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Worth Deserving Chapter 1855

Yue Yao’s pretty face was agitated, she seemed to be somewhat unable to wait to see Ye Fan’s return as a king.

She wanted to see the terrified and remorseful faces of those who had wronged Ye Fan back then.

However, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled “You girl, you are still so violent.”

“But actually, if there weren’t still things left to be done and people waiting for me, I would rather not have this body of power.”

The rivers and lakes were treacherous, and things in the world were unpredictable.

Along the way, Ye Fan had experienced too many things.

He had gained a lot and lost even more.

Sometimes, when he recalled, all that had happened was like a dream.

To this day, he could not forget Gaia’s final look of determination, as well as the desolate tears of that stunning beauty on Mount Chu Mun.

If he could exchange his cultivation for the peace and happiness of all those he cared about, Ye Fan would have absolutely no disgust.

Killing, fighting, blood, fire

No one is born to enjoy these cruel things.

But being in the jianghu, one has to face these things.

But one would eventually get tired.

Especially when one’s heart and soul are exchanged for the indifference and hostility of the Yanxia martial arts community.

No one knew how disheartened Ye Fan was at that time.

Suddenly, he was disgusted with the martial arts world.

Disgusted with the killing, the hooking and fighting.

If it was possible, he really wanted to take Qiu Mu Orange, the people closest to him with him, and live in seclusion in the mountains.

No more killing, no more blood.

Watching the flowers blossom in front of the garden and the clouds roll in and out of the sky.

Just like his mother, and like his wife, he wanted to live the rest of his life in peace and tranquillity.

But now, for Ye Fan, such a life is ultimately a luxury.

The Chu Sect had yet to be pacified, An Qi’s revenge had not been avenged, and the Four Dragon Gods had yet to tour.

Also, those Dragon Kings who had been forced to die back then.

Ye Fan was ultimately carrying too much on his back.

These things, until they were completed, he could not retire from this Jianghu after all.

“Ye Fan, what are you talking about?”

These words of Ye Fan caused Yue Yao to be slightly stunned.

What was originally excitement turned into confusion at once.

“Ye Fan, are you, like, not wanting to come back?”

Yue Yao looked at Ye Fan and asked in a very serious manner.

Ye Fan was silent for a moment before smiling and stroking this girl’s head “Yao’er, seriously, in these two years, I did think about not coming back.”

“It’s not bad to let Chu Tianfan and his legend stop in that winter forever.”

“But like you said, if I fled, what about those people from the Dragon God Temple who have been waiting for me, what should they do?”

“So this time when I come back, I have decided to put everything, once and for all, to an end.”

“And after that, pick a nice place where no one else can find, build a small courtyard, plant a few fruit trees and raise a puppy. And start a vegetable garden.”

“Every day, wake up to the sound of birds chirping.”

“And then fertilise and weed and watch those seeds sprout and grow.”

“And call three or five of my best friends who I’ve just met, and get together at a table to talk and drink and eat and fart.”

“Peace and quiet.”

“Haha, provided of course that I live to see that day.”

“After all, my next few battles are not going to be easy.”

“It’s possible that one day, if I’m not careful, I’ll fall into someone’s hands.”

“By then, I guess I won’t be as lucky as I was last time.”

“Alright, enough talk.”

“Yao’er, I’ll send you back first.”

Ye Fan said a lot like a joke.

But many times, the real thoughts deep inside, Mo did not say it in a joking tone.


Yue Yao nodded her head, didn’t say anything and followed Ye Fan back.

“Don’t you still have things to do?”

“You go ahead and get busy.”

“I’ll just go back by myself, just in time to help you make the medicinal liquid.”

On the way back, Yue Yao spoke to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan said “I don’t care about this moment.”

As he was talking, Ye Fan suddenly stopped and also pulled Yue Yao back.

“Ye Fan, what’s wrong?”

Yue Yao asked in confusion.

Ye Fan did not answer her, but smiled and looked towards a street corner in front of him “Young Master Meng, since you’re here, you’d better come out.”

There was no sound in all directions, only Ye Fan’s words resounding again.

But soon, there was the sound of tiny footsteps, coming from ahead.

Sure enough, Meng Chuan, who had angrily left the table earlier, blocked the area with a dozen big men, holding sticks.

“Brat, you’re a dog, aren’t you?”

“I can’t believe you found out from so far away.”

“But you do have the self-awareness to know that you can’t escape even if you run away.”

“In that case, let’s not waste our breath.”

“Hand over the stuff.”

“If you cooperate honestly, this young master can spare your life.”

Among the crowd, Meng Chuan stood there, his eyes full of chill and threat.

He had left earlier in advance just to call out for someone to block Ye Fan in here.

That three-leaf spirit gra*s, he would not let anyone else take it away no matter what.

While Meng Chuan’s side was letting out his fierce words, Ye Fan was having an argument with Yue Yao “Ye Fan, what are you stopping me for?”

“Just now I sprinkled that powder out, how can these people still have the strength to scream here now?”

Yue Yao said discontentedly.

Ye Fan smiled bitterly “Forget it, don’t make it hard for them. This young master Meng is also a pitiful person, being pitied by us so badly. I think we’ll let him off the hook this time.”

“You two b*****ds, shut up! Can’t you still see the situation now? Shouldn’t it be me who should be saying this?” Meng Chuan was simply furious too.

These two people in front of him were so arrogant.

But as soon as Meng Chuan’s words left his mouth, he only felt a flash of cold wind.

When they looked again, the place where the two Ye Fan had been before was unexpectedly empty.

“This this.”

“Where is everyone?”

Meng Chuan was stumped in place.

The men around him were also dumbfounded, looking around.

No one had thought that two people who were alive had somehow disappeared.

“Find them!”

“Find them!”

“Even if you dig up the ground, you have to find that b*****d for me!”

From this place, Meng Chuan roared as loudly as he could.

At that moment, a few dozen miles away from here, a mansion was situated.

Anyone who has lived in Lin’an for generations knows that this mansion was built hundreds of years ago.

It was once the place where the Emperor entered when he visited Lin’an.

Now, hundreds of years have pa*sed, but the mansion is still there, but it has long since changed its owner.

Outside the main gate, Lu Zi Ming had been waiting for a long time again.

“Mr. Lu, my master is seriously ill and has not seen his guests for a long time, please go back.”

“Don’t wait any longer.”

“Even if you wait for another night, you will not be able to see the master, so please go back.”

Outside the door, someone spoke to Lu Zi Ming respectfully.

Lu Zi Ming paid no attention and remained standing there.

Seeing that it was getting late, Lu Zi Ming finally could not wait any longer.

He raised his head and his powerful qi wrapped around his voice, which by the way spread throughout the mansion.

“Master Zhang, I know you are inside.”

“Please also meet with me for a moment.”

“Otherwise, the Zhang family is afraid that a great disaster will befall them.”

“Elder Zhang, you don’t want your Zhang family, to follow in the footsteps of my Lu family, do you?”

Lu Zi Ming’s loud voice could not stop ringing out.

However, within the mansion, there was still no response.

“Zhang Jiuling, if you don’t answer me, I will barge in.”

“You should know that those few martial artists at your door who are guarding the house will not be able to stop me.”

“Anyway, I have to see you today!”

Lu Zi Ming was a little impatient.

The tone of his voice gradually turned cold.

The gaze also became morose.

Just as Lu Zi Ming lifted his feet and prepared to barge in.


The ancient and heavy door finally opened.

Only a young woman, dressed in loose white practice clothes, with long black hair tied in a ponytail, and a wooden sword in her hand, came out.

“Uncle Lu, my grandfather is calling you in.”