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Worth Deserving Chapter 1871

The arrival of this person was like a sharp sword, piercing the calmness of the place to pieces.

Before the Meng family’s bodyguards had time to react, they were shaken back several steps by the power emanating from this woman’s body.

For a moment, everyone present was terrified.

Qiu Mu Orange and the others looked terrified, and Meng Chuan’s expression also became grave.

Soon, when the man’s might dissipated, those Meng family members who had been shaken back once again gathered around.

Meng Chuan’s complexion also sank.

Although the person who had suddenly appeared in front of him was only a woman.

But years of experience had told him that this person, I was afraid, had come from an extraordinary source.

“This young lady, although I don’t know who you are.”

“But I might as well advise you, it is never wise to meddle in the affairs of my Meng family in this northern part of the river.”

“If you back off now, I can pretend that that thing just happened didn’t happen.”

Meng Chuan threatened coldly.

But the woman’s face was expressionless, even after learning that these were Meng family members in front of her, she remained fearless.

“Young Master Meng, the land of Jiangbei is very big. Do you really think that your Meng family can cover the whole of Jiangbei with one hand?”

“You rely on the shade of your family to run amok in this northern part of Jiangxi.”

“Many people do not dare to offend you because of the Meng family’s power.”

“But unfortunately, I don’t fear you.”

“And, also, I advise you, you’d better not provoke me either.”

“Otherwise, not only will you regret it, but your family, too, will suffer from you.”

The woman’s indifferent voice slowly rang out in this courtyard.

Hearing this person’s words, not only Meng Chuan, but also Qiu Mu Orange Shen Fei and the others were all shocked.

Especially Shen Fei, he had felt that the previous Chu Wenfei was already pretentious enough.

But at this moment, compared to this woman’s tone in front of him, Chu Wenfei’s threat just now was undoubtedly weak.

However, Shen Fei couldn’t help but be curious.

Were the words of the woman in front of them true or not?

Was she really capable, or was she just a fox and a tiger?

Was it true that she had a background, or was she just pretending?


“What a big mouth!”

“Is it possible that my magnificent Meng family is afraid of a weak woman like you?”

“If you really have the guts, don’t you dare to declare yourself.”

“I would like to see what kind of person in this northern part of the river dares to speak so loudly in front of me, Meng Chuan?”

Meng Chuan laughed at once.

His eyes were full of ridicule and mockery.

Although he was somewhat afraid of the woman’s ability in front of him, it was only afraid.

Trying to make him cower in fear was undoubtedly far from enough.

However, Meng Chuan’s laughter did not last long.

After the woman announced her name, Meng Chuan’s laughter, then, came to an abrupt end.

“Zhang Family, Zhang Zixi.”


“Zhang Zhang Zixi?”

“You’re from the Zhang family?”

“How is this this possible?”

“She Qiu Mu Orange is just a working girl, how could she possibly know someone from the Zhang family?”

“You’re f*cking bluffing me?”

After hearing the Zhang family’s reputation, Meng Chuan’s expression finally changed.

Within his pupils, a few moments of trepidation were revealed.

From a very young age, Meng Chuan had heard his grandfather tell him about the three great powerful families in Jiangbei.

The Lu family, the Zhang family, and the Meng family.

Previously, the Lu family had always been the dominant family in Jiangbei.

But later, when the Lu family was destroyed, the Meng family took its place.

As for the Zhang family, it has always been mysterious and low-profile in Jiangbei, especially in recent decades, so low-profile that people have almost forgotten the existence of the Zhang family.

But the elders of the Meng family all knew that.

No matter how popular the Meng family was today, there was always a piece of heaven above the Meng family in the north of the river.

That was the Zhang family!

“Whoever messes with the Zhang family outside, I will break his legs and feed them to the dogs!”

These were the words that every Meng family member had heard since they were young.

One could imagine how terrified Meng Chuan was after learning that the woman in front of him was from the Zhang family.

But soon, Meng Chuan realised that something was wrong.

As far as he could remember, the Zhang family had always been above the fray and almost never meddled in miscellaneous matters.

Back then, when the Lu family was destroyed, a large number of properties were left vacant.

The major powers in Jiangbei competed to annex the markets and industries left behind by the Lu family, but the Zhang family did not dare to take an interest at all.

Therefore, Meng Chuan did not believe that a mysterious family like this one would meddle in the affairs of a small working girl.

“Say, who the hell are you?”

“Don’t think I’ll believe you just because you claim to be from the Zhang family.”

“I’ve seen a lot of ploys to pull a tiger’s skin and make a big banner.”

“Unless you can really prove to yourself that you are a member of the Zhang family.”

“Otherwise, all of you, one and all, will not be able to leave in peace!”

Meng Chuan quickly regained his composure.

His face was icy cold as he spoke in a stern voice to Zhang Zixi.

At the same time, those men behind him, once again surrounded him.

They surrounded Zhang Zixi, Shen Fei and the others.

When Zhang Zixi saw this, he shook his head and looked at Meng Chuan with pity in his eyes “Do you want me to prove myself?”

“Fine, then it will be as you wish!”


Zhang Zixi’s words fell, followed by a harsh and powerful qi that was released from Zhang Zixi’s body.

With a booming sound, the qi exploded.

Zhang Zixi’s fist struck out, and the majestic fist energy was like the autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves, and all four strong men in front of him were actually struck out by this fist energy.

“You dare to do it?”

“I think you are seeking your own death!”

“I have dozens of men under me, am I still afraid of you?”

“Everyone, let’s do it, let’s go!”

“Finish her off!”

Meng Chuan’s eyes glowed with fierceness as he immediately ordered.

Qiu Mu Orange and the others were terrified and hid in fear while shouting at Zhang Zixi, “Miss Zhang, run, they will kill you.”

“That’s right, even if you really want to fight with the Meng family, you have to call out a few more people. You’ll be killed if you go it alone!” Seeing that the girl was pretty, Shen Fei was also full of anxiety and advised her repeatedly.

He was worried that the woman would die just like that.

However, in the face of Qiu Mu Orange and the others’ advice, Zhang Zixi only let out a cold laugh “Why do I need to call out to people?”

“To deal with them, I alone am sufficient!”

Just like that, amidst Zhang Zixi’s cold laugh, Qiu Mu Orange only saw this woman, single-handedly killing the crowd.

Her long hair danced and her energy roared.

Under the River of Heaven, Zhang Zixi’s valiant and heroic posture was streaking across the crowd of villains.

The flowers pa*sed by without a single leaf touching his body!

One after another fell, and one after another scream came out.

Shen Fei and the others, who had previously been filled with panic, were soon dumbfounded.

What kind of battle was this?

This was a complete one-sided frenzy of abuse!

Before this, who could believe that Zhang Zixi, alone, had rounded up so many people?

The battle didn’t last long.

Soon, everything returned to calm.

The courtyard was a mess, and all of Meng’s men were lying on the ground, moaning uncontrollably.

Meng Chuan, too, was completely stunned by this scene.

His legs went limp and he was directly spread out on the ground.

“Who the hell are you?”

Looking at the clear and stunning figure in front of him, Meng Chuan asked in fear.

But Zhang Zixi didn’t pay any attention to him.

It was just a minor character.

She did not come here today for him.

Yes, in the eyes of a martial artist like Zhang Zixi, who had the power of a clan master, the Meng family, no matter how rich they were, were all unbeatable before her power.

“You are Qiu Mu Orange?”

Zhang Zixi turned around and looked in the direction of Shen Fei and the others.

“Yes yes I am, you you are?” Qiu Mu Orange’s face turned white and her voice trembled.

She swore she did not know the woman in front of her, and she could not figure out why the other party knew her name.

Zhang Zixi did not answer.

But her pair of eyes were just staring straight at Qiu Mu Orange like that.

That look was as if she wanted to see through Qiu Mu Orange.

After a long silence, Zhang Zixi suddenly attacked.

Powerful qi surged and sonic booms roared.

Zhang Zixi used her finger as a sword, pointing only at Qiu Mu Orange’s throat.

“Sister Qiu, be careful!”

It all happened so quickly, just in a flash of lightning.

Chu Wenfei and the others were already stunned.

They shouted in panic!

However, it was already too late.