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Worth Deserving Chapter 1845

Green Vine Logistics, headquarters building.

In the chairman’s office, a man sits peacefully.

In front of the table, there was a strong tea with a dense aroma.

At this moment, in front of him, an old man in his fifties was kneeling in fear, his head bowed, not even having the courage to look directly at the man in front of him, but just kneeling there, his body swaying all over.

Just a moment ago, this young man, who looked a million years younger, had suddenly appeared right outside his office window.

One must know that this was the thirty-third floor, nearly a hundred metres in height.

But at such a height, this young man seemed to be a ghost, standing outside the window and looking straight at him.

In the end, he even pushed open the window himself and slowly walked in.

There was no need to say or do anything at all, just this one action scared the guts out of this old boss of Qingteng Logistics.

After that, when Ye Fan asked him to do anything, how could he dare to resist?

Soon, Li He had someone bring Qiu Mu Orange in.

“Wei Dong, what’s wrong with you you?”

“Why are you still kneeling?”

“Is the old problem in your leg coming back?”

“By the way, what did you ask me to bring this woman up for?”

“I’ve had someone drive downstairs and wait.”

“As long as we deliver her to Young Master Meng, we’ll have this done.”

“In the future, with the Meng family covering us, why should we worry about our company’s business not prospering?”

Li He spoke excitedly as soon as he entered the door.

“Sub-Onima, shut up!”

When Wei Qing heard this, he P*ssed himself in fear right then and there.

In his heart, he cursed this Li He for not having eyes, could he not see that there was still a person sitting in front of him?

Ye Fan ignored the two of them, but got up and picked up the already drowsy Qiu Mu Orange, slowly.

It had been more than two years, but after touching her skin again, Ye Fan’s heart was filled with inexplicable emotions.

He looked down at the girl in his arms. Compared to the beautiful president who was in charge of the Mufan Group in the past, the current Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly looked much plainer.

There were no big brand clothes that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, there were no expensive jewellery on her body, and she didn’t even wear any makeup.

However, that pretty face that was not powdered was still beautiful.

It was true that age never defeats beauty.

Unable to help himself, Ye Fan stretched out his hand and wanted to gently stroke Qiu Mu Orange’s sleeping cheek.

However, when his fingertips were only an inch away from Qiu Mu Orange’s pretty face, he finally stopped.

“Master, don’t worry, Miss Qiu Qiu slept through the night and will wake up in the morning, we didn’t touch Miss Qiu in the slightest.”

“Miss Qiu is still the body of an ice-clear jade girl, if you like it, master, you can take it back and enjoy it.”

Wei Qing saw Ye Fan suddenly stop moving and hurriedly explained from the side.


As soon as Wei Qing’s words fell, he only saw Ye Fan wave his sleeve robe, Wei Qing screamed miserably, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, and his entire body immediately tumbled and flew out.

“This this.”

Li He next to him was directly stunned.

It was like a magic trick.

With a wave of his sleeve robe, even Ye Fan didn’t touch Wei Qing, and as a result, Wei Qing’s 100-plus pound body flew up.

“Is this still a human being?”

Wei Qing also knelt on the ground.

Only now did he realise what kind of existence the man standing in front of him was.

“My Mu Orange, how can you allow yourself to be insulted by such filthy words?”

Ye Fan’s cold words,&bsp&bsp frightened Wei Qing to kneel on the ground and apologize repeatedly.

Finally, Ye Fan asked again “just let Mu Orange drink that stuff, still have?”

“Make me a cup.”

“In addition, find another sack to come over.”

Ye Fan said coldly.

Wei Qing and the others dared not say a word, and immediately followed Ye Fan’s request.

Soon, both items were brought to Ye Fan.

“The amount of medicine, can it be added enough?”

Ye Fan looked at the tea in front of him and asked again.

“Enough, enough to put Miss Qiu to sleep for two days!” Li He thought that Ye Fan wanted these for Qiu Mu Orange to drink.

After all, it was good to do things in a sleeping state.

However, what Li He did not expect was that Ye Fan actually let Li He get into the sack himself.

And then, he brought the cup of tea to him “Drink it.”

“Master, I I I.”

Li He’s entire body had been put into the sack, and only one head was exposed outside.

Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li He directly cried.

He kept begging Ye Fan, “Master, can you not drink?”

Ye Fan glared!

He felt the temperature around him plummet!

“Cut the f*cking crap!”

“If the master tells you to drink it, then you drink it.”

“It’s not like it’s poison!”

Wei Qing was good at what he did, seeing that Ye Fan was a little angry, he immediately rushed over and took the cup of tea and poured it straight into Li He’s mouth.

Ye Fan waited for a while, and Li He was dazed, and indeed pa*sed out.

“Isn’t there a car waiting below?”

“Tie up the sack and send it over.”

“I’ll watch you from up here, don’t say anything you shouldn’t.”

Ye Fan spoke coldly.

Wei Qing’s old face twitched, he then understood what Ye Fan’s purpose was in acting like this.

However, there was no way, due to Ye Fan’s might, Wei Qing had to stiffen his head and do as he was told.


Two hans were leaning against the front of the car, smoking and chatting at the same time.


“Wei Dong, why did you come down personally?”

“Didn’t you say that General Manager Li was coming over?”

A hanyou inquired from the front of the car.

Wei Qing was gloomy, “Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.”

“Quickly, help, carry the car.”

Wei Qing whispered and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


“Mr Wei, is this the girl Young Master Meng wants?”

“I’ll go, it’s quite heavy.”

“It must be a plump girl.”

Those two hans laughed lewdly.

But after receiving the sack, they were surprised by the weight of the “girl”.

“Cut the crap.”

“Just send her over!”

Wei Qing spoke in a deep voice with a black face.

When he said these words, he was still glancing upwards from the corner of his eyes.

Obviously, he was looking to see if Ye Fan was watching him or not.

“Don’t worry, Wei Dong, we’ll do our job, you can rest a*sured!”

“It will definitely be intact and the girl will be delivered to Young Master Meng’s bed!”

The two hombres patted their chests and promised.

After that, they drove away.

Looking at the shadow of their distant car, Wei Qing felt a pang of sadness in his heart.

“Brother, tonight, I’m afraid I’ll have to condemn you.”



On the other side.

The entrance to the kindergarten.

Xiao Fan was still waiting in front of the school as usual.

This time, that kindergarten teacher obviously treated Xiao Fan much better.

“Little Fan, you’re going to be rich in the future.”

“Your mother, surprisingly, is in the sights of Young Master Meng!”

“That’s Young Master Meng, the Crown Prince of Jiangbei.”

“In the future, he will also take over his father’s mantle and become the king of this Jiangbei.”

“By then, you’ll be the Crown Prince of Jiangbei.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Marrying into a rich family, your mother is really something to envy.”

“This is a scene that many women dream of.”

“When you become rich in the future, don’t forget about your teacher.”

This teacher had met Qiu Mu Orange, and when she saw that poster all over town at work today, naturally she quickly thought of Xiao Fan’s mother.

“My mum doesn’t like him!”

“Mum won’t marry him!”

In the face of what the teacher said, Xiao Fan, however, said back seriously in a childish voice.

“No way?”

“Your mother doesn’t want to?” The teacher was baffled for a moment.

“Little Fan, Little Fan!”

At this time, on the other side of the road, came the words of a young woman.

Only to see a woman dressed as an urban white collar worker, carrying a bag and stepping on ten centimetre high heels, rushing over towards.

“You are?” Still seeing this woman for the first time, Xiaofan’s teacher was a little puzzled.

“Hello, I’m a former colleague of Xiao Fan’s mother, and a good friend.”

“Mu Orange is going out to look for a house today and said in the morning that I should come and help pick up Xiao Fan first.”

“Little Fan, do you miss Auntie Bing Bing?” Liu Yibing stroked Little Fan’s cute little head and smiled while giving him a kiss on his little cheek.

Little Fan’s little face instantly turned red.