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Worth Deserving Chapter 1868

A directive from Mo Kucheng was the one that caused the Martial God Temple to miss an opportunity to get closest to the truth.

As expected, this call from Lu Zi Ming and the others did not create any ripples on Yan Mountain.

The attention of the Fist Emperor and the others was almost entirely focused on Chu Men Mountain, which was 10,000 miles away.

They did not pay enough attention to the change in the land of Jiangbei.

At this moment, in the villa of the Lu family, there was calm.

Ever since Ye Fan and Yue Yao both entered, there had been no more movement.

Lu Ziming had followed Ye Fan’s instructions from before and mobilized his men to put a guard around the villa, forbidding any idle people from approaching.


“This Lu family, what’s the fuss again?”

It was the end of the school day, and the two of them, Qiu Mu Orange and Liu Yubing, had just picked up the little one.

It was just that the road that was originally a necessary route home was surprisingly blocked off at this time.

Around the Lu family, many people had appeared overnight. All of them were heavily armed and on guard, and all the pedestrians and vehicles coming and going around were persuaded to return by these security guards.

“This road is a public announcement facility, what gives the Lu family the right to block the road and ban traffic?”

“No, I have to go down and give them a theory.”

Liu Yubing was a little angry and was about to get out of the car.

But she was stopped by Qiu Mu Orange on the side.

“Forget it Yubing, one more thing is better than less, let’s take a detour.”

Qiu Mu Orange said in a low voice, her delicate pretty face always had a lingering worry.

A look of heavy heartedness.

“Mu Orange, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s not like you.”

“Why are you so cautious now?”

“Have you forgotten what happened a year ago when the two of us saw the righteousness and subdued a bus pervert together?”

Liu Yubing twisted her head to look at her good sister.

She suddenly felt that Qiu Mu Orange seemed to have changed a little.

She had become timid and afraid of things.

This was not like the Qiu Mu Orange she knew at all anymore.

Qiu Mu Orange didn’t say anything, she just asked Liu Yubing to drive home first.

“Little Fan, you go and do your homework first.”

After returning to Liu Yubing’s house, Qiu Mu Orange first let the little one go back inside to do his homework.

At this moment, only Qiu Mu Orange and Liu Yubing were left in the living room of the room.

“Mu Orange, what is wrong with you?”

“You can’t be, are you scared by what happened that night.”

“The murderer has all been caught.”

“The police have all closed the case too.”

“We’re already safe.”

Liu Yubing advised from the side.

But Qiu Mu Orange shook her head “It won’t be that easy.”

“As long as I don’t give in, the Meng family won’t let me go.”

“Besides, he has already started to attack you and Xiao Fan too.”

Qiu Mu Orange spoke in a low mood.

She had thought that Meng Chuan, as the firstborn son of the Meng family, should have a bottom line in dealing with people.

However, she had ultimately overestimated Meng Chuan’s character.

Of course, she had also underestimated the Meng family’s influence in Lin’an.

Even her boss, in order to curry favour with the Meng family, dared to go to extremes.

Qiu Mu Orange no longer dared to imagine what would happen if she stayed in Lin’an any longer.

Last time, the mother and son had managed to escape the crisis.

But what about the next time, would she still be so lucky?

So, after deep consideration, Qiu Mu Orange finally decided to leave Lin’an and Jiangbei.

“What, you want to leave?”

“Mu Orange, not so much.”

“You’ve just gotten familiar with this place, you’ve just gotten your footing, and you’re leaving?”

“You forgot our agreement at the beginning to buy a house in the same neighbourhood and be neighbours.”

Hearing Qiu Mu Orange’s decision to leave Jiangbei, Liu Yubing was instantly anxious.

“Yubing, I’m sorry.”

“I would love to stay here all the time too.”

“But in this situation now, there is no place for us, mother and son, in the land of Jiangbei.” Qiu Mu Orange apologised.

“Then can’t you think about staying with Young Master Meng?”

“He’s been after you for so long, maybe you could really try.”

“Maybe, he’s really sincere about you.”

“Perhaps, he really loves you and really wants to marry you.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to marry into a rich family and become a rich wife?”

“That way you not only don’t have to leave, but you can also be clothed and fed for the rest of your life.”

In fact, Liu Yubing sometimes really couldn’t figure out what was going on in this sister of hers’s head.

Anyway, if it were her, the richest man’s son pursued her, she would have agreed long ago.

Meng Chuan came from a wealthy family, not to mention his handsome appearance. He was the prince of many people’s dreams.

But this sister of hers had turned down someone for close to two years.

“Yubing, I told you, I won’t accept any more men.”

“Moreover, you should not talk about marrying into a rich family and having no worries about food and clothing.”

“I, Qiu Mu Orange, will not live on anyone anymore!”

“I believe that I can live just as well by my own abilities.”

Qiu Mu Orange’s voice suddenly raised a lot.

When she said this, her eyes were full of determination and stubbornness!

Liu Yubing froze, “Mu Orange, why are you doing this?”

“With your talent and beauty, you can obviously live a very easy and happy life. Why, do you have to cling to this?”

“In this society, there is a division of labour, isn’t there?”

“Men earn money to support the family and we women raise our children, that’s the norm for most people.”

“You know, the life I aspire to the most is to be able to marry into a wealthy family. That way, I wouldn’t have to go to work early and stay late, I wouldn’t have to put up with my boss’s looks, I wouldn’t have to mingle in the workplace and flatter people. I would have a lot of time and money to spend and enjoy life.”

Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, “There was once a woman whose husband was the king of Jiangdong. Everyone who saw her groveled and treated her like the queen of Jiangdong.”

“But that woman wasn’t happy.”

“Because she was useless except for her looks and beauty.”

“Just like a vase in a house.”

“She couldn’t do anything but pray and wait.”

“That feeling, like a wastrel.”

“No value of her own, unable to find the meaning of her existence.”

“Until, there were better looking women than her who appeared by the side of that Jiangdong emperor, and who, more talented and capable than herself, were also able to help her”

As Qiu Mu Orange said this, she thought of Xu Lei, who was sitting in Yanjing, and Qian Chi Jing, who was in charge of the Triad Society in Japan.

The women around Ye Fan were all so excellent, so dazzling.

Even many times, Qiu Mu Orange herself felt that if her grandfather had not forced her to marry Ye Fan by chance back then.

I guess Ye Fan would not have looked at her.

Later, Ye Fan seldom came home.

He seldom even contacted himself.

At that time, Qiu Mu Orange still thought that it was because Ye Fan was busy, that it was the dangerous business that Ye Fan was engaged in that prevented him from coming back to reunite with himself from time to time.

But now, thinking back carefully.

Perhaps it was just because, that man, no longer liked himself.

That was normal too.

No one likes a vase forever.

After all, there will always be more exquisite, better looking vases that come along.

After all, at that time, Ye Fan was already so dazzling.

By his side, there would be many women who were better than himself, right?

In the end, I was still too ordinary, too insignificant.

As she smiled, tears were already flowing down from her eyes.

But Liu Yubing couldn’t understand what Qiu Mu Orange was saying, and her pretty face was full of doubts.

But in the middle of their conversation, outside the courtyard, a number of luxury cars suddenly arrived.

The lead car was a Bentley.

The electric door opened slowly, revealing the grim face of Meng Chuan inside.

“Young Master Meng, the person you want is inside.” The old man next to him, reported in a deep voice.

Meng Chuan didn’t say anything, he just waved his hand.


In a flash, countless car doors opened at the back.

Dozens of strong men, like a tidal wave, surged out, kicked open the doors and poured in.