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Worth Deserving Chapter 1883

“What happened after that?”

“And what happened?”

The rich man on the boat continued to ask questions.

The boatman continued to talk eloquently, “However, who would have thought that Lu Songliang had just been ennobled and had reached the peak of his life when a man suddenly appeared!”

“He entered with a sword and defeated countless strong men at the top of the West Lake.”

“The head of the Lu family, Lu Songliang, was also killed by his sword.”

“The water of the West Lake was dyed red.”

“The lake island, which was originally lush with gra*s and trees, was also nearly razed to the ground by him.”

“Later, the West Lake was closed for more than a year, forbidding visitors to enter.”

“It was only in recent times that it was reopened.”

“The island you see before you is the one that was refurbished after the battle.”

The boatman told the story of the past, his words filled with trembling and admiration.

However, the wealthy people on the boat, after hearing the old boatman’s words, all laughed.

“Old man, have you been listening to too many novels?”

“However, I must say that the story you told is really evocative and vivid, there is reality in the fiction and reality in the fiction.”

“If we weren’t all staunch materialists, I’m afraid we would have believed your strange story.”

The wealthy men on the boat shook their heads and laughed.

But the old boatman glared “You don’t believe me?”

“Think I’m making up stories?”

“Hahahaha old man, it’s not that we don’t believe you, it’s mainly that you’re telling an outrageous story. How could anyone dare to kill someone so bloody in today’s law and order society? Besides, from what you’ve told us, a lot of people died in that West Lake tragedy, if someone had really done it deliberately, it would have been a big sensation long ago, how could we not know about it?”

The rich and powerful shook their heads, just thinking that the story the old man had made up was too far-fetched.

“Yes, old man.”

“Nowadays, in a technological society, the era of fighting with swords in the jungle has pa*sed.”

“Even if a sword is sharp, it’s not as hard as a bullet.”

“If someone really rushed in with a sword, they would probably have been sieved by gunmen long ago.”

“As for the tragedy at West Lake back then, I have also heard a little about it. There was no swordsman at all, but the collapse of the stage built by the Lu family, causing many people to fall into the lake and drown.”

“To put it bluntly, it was just an accident.”

“How can it be so mysterious?”

All these rich and powerful people present obviously felt that the boatman was talking nonsense.

It was like Pan Gu opening the heavens and the earth, or the female nest mending the sky, who would believe such strange things.

It was just a myth and legend.

“You are really frogs at the bottom of the well!”

“If you haven’t seen it, you think it doesn’t exist.”

“What is beyond your understanding, and you think I am talking nonsense?”

“Forget it, just don’t believe it.”

“Summer bugs can’t see ice and snow, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t ice and snow in this world.”

The old boatman also had some pride, and when he saw that his words were taken as a made up story by them, he was dissatisfied and simply stopped talking.

But it was the old boatman’s words that made the group of rich men laugh.

They asked the boatman, as if to tease him, “Well, it’s us who are rats.”

“But old man, since you are so convinced, you insist that someone killed the Lu family and that there is really a heaven-destroying chivalrous swordsman in this world.”

“Then dare I ask the old man, do you know who this person is?”

“Such a powerful and great man, you have seen a lot of things, surely you wouldn’t not know his name.”

The crowd was jokingly, asking after the old man.

Looking like that, they had to expose this old man’s lie.

The old man grunted and laughed “Hey, you guys are right, I really know who this man’s name is.”

“Besides, you guys don’t have to be sarcastic.”

“Looking at your clothes, I also know that whichever one of you is present is probably a billionaire.”

“Compared to you all, the places I’ve been to and the scenery I’ve seen are indeed far beyond my reach.”

“In my whole life, I have been rafting on this West Lake almost all my life.”

“In this life, I have also only seen the sunset at this place.”

“But although my vision is not as good as yours, I have heard that you are far behind me.”

“I have carried tens of thousands of guests on my boats on the West Lake.”

“That year, there were several foreigners travelling the West Lake, and it was from their mouths that I heard about this.”

“This swordsman and warrior, his real name was Mo Wu Ya.”

“The son of the boxing emperor Mo Kucheng.”

“He is the most outstanding young descendant in the martial arts of Yanxia today.”

The old man spoke boldly, with an unspeakable pride in his words.

It was as if, an old professor who had learned from the past and the present, was then selling his learning to his few students.

“Mo Wu Ya?”

“Who’s that?”

“The son of a boxing emperor?”

“It sounds like it’s very powerful?”

These wealthy people in the audience were still listening to the clouds and puzzled.

They only thought that maybe this was another name made up by this old man.

“What a load of nonsense!”

As the crowd wondered, a sharp, angry voice came out quietly.

The crowd looked back, only to see a young man with a mocking look on his face.

“Old man, we don’t understand, can you stop talking nonsense?”

Chu Wenfei really couldn’t listen to this anymore, and in the end, he didn’t hold back.


“You see, even this little brother thinks you’re talking nonsense.”

“We’ve all said it before, all those weird and crazy things in this world are just bullsh*t.”

The rest of the rich men shook their heads and laughed.

“When I say bullsh*t, I’m not referring to this incident.”

“I mean that name of the man he just said is bullsh*t!”

“I was there at the battle back then.”

“Above the West Lake, someone flew snow into the north of the river, first beheading Lu Songliang, and then powerfully suppressing half of the lords of the north of the river.”

“The old man is not lying, these are all true.”

“The swordsman and the warrior are still there!”

“But remember, that man is not called Mo Wu Ya.”

“His name is Ye Fan, and he is the venerable lord of Jiangdong, and my Chu Wenfei’s greatest rival in this life.”

“Although, it was me, Chu Wenfei, who had the last laugh, I will not allow you to just find anyone and steal his battle!”

Chu Wenfei’s voice was stern, and his words were full of unquestionable determination.

The old man was also shaken by Chu Wenfei’s aura.

He apologised repeatedly, saying that he had only heard about it and that if he had offended some people, it was really an unintentional act.

“It’s alright.”

“I just don’t want you guys to forget his name.”

Chu Wenfei spoke in a low voice.

That stop back then was extremely impressive to Chu Wenfei.

It was also after that battle that completely overturned Chu Wenfei’s perception and impression of Ye Fan, and made him reacquaint himself with the world.

It turned out that in this world, there were really too many areas that he had not known about.

“Kid, you’ve read too many novels too?”

“Do you really believe that someone can overthrow the sea and level this island by himself?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“There is an end to human power, opening monuments and cracking rocks is the limit of human power, the power to destroy the sky and the earth, that only appears in movies and novels.”

Those tycoons around them still had mocking faces, and their words were tinged with a few faint sneers.

To these people’s ignorance, Chu Wenfei did not want to explain, nor did he need to.

It was just like himself once.

Like them, he thought that what he saw was all there was to this world.

Anything beyond his perception was rightly considered to be nonsense and nonsense.

But only now did Chu Wenfei realise how ridiculous his former self was.

It was like a few toads sitting in a well watching the sky.

Thinking that the sky was only the size of the mouth of that well, he still laughed at the ignorance of others.

“Perhaps, back then, in his eyes, he was the toad sitting in the well and watching the sky.”

Chu Wenfei, who was revisiting his old haunts, had mixed thoughts as he saw things and thought of others.

As they spoke, the boat had arrived at the island.

The rich and famous went ashore.

The island, which was originally calm, suddenly became lively.

The people of the Meng family were sitting on high seats, like kings waiting for the courtiers to come and pay their respects.

However, who knew that a thousand metres away from here, there was a man walking alone.