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Worth Deserving Chapter 1843

“Did you guess a long time ago that that auction house would give you this black jade spell disk for free.”

The auction had ended, and Yue Yao was holding that black jade spell disk, but she asked Ye Fan in a soft voice.

Before this, who would have thought that this Old Heavenly Master’s accompanying magic weapon would fall into Ye Fan’s hands in such a dramatic way.

At this moment, although Yue Yao did not show it, she was undoubtedly in admiration of Ye Fan in her heart.

No wonder Ye Fan had bid so boldly earlier, it turned out that this guy had predicted that the auction house would give it to him for free in order to salvage his reputation.

Sometimes when I thought about it, this man in front of me was truly terrifying.

More than ten years ago, when he was still a teenager, he scattered Starfire all over the place and started plotting to kill the Chu family.

In the end, although he had defeated Chu Clan Mountain, Ye Fan was undoubtedly the first person in a thousand years to drive the Chu Clan to the brink of extinction.

Had it not been for the appearance of Chu Yuan at the last moment, which disrupted Ye Fan’s layout, the number one power in the world at that moment would probably be their Dragon God Temple.

As for the Chu Clan, I’m afraid that they would have already been flattened by this man in front of them!

This strategy and scheming, when remembered at this time, was unsettling.

At this moment, Yue Yao could not help but be thankful that she had not stood against Ye Fan.

Otherwise, with such a terrifying enemy, who would be able to sleep well?

Only now did Yue Yao understand why Chu Yuan, who was a God Realm powerhouse back then, would go to such lengths to deliberately kill Ye Fan.

Yue Yao would have done the same if she had been in her place.

If this son did not die, there would be no end of trouble ahead!

It was not known whether Ye Fan would cry or laugh if he knew what was going through Yue Yao’s mind at this moment.

But in the face of Yue Yao’s question, Ye Fan smiled gently “I didn’t expect the auction house to give me away for free either.”

“I just said those just now, just to make that Meng family young master stop competing with me.”

“Who would have thought that the auction house would be so good at what they do and just give it to me.”

Hearing Ye Fan’s reply, Yue Yao’s entire body was directly shocked “So, you are really planning to spend all 200 million to buy this defective item?”

Ye Fan nodded his head and jokingly said “Yes. Is two hundred million a lot for something my Yao’er has her eyes on?”

Yue Yao’s pretty face flushed at that moment.

Although she knew that Ye Fan was only teasing her when he said that, it was just a joke between friends.

However, for some reason, every time Ye Fan teased her like that, Yue Yao’s heart, there was an inexplicable warmth and touching feeling.

“Shut up you!”

“Just know flowery words!”

“That was how you tricked your wife back then, right?”

Yue Yao rolled her eyes and glared at Ye Fan without good grace.

But who could know the joy in her heart?

Honestly, Yue Yao was actually particularly envious of Qiu Mu Orange.

Around Ye Fan, so many outstanding women.

In terms of beauty, talent, ability, and even temperament and figure, compared to Tang Yun, Xu Lei, Chen Nan and others, Qiu Mu Orange was definitely not considered the top.

It would not even be too much to say that she was ordinary and mediocre.

However, so many outstanding women had lost out to this “ordinary” girl.

The mere fact that she had become Ye Fan’s wife and won the love and affection of the Dragon God Hall Master was enough to make women all over the world envious.

In the middle of their conversation, Yue Yao and Ye Fan were already far away.

However, they did not notice that the moment they left the auction house, someone was already watching them.

“Young master, it’s the two of them, blatantly refuting your face at the auction.”

“Should we ask our men to teach them some lessons?”

Meng Chuan had already gotten into the sports car, and beside the car, an old man asked in a low voice.

Meng Chuan glanced at them from afar, but waved his hand “Let’s wait until the auction is over. Send someone to keep an eye on them first.”

“Right, over at Qiu Mu Orange, any news yet?”

Meng Chuan asked slowly.

The old man respectfully said “Many people called today, saying that they would help Young Master capture the hearts of the beautiful people.”

“Among them, there seems to be one who is the leader of Miss Qiu’s current company.”

“It says that tonight, Miss Qiu will be sent to Young Master’s villa.”

Meng Chuan smiled, and a smug curve appeared at the corner of his mouth.

This result, he had predicted.

As the crown prince of Jiangbei, he had been a star-crossed man since he was a child.

What he wanted, there was no need for him to do it himself, in this world, there were people who would bring it to him.

“Tell him that as long as things are done beautifully, my Meng family will not treat him badly.”

“Also, I heard from Ah Feng that Qiu Mu Orange has another son?”

“You should know what to do, right?”

Meng Chuan’s words had gone cold.

The old man instantly understood and immediately said that he had already arranged for someone to go over there.



The other side.

Long Vine Logistics Company, Personnel Department.

Qiu Mu Orange, who had just finished her day’s work, suddenly received a dismissal notice from her superiors.

In anger, Qiu Mu Orange directly pushed open the door of the personnel department’s room, found the personnel director and asked in anger.

“Director Li, why?”

“Why did you sack me?”

“I need a valid reason!”

“Don’t be in a hurry Mu Orange, sit down first and have a cup of tea.” The person who spoke was a middle-aged man, not very tall and a bit bald, who was sitting at his desk at the moment, looking at Qiu Mu Orange with a warm smile on his face.

“En, it’s indeed beautiful.”

“No wonder, it’s amazing that she has won the heart of that young master of the Meng family.” Li He sized up Qiu Mu Orange and secretly sighed in his heart.

“I can’t drink it!”

“I just want to know why?”

Qiu Mu Orange pushed away the tea Li He had brought to her and questioned again.

Faced with Qiu Mu Orange’s anger, Li He said without haste “Mu Orange, Young Master Meng is pursuing you, you should know that, right?”

“Right now, the streets of Lin’an are full of your giant posters.”

“This is my personal matter, I only want to know about work now.” Qiu Mu Orange didn’t want to talk about Meng Chuan’s affairs and kept asking why the company had suddenly sacked her.

Having been with this company for a short time, Qiu Mu Orange had always been a reserved officer, and her efforts had not failed her, she had just been promoted to a middle management position in the company a few days ago, and she was satisfied with her salary.

However, she did not expect that the company would suddenly send her a notice of dismissal after only a few days.

Qiu Mu Orange naturally couldn’t accept it!

It just felt like all her previous efforts had gone down the drain.

“You’re right, the matter of falling in love is indeed a private matter.”

“However, once this private matter is involved with the Meng family, it’s not your own private matter anymore.”

“Rather, it is a matter of the survival of the company and the prosperity of the business!”

“Qiu Mu Orange, you should know who the young master Meng is who is pursuing you, right?”

“His father, Meng Wanjun, is the richest man in Jiangbei, and the Meng family is an old and powerful family in Jiangbei, operating for generations, so it’s not too much to say that they are the emperors of the land over here.”

“And that young master Meng who is courting you is naturally the prince of Jiangbei!”

“You’re from Jiangdong, and although Jiangdong has changed now, you should know much better than me how powerful Mr. Chu was in your local area before.”

“A man of nine words, who said one thing, and all the bigwigs in the province were subservient.”

“And the Meng family in Jiangbei is the equivalent of your Mr. Chu in Jiangdong!”

“If you had followed Young Master Meng, you would have soared to great heights yourself, and we at Qingteng would have been able to benefit from your glory.”

“But now, I heard from my colleagues in the company that you are going to refuse Young Master Meng’s kind offer.”

“You can disregard your own future, but the company can’t be dragged down by you.”

“So Mu Orange, we’re sorry too.”

“With hundreds of people up and down the company, we can’t offend Young Master Meng because of you, can we?”

Li He spoke in a deep voice.

When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she was instantly silent.

Suddenly there was a huge feeling of powerlessness.

This was the energy of having power and authority, right?

In the past, in Jiangdong, Qiu Mu Orange had been in Meng Chuan’s position, under one person and above ten thousand people.

But at that time, Qiu Mu Orange’s feelings of power were not obvious.

But now, when he was at the bottom of the pile, Qiu Mu Orange really understood that ordinary people were so small in the face of the powerful and influential.

Meng Chuan had not even done anything himself, but the pressure he had put on himself was already visible in every aspect of her life.

The pressure was so great that she could not breathe.