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Worth Deserving Chapter 1880

These words of Grandma Wang undoubtedly gave Ye Fan a bad feeling in his heart.

He went after her and pulled her to him, asking anxiously, “Grandma Wang, what’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

“What happened to Auntie Yue and Uncle Hu?”

“And where is Sugar?”

“What’s going on?”

Ye Fan’s heart was burning with anxiety.

He thought to himself, “Could it be that an enemy has come to seek revenge?

But Uncle Hu and the others were just ordinary townspeople, simple and kind, relying only on one hand to work hard to get rich.

What kind of enemies could such honest and simple people have?

“You child, I don’t even know what to say about you.”

“Your Uncle Hu and his family, what a happy family of three.”

“Just to protect you, and now they’re all suffering.”


“You’d better get going.”

“By letting your Uncle Hu and his family’s hard work go to waste.”

Grandma Wang didn’t know what to say about Ye Fan.

However, the words carried a bit of resentment towards Ye Fan.

Obviously, in the eyes of these old neighbourhood people, the end of Hu Yipeng’s family was all thanks to Ye Fan.

“Are you saying that something happened to my Uncle Hu and the others?”

Ye Fan’s face instantly changed greatly when he heard this.

The thing he least wanted to see had happened after all.

In a flash, Ye Fan did not stop, and immediately rushed towards where Uncle Hu and his family were like a madman.

“You child, why don’t you listen to advice?”

“What else are you going to do?”

“Going to look for death?”

“Do you want your Uncle Hu and his family to suffer for nothing?”

Seeing Ye Fan not only did not leave, but also ran towards the front.

Granny Wang was shaking with anger and shouted angrily.

But Ye Fan could no longer hear him.

All that was left in his heart now was a strong wave of doubt and worry.

It looked like something had really happened to Uncle Hu and his family.

But who could it be?

Who could it be that had done this to them?

Could it be the Zhang family?

But how was that possible?

That Zhang Zixi had followed himself to find Uncle Hu’s family though.

But he had already given the Zhang family a warning.

It was hard to believe that the Zhang family had taken advantage of his healing period to take revenge on himself and attacked Uncle Hu and his family.

But that didn’t make sense.

When the Zhang family knew who they were, they naturally knew how powerful they were.

Unless they didn’t want to live anymore, they would never be able to do such a stupid thing.

But if it wasn’t the Zhang family, who else could it be?

“Could it be.”

Just as Ye Fan was wondering, a thought suddenly sprang out from the bottom of his heart in an instant.

At this time, Ye Fan had already arrived at the place where he and Yue Yao lived before.

However, that small courtyard had already disappeared.

As far as the eye could see, all that was left was a ruin and scorched earth.

That courtyard, that courtyard where Uncle Hu’s family had lived for generations, that harmonious and beautiful family of three, was all gone.

Everything, it seemed, had been destroyed in a great fire.

Ye Fan was staggered at that moment.

Looking at the ruins in front of him, Ye Fan could hardly believe his eyes.

Could it be that Sugar and the others, had all fallen in this ruin?

Ye Fan no longer dared to think about it.

“Little Brother Fan.”

Just as Ye Fan was mourning in his heart, an inaudible voice came out quietly from behind him.

“Sugar, it’s Sugar!”

Hearing this voice, Ye Fan was first delighted.

And then immediately turned around.

Only to see, on a thick old acacia tree behind him, there were three figures, tied to it.

The crimson blood had already stained the old decaying tree trunk red.

These three people were, naturally, no one else.

It was none other than the three members of Hu Yipeng’s family.

Yue Yingchun had already pa*sed out and her breath was inaudible.

Hu Yipeng was still conscious.

He also seemed to see Ye Fan, trembling with his red lips, saying something.

Ye Fan leaned his ear over, and by the faint trembling of the air, he vaguely heard the word “go”.

Hu Yipeng was asking him to leave.

But how could Ye Fan dare to leave?

With a wave of his sleeve and robe, he struck out with a powerful qi, cutting off all the ropes on their bodies.

The three members of Hu Yipeng’s family were saved.

“Little brother Fan, the bad bad guys asked where you were, but but Sugar didn’t didn’t say”

Sugar, covered in blood, lay in Ye Fan’s arms, her faint breath like a candle in the wind, seemingly ready to go out at any moment.

But this little one, even though she was covered in wounds, still struggled to grin after seeing Ye Fan.

Two lines of tears slowly flowed down along her big beautiful eyes.

“Little Brother Fan knows, Sugar is the best behaved.”

Ye Fan helped her wipe her tears, while his own eyes, however, were a little red.

“Little Brother Fan, is Sugarplum going to die?”

The little one was still asking.

“No sugar, little brother Fan will save you.”

“You won’t die, your mommy and daddy, neither of them will die.”

“I will save you all.”

Ye Fan’s voice was a little trembling as he tried his best to comfort this little girl.

But in his heart, it was a pain like pins and needles.


Who on earth was it?

How dare they put their hands, on someone so weak.

Just as Ye Fan’s heart was twisting like a knife, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew up from the originally silent sky.

Immediately afterwards, several figures walked out.

These people were armed with firearms and were fully armed.

Cold gazes, just this coldly looked at the man in front of them.

“You have finally appeared.”

“My young master really did anticipate things.”

“It was expected that you would come back and throw yourself in the net in order to save them.”

“b*****d, a word of advice, don’t make a pointless struggle.”

“You are now surrounded.”

“But if you make any more trespa*sing moves, don’t blame the guns in our hands for being eyeless.”

Behind Ye Fan, the man in the lead, laughed fiercely.

In his morose laughter, there was all the arrogance of victory.

“You are Meng’s family?”

“Meng Chuan’s men?”

Ye Fan didn’t turn around, still holding Sugar’s poor little girl, and suddenly asked.

“You do have a few eyes, knowing that you have offended my young master.”

“Back then, you made my young master lose face at the auction, and even snatched that spiritual medicine.”

“These days, my family’s young master has been busy with other things and has no time to pay attention to you.”

“But now that the dust has settled, there are some scores that should be settled with you.”

The leader man laughed fiercely.

But Ye Fan ignored his words and continued to ask himself, “Why?”

“Why what?”

“What are you talking incoherently about?”

“Hurry up and kneel down with your head in your hands, or don’t blame me for not being polite.” The leader man threatened coldly.

But Ye Fan was still asking.


“Why did you rush them.”

“They obviously didn’t do anything.”

“They’re just a family of three in an ordinary way.”

“Uncle Hu is still disabled, Sugar is still so young, they’ve worked so hard to live, they’ve suffered enough bad luck.”

“Why do you still want to do this to them, why can’t you leave them alone, why disturb their peaceful lives”

Ye Fan’s face was expressionless and his low, slow voice was almost inaudible.

However, who knew the raging anger and murderous intent beneath these seemingly calm words.

Yes, no one could understand the remorse and anger in Ye Fan’s heart at this moment.

He regretted it.

He regretted coming to Jiangbei, he regretted coming to Lin’an, and he regretted renting Auntie Yue’s house.

That way, he wouldn’t have, I guess, gotten them involved.

The three of them, as a family, were still as they were before, peaceful and happy.


“Are you an idiot?”

“Dead on your feet and you’re still pitying people?”

“Brat, I think you’d better think more about yourself.”

The Meng family behind them were still laughing.

Yet Ye Fan was already standing up.

He was holding Sugar, and his originally clean face was already morose at this moment.

A bone-chilling murderous spirit caused the river water that had first melted to freeze into ice in an instant!

“Back then, I slaughtered the Lu family, cut down the West Lake with my sword, and stained the land in the north of the river with blood.”

“After that, the people of Jiangbei hated me, and the martial dao of Yanxia hated me, so much so that when I was in a desperate situation, there was no one in all of Yanxia to help me.”

“This time, when I returned to Yanxia and visited Jiangbei again, I did not want to do any more killing.”

“But you had to force me.”

“What’s the harm in Jiangbei hating me, and what’s the harm in the martial arts of Yanxia hating me?”

“Even if I am a devil, today I, Chu Tianfan, will kill all of you!”

“You are the ones who insist on seeking death!”