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Worth Deserving Chapter 1846

“Fanny, have you met your dad?”

“I wonder what kind of a man your father is?”

“How can he win your mother’s heart?”

On the way back, Liu Yubing asked the little one beside her curiously as she drove.

She and Qiu Mu Orange had known each other for almost two years.

Although Qiu Mu Orange had never mentioned the little one’s father during these years, Liu Yubing could clearly feel that the man had a very important place in Qiu Mu Orange’s heart.

Meng Chuan had been pursuing Qiu Mu Orange for more than a day or two. If it were anyone else, if they were being pursued by such a powerful young man, they would probably have fallen already, right?

But Qiu Mu Orange was unmoved.

Liu Yubing asked her why, but Qiu Mu Orange only said that she didn’t like it.

But Liu Yubing knew that it was because she still had someone living in her heart.

It was because of this that made Liu Yubing even more curious as to what kind of man could make Qiu Mu Orange give up the chance to marry into a wealthy family.

“I don’t remember.”

The little guy shook his head.

There were very few things he could remember from his childhood.

Only remembering his grandmother.

As for Ye Fan, the little one hadn’t met him a few times since he was born originally, not to mention his impression.

“That’s really strange.”

“The son can’t even remember what his father looks like, and his wife never mentions him.”

“This father of yours, life is a failure enough.”

Liu Yibing shook her head and laughed.

At the same time, he accelerated towards his residence.

Liu Yubing’s home was on the outskirts of the city on a village.

The streets were potholed and the word “demolition” could be seen everywhere.

It was because the village roads were not being repaired because they were going to be demolished in the next few years, and all the families were waiting to receive the demolition money to share their houses.

“Strange, your mother’s phone, why can’t you get through?”

Liu Yubing stopped the car, originally thought of giving Qiu Mu Orange a call to say that the child received it, but after calling several times, no one answered.

“Forget it, I’ll call later.”

“Let’s go, Little Fan, let’s go inside first and wait for your mother.”

Liu Yubing took the little one by the hand and pushed the door to go inside.

But just as she entered the courtyard, Liu Yubing froze.

She remembered that the door was locked when she left.

How could it be that the door opened as soon as she pushed it?

Could it be?

Just as Liu Yubing was wondering, several figures appeared from behind her, blocking the gate and closing it.

At the same time, in the courtyard, there was an old man, who had brought a tai shi chair from nowhere and was sitting while drinking tea.

“This little fellow, that’s Miss Qiu’s son, right?”

“I didn’t expect it, it’s all so big.”

The old man surveyed the little fellow and smiled coldly.

“You who are you guys?”

“What do you want?”

“You guys hurry up and leave, or I’ll call the police!”

Liu Yubing’s pretty face was frightened, protecting the little one, and she said sternly.

“It’s none of your business.”

“We’re just here for the little one.”

“The woman my young master likes, if she has a child, it can only be with my young master’s child.”

“Will she not be allowed to survive in the world with someone else’s seed?”

The old man spoke coldly.

Liu Yubing smiled and her face then changed drastically.

Turning around, she pulled the little one and was about to run outside.

However, before she could turn around, a hand knife landed directly and viciously on Liu Yubing’s neck.

With a muffled grunt, Liu Yubing instantly fainted.

“Little Aunt.”

The little one was terrified, his face was pale and he was crying uncontrollably as he grabbed Liu Yubing’s arm, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Little one, don’t cry for others.”

“She just pa*sed out.”

“You, however, are truly leaving this world.”

“Take one last look at this starry sky.”

The old man stood up, and his “kind” words rang out slowly, in a soft tone, as if they were a sleep song.

But after he had finished speaking, the old man’s expression immediately turned cold!

“Do it!”

In the darkness of the night, a blade light flashed.

A stab!

Crimson blood instantly flowed all over the ground.

The little boy had already closed his eyes in fear.

He had expected the pain to be overwhelming.

But to his surprise, the first thing he felt was a warm, large palm.

In fear, the little one opened his eyes.

He saw a slim figure standing in front of him at some point.

The man was dressed in black and black trousers, and his fine hair swayed slightly in the wind.

However, the little one did not see his face, for he wore a dragon head mask.

Only one pair of eyes was exposed.

It was obviously the first time he had seen him, but for some reason, the little one did not show any fear, but instead stood there, tilting his head and looking at the man in front of him with fascination.

By some miracle, he shouted, “Poopy?”

This cry, as if it had been heard through the ages, instantly penetrated all the man’s defences.

For a moment, Ye Fan even felt that this little boy in front of him might really be his own flesh and blood.


“You wait!”

Ye Fan didn’t kill those people, he just gave them some lessons.

But these people obviously did not intend to give up, and left after rushing at Ye Fan with fierce words.

But Ye Fan did not leave.

He first brought Qiu Mu Orange, who was still unconscious, into the room.

After that, he sat down in the courtyard and guarded them, mother and son.

“Little one, what’s your name?”

“My name is Qiu Mufan, Grandma likes to call me Little Little Fan.” Little Little Fan’s childish voice said back.

When Ye Fan heard this, he could not help but smile to himself.

He thought to himself how much Mu Orange wanted to escape from himself, even changing the little one’s surname.

“Little Little Fan, come here.”

“If you are really my son, remember, what flows in your body, when it is the blood of my Chu clan.”

“Not the Chu of Chu Gate Mountain, the Chu of the ancestral land of the Chu family of Fenghai.”

Ye Fan’s voice was low and strong.

It resounded quietly in the midst of this dark night.

The night was getting deeper and deeper, and in the middle of the night, snow suddenly drifted up.

Ye Fan sat under the eaves of the house, but the little one was asleep in his arms.

Ye Fan wanted to report the little one into his room, but the little one was still clutching the corner of Ye Fan’s coat even in his sleep and would not let go at all.

As a result, Ye Fan had no choice but to hold him and sit under the eaves.

He urged his Yuan Power to linger around his body, expelling the cold air of this snowy night.



The other side.

The vehicle Meng Chuan was in stopped in front of a luxurious villa.

He had just gotten out of the car when he saw his men who had fled back injured.

“A bunch of trash!”

“Can’t even handle a little kid?”

“What use do I have for you?”

“I’ll give you one last chance!”

“Take your men and go again!”

“If you fail again this time, I will throw you all into the river to feed the fish!”

Meng Chuan’s angry voice came out.

These men who had returned from the failure were terrified and immediately nodded their heads, leading the order.

“What a bunch of trash!”

Today, Meng Chuan was already in a bad mood because of being punched in the face at the auction.

Coupled with the failure of his men’s characters, Meng Chuan naturally became even angrier.

But fortunately, the “prey” he had been longing for had finally been delivered to him.

“Where is he now?” Meng Chuan asked.

“Young master, the people from the Green Vine Group have put him to bed for you.”

“The original seal is untouched.” The men beside him laughed lewdly.

“Very well. Tell the people from the Green Vine Group that I will not treat them poorly.” Meng Chuan smiled wickedly.

And then, he walked into the villa with great strides.

He was a little impatient to wait.

After so long, he had finally waited for this day of the prey’s entrance.

After entering the house, Meng Chuan didn’t even turn on the lights, threw off his jacket and went to the bed, untying the sack that contained the man.

“Still wearing the little suit?”

By the faint light outside, Meng Chuan could vaguely see that the “beautiful woman” on the bed was dressed in a suit.

This kind of uniform seduction undoubtedly made Meng Chuan’s breath hotter.

He couldn’t wait any longer and used his hands and lips.

With his eyes closed, he kissed her with an intoxicated look on his face, and at the same time, he was going up and down on her body.


“Why does it sting a bit?”

“This woman, does she have a moustache on her mouth?”

Meng Chuan frowned.

But immediately afterwards, the touch on his hand was also a little off.

It felt, even bigger than his own!

Until, he climbed up and turned on the light.