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Worth Deserving Chapter 1858

“This might?”

“This oppression?”

“Could it be”

It was a wind that had no intention to pierce the hall, but it was a mountain torrent from a lonely arrogance.

The moment this cold wind swept through the door, Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming were both startled.

Zhang Jiuling, in particular, looked grave as a crazy thought swept through his mind like a mountain torrent.

Almost subconsciously, Zhang Jiuling held his breath!

And it was at this moment that a long-lost word quietly rang out behind the entire Zhang family residence.

“Why, Elder Zhang, do you not want to see me so much?”

A faint laugh appeared so abruptly in the crowd’s ears.

At first, when Zhang Zixi and Zhang Jiuling looked out, the darkness was still as thick as iron at the front door.

However, when they looked again, a slim figure was already standing there at the gate.

No one knew how he had appeared here.

It was as if, out of thin air, he had appeared.

Zhang Zixi even felt that she was mistaken in her own eyes.

However, no matter how much she rubbed her eyes, that figure was always standing there, not moving away again.

It was as if a lofty mountain was standing here.

Behind him was the endless darkness.

In front of him was the dim, swaying light of the mansion.

Light and shadow intertwine, light and darkness intermingle.

It was as if there was a fork in the road between hell and earth.

One step back, and you are back in hell.

One step further, and you are on earth.

“You who are you?”

Such a scene was undoubtedly a million times more terrifying to a junior like Zhang Zixi.

At that moment, Zhang Zixi was so frightened that her pretty face turned pale, holding that wooden sword and asking in fear.

However, the man did not answer.

In the darkness of the night, he remained standing peacefully like that.

The cold wind of the winter night swept up his sleeves.

Under the light and shadows, his mask with the dragon’s head became more and more ominous.

“A dragon head mask?”

“You you could be the Dragon Head Man who has been making a lot of noise in the martial arts world in the past few years?”

Zhang Zixi asked in a startled voice.

The touch of trepidation in her beautiful eyes before had quickly turned into surprise and admiration.

Ever since Ye Fan had fallen, the Dragon Headed Man had risen to fame, and had specialized in hunting Chu Sect people around the world.

Even the Chu Clan’s clan masters had been killed by the Dragon Headed Men.

There was already a deep entanglement between Yanxia and the Chu Clan.

Therefore, such a ruthless man who hunted the Chu Clan naturally had many fans and supporters in the martial arts community of Yanxia.

Zhang Zixi is one of them.

She knew that she was too weak to fight the Chu Clan, but that did not stop her from admiring such ruthless men who had the ability and courage to kill the Chu Clan’s strongest men.

But Zhang Jiuling quickly shook his head “Not him,&bsp&bspI’ve seen video footage of the Dragon Head Man, he wears a mask that is different from this one.”

“You are not the Dragon Head Man.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“Why do you want to impersonate the Dragon Head Man?”

Zhang Jiuling’s old face was stony as he questioned the man in front of him in a deep voice.

The man laughed lightly “Who am I, didn’t Clan Master Lu tell you?”

The man’s reply caused Zhang Jiuling’s heart to tremble and his face changed abruptly.

At this time, the man stretched out his hand and removed his mask from his forehead.

When the face, which was a little handsome in its cleanliness, appeared in front of Zhang Jiuling’s eyes.

At that moment, Zhang Jiuling, the respected Zhang family head and martial arts master of Jiangbei, only felt like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

The whole person was directly dumbfounded!

“You you”

“This this”

Zhang Jiuling was near mad, his old eyes staring dead, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

His body trembled as he pointed his finger at the man in front of him, and his old face was covered in disbelief.

“How is this possible?”

“This this is impossible?”

“How can you you still be alive?”

Zhang Jiuling looked at the man in front of him for a moment, and then at Lu Ziming next to him for a moment.

He had lived for most of his life, but he only felt that the tremors in his entire life combined were not as violent as today.

He had never dreamed that what Lu Ziming had said was true.

He was not dead!

He was still alive!

That great devil, he had returned alive.

Back then, the martial dao leaders of all the countries plus the three families of the Chu Sect, the God Realm powerhouses, the countless seals, the near global siege of the top martial dao forces, had failed to kill him.

After two years, the dead man of that year, has returned!

Good heavens!

How is he not dead?

How is he still alive?

What is he still back for?

Is he here to take revenge?

To slaughter all those who took part in his death?

I’m afraid the Yanxia Martial Arts are not going to be spared either!

The Fist King, the Sword Saint, and all of them in Jiangbei who participated in the siege of Ye Fan would probably all have to die!

The Yanxia Martial Dao, no, the global martial dao, was afraid that they would have to suffer again.

At this moment, Zhang Jiuling’s entire body was almost paralyzed.

His legs were weak and he was so frightened that he almost crouched on his buttocks on the ground.

Two lines of old tears then flowed out.

“Old Mr. Zhang, there is no need to be so excited to see me.”

“Although you and I have never met, but how can I say, I have been to Jiangbei several years ago.”

“Now that I think about it, that trip to Jiangbei came and went in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to pay Old Mr. Zhang a visit, so it was my rudeness.”

Ye Fan smiled benevolently.

If people who did not think of Ye Fan saw his face, they would probably think that this was a harmless and friendly young man who had just graduated from university.

But Zhang Jiuling knew that this man in front of him was an embryo of murder!

Hundreds of martial artists in Jiangbei were buried alive at the bottom of West Lake by him.

He had wiped out the Lu family, once the most powerful family in northern Jiangxi, overnight!

The three great pillar states on Yan Mountain could not even stop him.

In the land of the Chu Sect, this guy even killed two of them, and I heard that the Chu family head, Chu Zhengliang, is still screaming on the Chu Sect Mountain?

Such an extremely ruthless man, his smile, when it fell in Zhang Jiuling’s eyes, was like the King of Hell was demanding his life.

“You you”

“What the hell do you want?”

“How did we in Jiangbei offend you.”

“Why do you repeatedly hold on to us in Jiangbei!”

“It was the Lu family, it was Lu Hua, who provoked you back then, why do you have to take out your anger on us Jiangbei people?”

Zhang Jiuling’s old face was pale as he asked in fear.

He too was holding back his anger in his heart.

There were many people who had surrounded and killed him in the first place.

But why did this guy, instead of going to others, just showed up and took advantage of them in Jiangbei.

However, after asking this question, Zhang Jiuling also felt that there was no point.

The initial panic faded, and Zhang Jiuling, who was full of despair, smiled to himself, “Forget it, I won’t ask.”

“For someone in your position, who do you want to kill, who do you not want to kill, who do you want to kill first, who do you want to kill later, it’s just a matter of thought, why do you need a reason?”

“And, seriously, Mr. Chu, I understand you.”

“Understand why you hate Yanxia and why you want to take revenge on the Yanxia Martial Way as soon as you come up.”

“After all, the actions of my Yanxia Martial Way back then were truly chilling.”

“You took your homeland as your final home, and you tried with all your might to do everything you could to eschew thousands of hardships and dangers just to return to your homeland, to your hometown.”

“At that time, you should have thought that once you returned to your country, everything would be fine, everything would be safe.”

“Just like, a general who is away on a campaign and wants to go home.”

“But in the end, what you waited for wasn’t the shelter of your fellow countrymen, it was the cold eyes of the Martial God Temple, the cold indifference of the Yanxia Martial Way.”

“If I were in your situation back then, I would have killed myself in despair too.”

“It is all too normal for you to have hatred for Yanxia.”

“As the leader of the Jiangbei Martial Way, I, Zhang Jiuling, am willing to die tonight to atone for the actions of the martial artists of Jiangbei back then.”

“But I only ask that, after my death, Mr. Chu does not kill all the martial artists of Jiangbei.”

“At least, leave a few seedlings for me in the land of Jiangbei.”

“Consider this, as an old man like me, a plea to you.”

Zhang Jiuling spoke feebly.

In his low, slow words, there was a bit of begging and misery.

Back then, outside the country’s borders, the nations had closed in on Ye Fan.

The Yanxia Martial Dao, should it be protected, or should it not be protected.

In fact, before this, there was a discussion in the domestic martial arts community.

To this day, Zhang Jiuling still remembers that on that day, several pillar states of the Martial God Hall urgently summoned the martial dao leaders of dozens of provinces in the country, except Jiangdong, to Yanshan Mountain overnight for a discussion.