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Worth Deserving Chapter 1857

At first, when Lu Zi Ming introduced this man, Zhang Jiuling had not paid too much attention to him.

Lu Songliang had already died, and that demon from Jiangdong had also fallen.

With the Zhang family’s wealth in Jiangbei, if they looked at the land of Yanxia now, apart from the few pillar powerhouses at the top of Yanshan Mountain, there was really no one in this great Yanxia that could do anything to the Zhang family.

Therefore, when he heard Lu Zi Ming say that someone wanted to get involved in the martial arts in Jiangbei, Zhang Jiuling did not take it to heart at all.

He only thought that it was just another ambitious person who did not measure up to his ability to come to the north of the river to claim the throne.

However, when Lu Zi Ming revealed more and more information, Zhang Jiuling gradually became a little unsettled.

It was not until the words “No. 1 on the Heavenly Ranking and the Peerless Seal” were dropped that Zhang Jiuling, who had always been unperturbed, could no longer remain calm.

At that moment, he felt like a thunderbolt had exploded in his mind.

His eyes, which had always been tightly closed, finally opened up at that moment!

“Stop it!”

“Lu Zi Ming, shut up!”

In the middle of the ancestral hall, the old man, who was originally calm, suddenly let out an explosive shout, startling thousands of birds.

He looked agitated, and an endless amount of trepidation swept through those old eyes.

“Do you know what you are talking about?”

“How dare you mention that man?”

“You’re mad!”

“Have you forgotten how your Lu family ended up?”

“The jokes of the dead are not for you to make?”

Zhang Jiuling suddenly became extremely angry.

Perhaps, it was because he remembered too many terrible past events.

Or perhaps, he remembered the name that had been sealed away for two years.

Chu Tianfan!

These three words were undoubtedly a nightmare for the martial arts of Jiangbei.

Back then, when Lu Songliang was enthroned in the West Lake, who would have thought that when the enthronement ceremony was held to its peak, that supreme figure would fly into Jiangbei in snow.

First he killed Lu Songliang, and then he killed more than a hundred people in the martial arts of Jiangbei.

The entire West Lake was nearly smashed by him.

The waters of the lake were drenched in crimson!

The Lv family, the most powerful family in Jiangbei, was wiped out by him overnight.

Of course, this was not the worst.

What made the heads of the people of Jiangbei tingle the most was that man called Chu Tianfan, who, after slaughtering Jiangbei, did not stop there.

He went all the way north, straight into the capital and killed his way to the top of Yanshan Mountain.

He dared to challenge the three pillar states of Yanxia with one man’s body.

What Fist Emperor?

What Sword Saint?

What Martial Arts God?

The authorities that the people of Yanxia revered and admired seemed to be worthless in the eyes of this man.

When he set his foot on Yanshan Mountain and gave the Martial God Temple a request for someone.

His dominance and arrogance had already made all martial artists in Yanxia sweat.

At that time, Zhang Jiuling only felt that this Chu Tianfan, was a supremely ruthless man!

After all, he had killed his way up to Yan Mountain and forced the Martial God Temple to hand over his people.

Such an act, when placed in ancient times, would be a person killing in front of the Golden Palace and forcing the emperor.

But it was only afterwards that what happened that Fang let Zhang Jiuling and the rest of the nation know.

They, the martial artists of Yanxia, had underestimated this man after all.

It turned out that not only did he not put the Martial God Hall in his eyes, but he also did not put the Chu Clan, the number one martial power in the world, in his eyes.

A man who even dared to behead the Chu Family’s head, that Yan Mountain, that Martial God Hall, was indeed nothing to fear.

Therefore, during the time when Ye Fan became number one on the Heavenly Ranking, no one knew how terrified those martial artists in the land of Jiangbei who were clamouring for revenge and revenge were in their hearts.

But then, Ye Fan killed himself with his sword.

Only then did the fear that was dominated by Ye Fan in the land of Jiangbei gradually dissipate.

But now, after two years, this b*****d Lu Ziming had a nightmare to rehash, so how could Elder Zhang not be nervous?

For Zhang Jiuling’s loss of temper, Lu Zi Ming seemed to have expected it and was not surprised.

Therefore, in the face of Zhang Jiuling’s angry rebuke, Lu Zi Ming ignored it and continued to say “Of course I know what I’m talking about.”

“I also know that for us in Jiangbei, this man’s name is a nightmare that lingers in our hearts.”

“But even so, I still have to say it.”

“Master Zhang, I’m sorry to tell you that he’s not dead, he’s still alive.”

“And, he’s back again.”

“He has come to Jiangbei again.”

“And named himself to see you.”

“Get lost!” Before Lu Zi Ming could finish, Elder Zhang, as if he had gone mad, picked up the futon on the ground and smashed it fiercely towards Lu Zi Ming.

“You get lost!”

“I think you’ve gone mad!”

“Get the hell out of the Zhang family!”

Elder Zhang’s old face was terrified as he cursed at Lu Ziming with an iron face.

The previous composure and calmness of his worldly insight had undoubtedly all vanished at this point.

It could not be helped that some people’s fierce reputation was too strong.

Just hearing his name already made it impossible for people to remain calm.

What’s more, this Lu Ziming was saying that Chu Tianfan was not dead, that he was still alive, that he had come back, and that he had even come to find himself?

I’ll f*ck you!

This son of a b*tch Lu Ziming had come to scare him on purpose today, right?

As long as he was scared to death, he would be the strongest man in Jiangbei.

His family would be able to rise again in the future.

This bit of fancy, would he, Zhang Jiuling, not see it?

“And Chu Tianfan is back again?”

“He’s been dead for two years!”

“How could he possibly come back?”

“Back then the whole world saw him die with ten thousand arrows through his heart.”

“How could he possibly still be alive?”

“Moreover, even if he really didn’t die and did come back, then the person to look for is you, Lu Zi Ming, not me, Zhang Jiuling.”

“Don’t you forget that your precious son tried to wreck someone’s wife and tried to run over their old mother.”

“If I were Chu Tianfan, I would have to kill every single member of your Lu family.”

Zhang Jiuling’s body trembled as he gritted his teeth and cursed loudly at Lu Ziming.

At the end of his curses, Zhang Jiuling’s voice was almost mute.

“Alright, you get out of here now!”

“I shouldn’t have let you in.”

“You, this fellow, have gone mad.”

“Crazy for revenge!”

“You’re hallucinating.”

“If you miss him so much, then you should go down and find him.”

Zhang Jiuling did not want to talk to Lu Ziming for a moment, and after cursing him, he pointed to the door and told him to get lost.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”

“Are you alright?”

“What is it that has got you so excited?”

The commotion here soon drew Zhang Zixi over.

Seeing his grandfather in such a disoriented and frightened state, Zhang Zixi was undoubtedly stunned as well.

It was the first time he had seen such a face on his grandfather in all these years.

Zhang Zixi was naturally terrified.

However, no one paid any attention to her.

Even Lu Zi Ming did not even look at her, his cold eyes still looking straight at Zhang Jiuling “Don’t you believe it?”

“I’d be crazy to believe you!”

“Get the hell out of here, you and I don’t have to see each other again!” Zhang Jiuling was still cursing.

But Lu Zi Ming was unmoved, his low voice still resounding, “Believe it or not.”

“Anyway, my word has gotten through.”

“Today, you always have to see him.”

“You shut up!” Zhang Jiuling said angrily, “Who do I see?”

“To see a ghost?”

“A man who has been dead for two years, and still see me?”

“What can you see me with?”

“Can you even return a corpse to a spirit?”

“What a joke!”

Zhang Jiuling laughed back in anger.


However, as soon as Zhang Jiuling’s words left his mouth, an explosive sound was heard from outside the mansion.

The earth trembled and the gra*s and trees shook wildly.

Immediately afterwards, a fierce wind swept through the house like an ocean storm.

At the same time, the few martial artists at the entrance all spat blood and flew in.

“What people?”

Zhang Zixi instantly drew her sword, and her beautiful eyes instantly chilled.

Zhang Jiuling, however, was followed by a tremor in his heart and soul.