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Worth Deserving Chapter 1872

They could only watch helplessly as Zhang Zixi’s jade finger, as sharp as a sword blade, pierced through the void and went straight into Qiu Mu Orange’s throat.

Although Zhang Zixi’s current realm was not that of a Grandmaster, the martial arts she was practising were all the high level martial arts provided by the “Mortal Dust Starfire” on the forum.

Therefore, Zhang Zixi’s strength is already above that of a Grandmaster.

As the saying goes, a Grandmaster is like a dragon.

When martial arts reached the realm of perfection, gra*s, wood, bamboo and stone could all become swords.

It was not uncommon for Zhang Zixi to use his fingers as a sword.

At this moment, Qiu Mu Orange was already desperate.

Liu Yubing and the others were even frightened to the point of shedding tears.

And Xiao Xiao Fan, who had been protected by Shen Fei, rushed forward regardless of everything.

However, just when everyone thought that Zhang Zixi’s fingertips would pierce through Qiu Mu Orange’s throat and crimson blood would gush out.

Who would have thought that Zhang Zixi, at the last moment, would stop.

The finger was hanging just an inch away from Qiu Mu Orange’s throat.


Beads of sweat slid down Qiu Mu Orange’s forehead and face.

Finally, it fell to the ground and shattered.

It was the first time that he was so close to death, and for a moment, Qiu Mu Orange felt that he was really going to die today.

You can imagine how frightened Qiu Muqiang was at this moment.

Her face was pale and she looked at Zhang Zixi with confusion.

She could not figure out what this woman meant.

If she wanted to kill her, why did she go out of her way to offend the Meng family to save herself.

But if she had really come to help, taking her just now

Just when everyone was confused about the situation, Zhang Zixi withdrew her sharpness.

All the aura then dissipated.

At this moment, Zhang Zixi’s cold gaze once again fell on Qiu Mu Orange, and compared to before, there was already a bit more contempt.

“I really don’t know, what exactly does he see in you?”

Zhang Zixi shook her head before lifting Meng Chuan and turning around to walk towards the outside.

Naturally, she would not kill Qiu Mu Orange.

Nor did she have the guts to do so.

She was someone who had experienced Ye Fan’s abilities, and even her own grandfather respected him like a ghost or god, so naturally Zhang Zixi would not seek death to hurt the person that god-like man cared about.

What she had done just now was only to probe into Qiu Mu Orange.

She had thought that someone who could make that man care so much would certainly have some unique features that she did not.

But as it turned out, she had overthought it.

This woman, Qiu Mu Orange, was just like the millions of other people, an ordinary person.

Her hands were untethered!

Even Zhang Zixi felt that she was, in every way, superior to her.

Whether it was her beauty, or her figure.

Or even, strength!

But why would such a woman, who was useless in her eyes, walk into that man’s heart?

Zhang Zixi couldn’t figure it out.

Perhaps, the only thing that she had surpa*sed herself was that she had met that man a few years earlier than herself.

“That, can I ask, why?”

“Why did you help me?”

“And, that him you mentioned, who is he?”

Seeing that Zhang Zixi was about to leave.

Qiu Mu Orange, who had calmed down, could not bear the doubt in her heart and turned around to ask after her.

After all, this person had come too suddenly.

Moreover, there was no reason to help himself.

Especially the words just now, it made Qiu Mu Orange’s heart full of doubts.

Faintly, Qiu Mu Orange felt that there must be something hidden that she didn’t know.

This was not the first time she had this feeling.

Previously at the company, before she was drugged, Qiu Mu Orange also felt that she heard a voice.

Then when she woke up, she was lying in her best sister’s house.

Adding to this, this mysterious woman came to relieve the situation today, all of this was connected, and it became more and more difficult for Qiu Mu Orange to understand.

It was as if, invisibly, there was a pair of eyes watching her.

Moreover, every time when she needed it most, she would always come out to help herself at the right time.

However, Zhang Zixi did not give Qiu Mu Orange a chance to solve her confusion.

She carried Meng Chuan with her and continued to walk forward.

It was only when she was near the gate that Zhang Zixi paused and turned her back on Qiu Mu Orange, “You no longer need to leave.”

“From now on, in the land of Jiangbei, no one dares to hurt you, and no one can hurt you.”

“As long as you don’t die, Jiangbei can protect you and keep you safe for a lifetime.”

Zhang Zixi’s clear, cold words rang out quietly.

Her words, though not loud, were as domineering as a thousand pounds.

“Big sister, stop it.”

“I know you’re powerful, but today you’ve offended the Meng family, the richest man in Jiangbei, the sitting tiger of Lin’an.”

“And you’ve beaten up the prince of Jiangbei.”

“The Meng family has to fight you to the death just to save face.”

“You’re afraid you’ll be in constant trouble yourself in the future.”

“What else are you going to promise Sister Qiu.”

The strength Zhang Zixi had displayed just now had indeed scared Shen Fei and the others.

This kind of skill of defeating ten with one was something they had only seen on Ye Fan before.

But this was not enough to make them believe that Zhang Zixi could completely solve this trouble of the Meng family.

After all, the Meng family was a powerful family in the north of the river, and its power was not to be underestimated.

It was possible that the Meng family also had powerful people in their ranks who were comparable to Zhang Zixi.

Once the Meng family learns that their eldest son has been beaten up, they will definitely make a move.

At that time, Zhang Zixi would not be able to protect himself, so he would not be able to protect Qiu Mu Orange.

“Sister Qiu, for safety’s sake, it’s better for you to leave Jiangbei.”

“Go back to Jiangdong.”

“No, Jiangdong isn’t safe either.”

“The sky has changed over there now.”

“The Second Master and his men have long since left Jiangdong alone.”

“Provincial Lord He, General Lu and the others have all been transferred out of Jiangdong too.”

“If you go back to Jiangdong, you will be scorned instead, and it may be even more dangerous than Jiangbei.”

“Anyway, let’s leave Jiangbei first, and take our time to consider where to go later.”

Shen Fei advised anxiously, still ready to send Qiu Mu Orange away.

But when Shen Fei and the others were worried, Zhang Zixi coldly said, “Don’t worry, after today, the Meng family will not dare to deal with you again.”

With those words, Zhang Zixi threw his mobile phone to Meng Chuan at his feet “If you don’t want to die, call your father.”

“Tell them that you are in my hands.”

When Shen Fei and the others heard this, they were scared sh*tless.

“Holy sh*t, are you crazy?”

“Don’t you think it’s big enough?” Chu Wenfei said in horror.

This kind of thing was too late to hide, and this woman, to her surprise, took the initiative to ventilate the Meng family.

But Meng Chuan didn’t care about that, after getting the phone, he was like a man in the water who had grabbed the last straw and called the family directly for help.

“Dad, it’s Xiaochuan&bsp&bsp, quick!”

“Come and save me!”

“I’m on the south ring side of the eastern suburbs.”

“There’s a crazy woman trying to kill me!”

“Dad, you have to come and save me!”

“Bring more people, make sure you bring more people.”

Meng Chuan shouted.

Soon, Zhang Zixi hung up the phone.

Then, carrying Meng Chuan, she got into the car.

“I’m going, big sister, wait for us.”

“Take us with you even if you want to run!”

Shen Fei and the others thought that Zhang Zixi was going to run away after pretending to be a p*ssy.

Immediately, they chased after her and also wanted to follow her to the car.

In this situation now, it was safer to follow this woman.

Let her escort them to the train station or the airport.

Looking at Chu Wenfei and Shen Fei who were fleeing for their lives, Zhang Zixi was puzzled “I’m going to the Meng family.”

“What what?”

“What are you doing at Meng’s house?” Chu Wenfei, who had just climbed into the car, stared at once, puzzled.

“Tell the Meng family not to mess with Qiu Mu Orange in the future.” Zhang Zixi said.

When Chu Wenfei and the others heard this, they were instantly exasperated “I say, big sister, are you sure you’re not joking again?”

“Do you think you’re the old ancestor of the Meng family?”

“Whatever you say, they listen?”

Zhang Zixi thought for a moment and said seriously “If you don’t listen, then fight until they do.”

“Or, exterminate the Meng family.”

“Just yourself?” Next to her, Shen Fei’s eyes went straight, looking at the woman like she was a ghost.

“Exterminating the Meng family is enough for me alone.”

“Of course, I don’t mind bringing a few, corpse collectors.”

Zhang Zixi’s face was expressionless as she spoke coldly.

As she spoke, her gaze glanced at the two of them, Chu Wenfei and Shen Fei, who were sitting in the back seat.

At that time, Chu Wenfei and the two of them were numb and clawed, rolling and crawling and hurriedly running down from the car.

A few seconds later, Zhang Zixi drove away.

Behind them, Shen Fei and the others were standing in place.

It was only after a long time that a cursing sound came out from here.

“This crazy woman!”

“She’s simply crazy!”


“And you want us to go collect the corpse?”

“Let’s go collect your corpse, shall we?”