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Worth Deserving Chapter 1881

The battle at the East Sea of Yanxia that year had undoubtedly caused a huge change to Ye Fan’s heart.

He had always been a lonely, arrogant and unbridled man, but after that battle, his heart had undoubtedly been much more restrained.

It was like a sword with a sharp edge that had been blunted and sealed in a treasure box.

If it were in the past, from the moment Meng Chuan, the son of the Meng family, coveted Qiu Mu Orange, Ye Fan would have killed the Meng family and slaughtered the entire Meng clan.

But the Ye Fan of today did not do so.

Even at the auction, when Meng Chuan had dealt with himself, vainly attempting to rob the three-leaf spirit gra*s, Ye Fan had not taken his life.

Ye Fan had thought that his mercy would be exchanged for the Meng family’s restraint.

But now, it seemed that he was wrong, very wrong!

In this world, there are some people who deserve to die.

There are some people who do not deserve to be treated with mercy.

Just like Meng Chuan, he had spared his life twice.

But as a result, he had brought great misfortune to Uncle Hu’s family.

At this moment, the guilt in his heart had undoubtedly transformed into a monstrous murderous and frightening intent.

The sound of a rolling torrent was like thunder, sweeping through the place.

The Meng family’s strongest men who had come to kill Ye Fan saw this man, who had no name, rise up in the air in the same place.

His lean body was like a lance standing up.

The man was as majestic as an immortal.

At that moment, they were directly stunned.

All these people, with dead eyes, were looking at the man in front of them like a ghost.

“Old boss, he can fly?”

“He he can fly?”

The crowd had all P*ssed themselves in fear.

Although they had seen the mighty majesty of a martial powerhouse opening monuments and cracking rocks, the ability to stand across the void was undoubtedly the first time they had encountered it for these people.

In their impression, this kind of flying skill was only possessed by the gods in novels or movies.

But now, they had never dreamed that they would see someone flying in front of them with their own eyes.

For a moment, the crowd felt that their world view had collapsed.

Their understanding of the world, which had been formed over decades of their lives, had been completely turned upside down at this moment.

So, there really are immortals in this world?

All the arrogance and recklessness of a moment ago instantly dispersed.

The moment Ye Fan floated into the air, the three souls and six spirits of the crowd were undoubtedly all scattered.

All of them were filled with fear, and there was no longer any intention to fight in their hearts, only one thought remained.

That was, to escape!

But could they get away?

Just as Yue Yao had thought, when Chu Tianfan returned to the world, all the rebels would eventually die!


As the Meng Clan’s men fled in all directions, a wind suddenly sounded in the originally silent heavens and earth.

If the God of War and the others were here, they would have felt the energy of heaven and earth converge towards Ye Fan as if they were being summoned.

When the martial dao is cultivated to the highest level.

Everything in this world would become the power in his hands!

As he watched, the power of the four directions converged, lingered and rose under Ye Fan’s hands.

In the end, it seemed to be because it was too violent, or as if the Yuan Power had condensed to a terrifying degree, it actually all turned into a flame in the next moment.

It was like a fire-red flower, blooming in the air.

Countless more scarlet flames lingered around Ye Fan.

And then, under Ye Fan’s control, these flames were like scythes of death, chasing out in the direction of those who were fleeing ahead.

Immediately afterwards, screams of misery could not stop coming.

One after another, figures were engulfed by the scarlet flames.

Some of them, in the midst of their screams, were turned into flying ashes.

Others, however, flew into ashes before they even had the chance to scream out.

Such a bizarre scene undoubtedly scared the remaining people completely.

They no longer dared to flee, nor did they have the strength to run, and their legs went limp as they knelt on the ground.

“Great Daxian, spare us.”

“I we don’t want to die.”

“We were just following orders, it’s none of our business.”

“Please, spare us.”

“I have an 80 year old mother and a child in swaddling clothes”

“My mother is still disabled”

“They can’t live without me”

“I can’t die.”

The survivors knelt on the ground, like the most devout believers, pleading uncontrollably, tears mixed with snot flowing everywhere.

But when Ye Fan heard this, his emotions did not fluctuate.

Above his clean face, he remained indifferent.

Ye Fan did not think that these people were really repentant, they were just hindered by his own majesty.

If he, Ye Fan, had not mastered the power, but was a weakling like Uncle Hu and Sugar, Ye Fan had no doubt that he would have ended up in a miserable situation.

What’s more, even if these people were genuinely repentant.

Ye Fan would not forgive them either.

In life, one must always pay the price for what one has done.

From the moment they attacked Uncle Hu’s family, they were already destined to end up like this.

They were unforgivable!

In the end, Ye Fan waved his sleeve.

The only people left were soon transformed into a flower and fire that blossomed here.

“Little Brother Fan, what is that?”

“It’s so beautiful.”

Sugar, who was originally in a coma, gradually regained some consciousness under Ye Fan’s infusion of Yuan Power.

When his pale little face twisted, he saw countless flames burning in the air.

It seemed like, fireworks of doom.

Ye Fan smiled and said softly in a comforting voice “Those are fireworks.”

“It’s little brother Fan, the fireworks for you.”

“Did you like it?”

Sugar nodded, and a warm smile appeared on her haggard face.



Meng Family Zhuang Yuan.

Today’s Meng family was a festive one.

The manor, up and down, inside and out, was all tidied up.

Flowers filled the roads and a red carpet stretched to the end of the street.

Moreover, a golden sculpture of a dragon’s head was placed at the entrance of the manor.

It means, “The Dragon Head of Jiangbei”!

All the pedestrians who walked past cast awe and looks at the Meng family.


“It’s really a new generation pushing out the previous one.”

“Who would have thought that the Zhang family, which has been dominant in the north of the river for hundreds of years, would collapse overnight.”

“From now on, there will really be only one voice left in Jiangbei.”

“That is the voice of the Meng family.”


“The current head of this Meng family is indeed a lord.”

“To think that a few days ago, Meng Wanjun, the head of the Meng family, even led his son and knelt down in front of the Zhang family to apologise.”

“But who would have thought that just a few days later, Meng Wanjun would lead his family’s strongest men and directly trample down the Zhang family.”

“Several of the Zhang family brothers were beheaded that night!”

“Old Master Zhang was even captured with serious injuries.”

“I heard that, that night, the only one who escaped was a young granddaughter of Elder Zhang.”

“But how much can a woman turn up the waves?”

“This century-old family is, after all, completely finished.”

The most shocking thing that had happened in Jiangbei recently was the destruction of the Zhang family.

Moreover, it was also destroyed by the Meng family.

Regarding the origin of these two great families, there were obviously quite a few old people in Jiangbei who were aware of it.

“Several lifetimes of concealment burst forth in one day.”

“Back then, the Zhang family forced the three brothers of the Meng family to extinguish themselves to thank them for their crimes.”

“Today, with a thunderbolt, Meng Wanjun has stamped out the Zhang family, paying with the lives of hundreds of people from the entire Zhang family.”

“What was once the cause, is now the effect.”

The streets and alleys were full of talk about this matter.

In particular, the old history of the two families had given the Meng family’s action a legendary colour.

However, while everyone was talking about it, the Meng family had very few people in their garden.

Only Meng Chuan remained at the top of the family.

“Young Master Meng, it’s time for us to leave.”

“The feast at West Lake is about to begin.”

Outside the manor, a car drove in and invited Meng Chuan to get in.

“Wait a little longer.”

Meng Chuan was waiting for a call.

A call waiting for that brat to lose his life and die!

Just a few minutes ago, Meng Chuan had received word that the man he was waiting for, had appeared.