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Worth Deserving Chapter 1854

By this time, the host had already announced the reserve price.

The starting bid, then, came to one hundred million!

“I bid one hundred and ten million!”

“One hundred and twenty million!”

In the auction house, the crowd had quickly bid up.

Of course, most of the people here were just having a good time.

They followed the bidding for a few rounds within the price they had in mind.

Thinking about it, it was just a medicinal herb, it was said to be magical, but who knew what the real effect would be?

This deal, so to speak, comes with a certain amount of risk.

Risking hundreds of millions of dollars to grab something that is useless to you at this stage is not a wise move.

So, after the price rose to 200 million, there were basically not many bids among the venue.

Only a middle-aged man, and a young woman, were still grabbing.

Meng Chuan had already noticed the two of them and sent someone to investigate these two.

With the Meng family’s power, it was naturally not a difficult task to check two people in an auction.

“So it’s them.”

After learning the other party’s identity, Meng Chuan instantly smiled.

“From the looks of it, it seems that without the need to raise any more money, it is possible to take this three-leaf spirit gra*s without any problems.”

Meng Chuan secretly whispered.

He had prepared almost over five hundred million for this Three Leaf Spirit Gra*s this time, and after spending three hundred million before, he still had over two hundred million in his hand.

In other words, as long as the price of this Three Leaf Spirit Gra*s was not raised to three hundred million, he had a chance.

“Two hundred and ten million!”

At this time, a young woman in the crowd once again raised her bid.

Meng Chuan looked over “Miss Zhang, if what I expect is right, Miss snatched this spirit herb for her collection, right?”

“I’ve heard for a long time that Miss Zhang is a collector, especially of the world’s exotic treasures, and today it seems that this is indeed the case.”

“Throwing away billions of dollars for a hobby!”

“But hasn’t Miss Zhang always been interested in those monuments and relics left behind in history, why has she now turned to collecting medicinal herbs?”

“I don’t think this stuff will be preserved for a few years.”

“Probably, it won’t be long before it withers and fades after being bought back.”

“Won’t these few hundred million dollars of Miss Zhang’s money have been spent in vain?”

Meng Chuan smiled and looked at the young woman in front of him.

“Young Master Meng, don’t you think you’re being too broad-minded?”

“What does it matter to you what I want to buy?”

The young woman was clearly not surprised that Meng Chuan could tell her identity.

The Meng family was, after all, the richest family in Jiangbei, and the resources and energy they held were naturally extremely huge.

Investigating an individual was not a difficult task.

However, this girl seemed to have little respect for the Meng family, and when confronted with what Meng Chuan said, she directly disliked it back.

“Miss Zhang, am I not being kind?”

“Some time ago, I collected a crown from a friend’s side.”

“I got someone to appraise it, and it seems to be related to an ancient country that faded away in ancient times, the Loulan Kingdom.”

“Maybe, it is the crown of the Queen of Loulan?”

“When Miss Zhang has time, she can come to my place to have a look.”

“If it really is the crown of the Queen of Loulan, how about I transfer it to you at the original price?”

Meng Chuan asked with a smile.

The young woman was shocked “Are you serious? Is it really an ancient artifact from the ancient kingdom of Loulan?”

“I never tell lies.” Meng Chuan said.

“Good, I will go to you tomorrow.” The girl then said.

Meng Chuan nodded his head and smiled, “Then it’s a deal. But this three-leaf spirit gra*s”

“If you want it, it’s fine to give it to you.” The girl readily let it go.

Originally, she was not very interested in the three-leaf spirit herb, she just thought it was magical.

Her greatest interest was still in those mysterious ancient civilisations that had disappeared.

But on the other side, the middle-aged man, obviously had no intention of stopping “Young Master Meng, I’m sorry, I can let you have the other things, but not this.”

“Sorry about that, let’s compete on our own merits.”

The man frowned, he didn’t expect Meng Chuan to be interested in this Third Master Spiritual Herb as well, this was not good news.

“Mr Zhou, don’t say anything so full.”

“I know what you want this for.”

“It’s not that the founder of your group, Dong Qiao, is seriously ill and is on his deathbed. Are you worried that once Dong Qiao dies, it will hit the company’s share price hard and affect your financing process?”

Meng Chuan crossed his legs and spoke eloquently.

The middle-aged man’s face instantly changed “How do you you know?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Meng Chuan laughed lightly, “What’s important is that I can help your group tide over the difficult times. And the condition, is to give me this three-leaf spirit gra*s.”

“This,” the middle-aged man was silent.

“I’m thinking of your company’s long-term future development. Your group’s Qiao Dong is old, even if you save it this time, what about the next time?”

“Instead of raising the soup to stop the boil, it’s better to pull out the fire from the bottom.”

“As long as you sell me a favour this time, I, the Meng family, will give your group as much support as possible in the future.”


It had to be said that Meng Chuan did have a few skills as well.

Starting from the very root, he quickly talked the two biggest rivals into it.

In the end, the man known as Zhou Dong also announced his withdrawal from the bidding.

At this point, no one else competed with Meng Chuan.

For two hundred and fifteen million, he took this three-leaf spirit gra*s.


“Young Master, it’s really you!”

On Meng Chuan’s side, there was already the usual &bsp&bsp smile of a victor.

However, just when Meng Chuan thought that the dust had settled, Ye Fan, who had been silent and unspoken, suddenly raised his card.

“Two hundred and twenty million!”


Meng Chuan’s body trembled as he instantly turned his head, and indeed, he saw Ye Fan’s face with the dragon head mask again.

“Brat, don’t you go too far?” Meng Chuan clenched his palms and gritted his teeth in threat.

Ye Fan ignored it and continued to bid “Two hundred and thirty million!”

“You!!!” Meng Chuan was so angry that he was trembling.

“Two hundred and fifty million dollars!” Ye Fan raised his hand again.

“I,” Meng Chuan’s eyes were red, close to spitting out fire.


“Very good!”

“Want to play, right? I’ll play with you.”

“Two hundred and sixty million.”

Meng Chuan, who was furious, was about to follow the bidding.

But before the price could be shouted, Ye Fan made another offer.

“Three hundred million!”


Deadly silence!

A dead silence.

For a moment, the entire venue was silent.

Everywhere was the sound of people gasping for air.

Even the host was dumbfounded.

“Oh my God!”

“What is he doing?”

“He’s bidding against himself, isn’t he?”


“This is real bravado!”

“Three hundred million, is there more?”

“Any more?”

The host’s cheeks burned with excitement.

Naturally, Meng Chuan was not willing to give up and continued to shout up the price.

“Young Master Meng, I’m sorry, your account balance is insufficient. It is not possible to make an offer.”

At this moment, the auction staff came to remind.

In the end, the three-leaf spirit gra*s was pocketed by Ye Fan.

“Young Master Meng, thank you very much.”

After taking the three hundred million, Ye Fan smiled brightly at Meng Chuan.

He was obviously thanking Meng Chuan for helping him take care of the other two contenders just now.

Ye Fan also didn’t expect that this bid would go so smoothly.

But Meng Chuan was undoubtedly going to be furious.

He had worked so hard and spent countless words, but in the end, he had done it for someone else.

Meng Chuan now had the heart to kill Ye Fan!

“Fine, brat, I’ll remember you.”

“However, I will soon let you know what the consequences will be for offending me, Meng Chuan, in this Jiangbei?”

Meng Chuan was furious.

After saying that, he immediately got up and left the table, brushing his sleeves away.

“Brother, tough!”

“Even Meng Da Shao was put in two ways by you!”

“I admire you, brother.”

“But run as fast as you can, this Young Master Meng is not a good fighter.”

After Meng Chuan left the table, many people around gave Ye Fan a thumbs up, but all of them looked at Ye Fan with a bit of pity.

“Thanks brother, we’ll leave now.”

Ye Fan smiled back, and then led Yue Yao and went backstage to collect his things.

The purpose had already been achieved, so naturally there was no more point in staying here.

“Ye Fan, are you excited?”

“When the three-leaf spirit herb arrives, your injuries will be completely healed.”

“When a few more days pa*s, that Dragon God Hall Master from back then will have completely returned.”

“Do you think that if you knew that your dead had returned, how should those people who forced you to die back then react?”

“Definitely, there would be regret and trepidation, right?”