.

However, the more this happened, the more wealthy these remaining people became.

Basically, the bids were raised upwards by ten million to ten million.

“One hundred and fifty million!”

Ye Fan once again boldly raised his bid, instantly bringing the price up to 150 million.

“This guy, who is he?”

“Could it be that he is also a martial artist?”

Ye Fan’s successive brash price increases had clearly caught the attention of many people in the crowd.

One of them, an old man with a tiger head mask, frowned into instantly.

“Master, that person seems to be determined to get this Thunder Jade Dharma Plate, I think we should stop fighting over it.”

“In this case, even if we snatch it up in the end, that price is bound to far exceed our psychological price.”

“The loss will not be worth the gain, not to mention the possibility of offending a powerful martial artist.”

Ye Fan’s imperative aura had indeed subdued many people.

For a while, the few people who had bid before, withdrew one after another.

In the end, only one person was left in the entire room to compete with Ye Fan.

“One hundred and sixty million!”

After a short period of calm, a faint voice quietly rang out.

The price of one point six hundred million caused many people present to suck in a cold breath.

The man who was quoting at this moment was a man in his early thirties, and he was not wearing a mask, as if he was not afraid of revealing his identity.

After quoting the price, the man even got up and looked in Ye Fan’s direction “Friend, give me face, let me have this Black Jade Dharma Plate.”

“All as a favour I owe you.”

“If you want me to return this favour, you are always welcome to find me at the Meng family in Lin’an.”

“Remember, my name is Meng Chuan!”


Meng Chuan?

“He’s Meng Chuan?”

“The son of the richest man, Meng Wanjun?”

“Our prince of Jiangbei?”

As Meng Chuan announced himself, the crowd immediately exploded.

There was a lot of chatter around them, and all eyes were looking over.

There were even people who came forward to make friends.

Even the host, Xiao Ya, changed her expression when she looked at Meng Chuan.

Autumn waves were sent and eyebrows were raised.

“Meng Chuan?”

While the crowd was in awe of Meng Chuan’s face, Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and smiled inexplicably.

Yue Yao, who was on the side, also gave a few more glances to someone other than Ye Fan in a rare instance.

“This love interest of yours, he looks good oh.”

“Valiant and dignified.”

“And also comes from a wealthy family with a lot of money.”

“It looks like you are in danger.”

Yue Yao shook her head and laughed, looking like she was watching the fun.

In response, Ye Fan didn’t care at all.

There was not even a half sense of crisis.

This Meng Chuan, no matter how handsome or powerful he was, could he still compare to the God of War, Ye Qingtian?

One must know that Ye Qingtian was the most recognized beautiful man in the global martial arts world.

But as a result, he was not the one who finally captured the hearts of the beautiful people, was he Chu Tianfan?

Besides, Ye Fan had always believed that his handsomeness and charm were not inferior to anyone else’s?

Otherwise, how could Ye Qingtian have lost to him?

Therefore, in the face of Yue Yao’s jibe, Ye Fan smiled contemptuously “This Meng Chuan, is indeed martial and extraordinary, but unfortunately, in terms of handsomeness, he still cannot compare to one hundredth of mine.”

Yue Yao’s eyes were full of contempt at that moment, thinking that even though this guy had died once, his brazen nature had not diminished at all.

After saying that, Ye Fan raised his card once again.

“Two hundred million!”



“Are you crazy?”

“We only have two hundred million, and you’re spending it all?”

Ye Fan’s words scared Yue Yao’s pretty face, and she hurriedly ranted.

In the middle of the meeting hall, everyone else was also stunned.

“Who is this person?”

“He won’t even give Young Master Meng face?”

“That’s too much of a bully!”

“When did such a bully appear in Lin’an City?”

The people in the audience were all talking, looking at Ye Fan with a mixture of trembling, curiosity and pity.

As expected, after hearing Ye Fan’s bid despite his advice, Meng Chuan felt a slap on his face, and his face immediately sank.

The gaze that he looked at Ye Fan was instantly ice-cold.


“Very good!”

“It looks like Your Excellency is going to declare war with me, Meng?”

“However, to spar with me in terms of financial power, I think you have chosen the wrong person.”

The wariness and anger in Meng Chuan’s heart had been completely stirred up by Ye Fan.

To think that he, the Meng family, reigned over the north of the river and dominated a thousand miles of territory.

For so many years, who had dared to disrespect him, Meng Chuan?

Today, it was the first time that someone dared to blatantly call his bluff.


“Fight! Let’s fight!”

While the “battle spirit” was soaring over there, the host, Xiao Ya, was overjoyed and kept shouting in her heart to fight.

In all her years of hosting auctions, she had wanted to see nothing more than this scene in front of her.

The bidding in this situation had gone beyond the commodity itself, but was a battle of pa*sions.

In this way, the auction house would undoubtedly be the one to benefit the most.

Xiao Ya, as the host, would also receive a high commission from this.

However, just as Xiao Ya was rejoicing in her heart, Ye Fan’s gaze fell over.

“Miss Host, if I am right, this magic artifact that your bank is auctioning off should be a defective item, right?”

“That black jade spell plate has not a small crack on it.”

“It feels like, at most, it will be used four or five times before it breaks completely.”

“I don’t think the lady said anything about that during the introduction just now.”

“This,” the host, Xiaoya’s face, went white then.

She could hardly believe that these insider secrets, how did Ye Fan know about them.

Ye Fan was right, this black jade magic plate did have cracks on it during the previous inspection.

However, magic artefacts were really rare, let alone those left behind by the Heavenly Master Dao, which had disappeared into obscurity for many years.

The auction house felt that this minor flaw would be impossible for a layman to see.

That is why they decided to conceal it so that they could sell it at a higher price.

But to their surprise, someone had actually seen it now.


“A defective product?”


“A second-rate item as a good one?”

“What does your auction house mean?”

“Is it trying to cheat us?”

Ye Fan’s words immediately drew a shock from the crowd.

Angry voices rose in the middle of the venue.

Realising that the situation was somewhat unpleasant, the host hurriedly said that he was not sure, and then brought the black jade spell plate down for a new appraisal.

Half an hour later, the host Xiaoya reappeared on the scene, and then bowed apologetically to the crowd “Sorry everyone, after our treasure appraiser re-appraised it and invited the president of our Jiangbei Martial Arts a*sociation to be present for screening, it was finally determined that this black jade spell plate, is indeed a defective item.”

“I am sorry everyone, this is indeed a serious work error on the part of my auction house.”

“Thank you to this gentleman for pointing it out in time, otherwise my auction house would really have made a big mistake.”

“I apologise again on behalf of the auction house for the bad experience I have brought to you all.”

“At the same time, in order to express our apologies, the auction house has decided to present each of you with a small gift in a moment.”

“As for the gentleman who reminded us in time, we have decided to present this black jade spell plate to this gentleman.”

“Although it is a defective item, it can still be used about five times and still has some value.