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Worth Deserving Chapter 1869

“Who are you people?”

“What do you want?”

The commotion at the door naturally quickly caught the attention of both Qiu Mu Orange and Liu Yubing.

They hurriedly came out and saw a large number of people rushing in outside. Liu Yubing, who was in a state of panic, asked in fear.

“What? How long has it been since you’ve seen me and already you don’t even recognise me?”

Amidst the crowd of people, a young man slowly stepped into the courtyard.

Seeing the visitor, Liu Yubing and Qiu Mu Orange both trembled, almost simultaneously.

“Meng Chuan?”

“Young Master Meng?”

The two of them spoke in almost unison.

Qiu Mu Orange and Liu Yubing had both worked in the Meng family’s company before, so they naturally knew this Meng family young master.

“Young Master Meng is here, is there something going on?”

Liu Yubing tried hard to keep herself calm and asked politely.

Meng Chuan, however, smiled calmly “It’s nothing much, just coming over to condole with the old staff who used to be here.”

“Won’t you invite me in for a seat?”

“Fine.” Liu Yubing froze for a moment and nodded hastily, inviting Meng Chuan into the room.

“Yubing, you guys talk first.”

“Little Fan and I will go first.”

Qiu Mu Orange clearly did not have a good feeling towards Meng Chuan, and when she saw this young master of a luxurious family arrive, she immediately led the little one and prepared to leave.

However, before Qiu Mu Orange could turn around, a few bodyguards at the entrance, already blocked her way.

“Young Master Meng, what do you mean by that?” Qiu Mu Orange asked, frowning.

Meng Chuan had already sat down against the sofa, he crossed his legs, picked up the tea on the table and smiled lightly “Mu Orange, it’s been two years, don’t you still don’t understand my feelings?”

“By now, why do you need to ask me what I really mean?”

Qiu Mu Orange smiled, her brow furrowed even deeper “Young Master Meng, I think I’ve also made it very clear.”

“I really have no interest in you.”

“There are plenty of good women in Jiangbei, and girls who are better than me and prettier than me are everywhere.”

“Why do you have to keep holding on to me?”

“Mu Orange, what are you saying? Be careful with your words.” With these words, Qiu Mu Orange undoubtedly frightened Liu Yubing and hurriedly spoke out to stop her.

At the same time, Liu Yubing apologised to Meng Chuan on behalf of her sister with a smile on her face “Young Master Meng, Mu Orange has not been in a good mood recently, so her words were a bit thoughtless, but she definitely did not mean to offend you, so don’t take it personally.”

“Mu Orange, why don’t you apologize to Young Master Meng?”

After Liu Yubing finished speaking, she winked at Qiu Mu Orange again.

Telling her to watch her tone of voice.

After all, the Meng family was not something that the two mortals could mess with.

“Why should I apologise?”

“Is it also wrong for me to express myself truthfully?”

“Yes, the Meng family is powerful, they have the power to kill and kill, and they can turn the clouds into rain.”

“But even if you are powerful, you have no right to decide my fate.”

“Meng Chuan, I will not submit to you.”

“Even if I leave Jiangbei, I will not submit!”

Qiu Mu Orange spoke through clenched teeth, her beautiful eyes red, her gaze firm and resigned.

Facing Meng Chuan’s pressure, these two years, Qiu Mu Orange had already held back long enough.

Since she had already decided to leave, Qiu Mu Orange naturally wouldn’t hold back any longer.

Two years of holding back, but at this moment, all of it was vented out.

She did not believe that she would be useless after leaving Ye Fan.

She didn’t believe that without Ye Fan’s shade, she wouldn’t even have the ability to decide her own fate.

However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange’s venting, Meng Chuan remained calm.

The face he looked at Qiu Mu Orange even carried a bit of playfulness.

It was like, looking down on a fish on a chopping board.

“Mu Orange, you know, what I like the most is this unconquerable character in you.”

“Only conquering a woman like you will give me a sense of accomplishment.”

Meng Chuan laughed softly, and then waved his hand, signalling his men, “Come, invite Miss Qiu to the car. Tonight, I want to invite Miss Qiu, to enjoy the moon at West Lake.”

With Meng Chuan’s order, several men behind him immediately stepped forward and were about to take Qiu Mu Orange away by force.

“How dare you?”

“Meng Chuan, I’m warning you, I’ve already called the police.”

“The police will be here soon!”

Qiu Mu Orange warned loudly.

But Meng Chuan smiled contemptuously “Mu Orange, you’ve been in Jiangbei for so long, yet you still know nothing about the energy of my Meng family.”

“But it doesn’t matter, there’s still a long time, I’ll take my time to talk to you tonight.”

However, as Meng Chuan’s words road down.

Outside the door, several figures instantly rushed in.


One of them shouted sternly, and then rushed over to push the few bodyguards at Qiu Mu Orange’s side away.

“Sister Qiu, are you alright?”

After shielding Qiu Mu Orange, these people immediately asked with concern.

Qiu Mu Orange nodded her head “Shen Fei, Mr. Chu, thank you so much.”

Yes, the people who came before her were not other people.

Rather, they were Qiu Mu Orange’s old acquaintances from Jiangdong, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie.

There was another one, the one who had almost become Qiu Mu Orange’s brother-in-law, Chu Wenfei.

Previously, Meng Chuan had openly pursued Qiu Mu Orange and almost everyone in Lin’an City knew about it.

It was through this way that Shen Fei and the others learned that Ye Fan’s wife, Qiu Mu Orange, had also come to Lin’an.

Since she was Ye Fan’s widow, Shen Fei took the initiative to get in touch with her.

After what happened that night, Qiu Mu Orange had also guessed that Meng Chuan would not give up so easily.

Therefore, before going home with Liu Yubing, Qiu Mu Orange contacted Shen Fei and the others long beforehand, hoping that they could help her leave Lin’an.

“You’re welcome.”

“How can we say that we are all hometowns, and we have almost become a family, this little favour, we still need to help.”

Chu Wenfei waved his hand, with the look of a piece of cake.

In fact, to be honest, in the past, when Ye Fan was around, Chu Wenfei still hated that guy a lot.

After all, it was all because of that D*mned fellow, who had made a fool of himself in front of everyone repeatedly and forced him to leave his hometown and come to Jiangbei to make a living.

But now, with Ye Fan gone, Chu Wenfei felt that life had less purpose and fun.

Only later did he realise that he didn’t hate Ye Fan much, he just couldn’t stand to see that guy pretending to be higher than himself.

He even had Ye Fan to thank for a large part of his achievements today.

It was because of his obsession to surpa*s Ye Fan that he had the motivation to fight.

After thinking about this, Chu Wenfei naturally could not hate Ye Fan’s friends and family, and was now even more willing to come and offer to help.

“Young Master Meng, right?”

“I’m Chu Wenfei, the general manager of West Lake Heavy Industries, here’s my business card.”

“Give a face.”

“Miss Qiu is an old friend of mine, and the wife of an old friend of mine who has pa*sed away.”

“So I hope that Young Master Meng, for my sake, won’t make things difficult for him.”

“Out of gratitude, I will treat Young Master Meng to a meal tonight. When the time comes, I’ll call on my cla*smate Liu Aimin. I don’t know if Young Master Meng knows him, he’s the captain of our city bureau, the hero of Lin’an City, and he just solved a big case a few days ago, arresting dozens of murderers?”

Chu Wenfei said indifferently, with a few faintly arrogant and pretentious words in his tone.

It had to be said that this Chu Wenfei’s words were indeed tricky.

First, he revealed his identity, a senior leader of a state-owned enterprise.

As a state-controlled enterprise, he was naturally not afraid of the Meng family.

Immediately afterwards, Chu Wenfei brought up his own cla*smates.

This was clearly a deterrent!

Warning Meng Chuan not to act recklessly and do things that were illegal and disorderly.

Otherwise, he would not guarantee his own cla*smates and bring him to justice.

“This guy, he’s getting better and better at pretending.”

Behind them, Shen Fei and Han Shaojie listened to Chu Wenfei’s words and could not help but secretly give a thumbs up in admiration.

For so many years, in terms of pretending to be a p*ssy, Shen Fei had only ever served one person.

That was his brother Fan, Ye Fan!

Now, with Brother Fan gone, it was Chu Wenfei’s turn to be the king of p*ssies in Jiangdong!