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Worth Deserving Chapter 1884

Behind you, there is the river of heaven standing across.

In front of him, there is an endless flow of traffic.

The man’s face is expressionless, his whole body standing like a piece of ten thousand years of cold ice.

Every footstep that fell brought a low boom.

Moreover, the murderous aura that swept out from his body sent chills down the spines of all the pa*sers-by.

“Man, are you all right?”

“Do you need help?”

“Call the police if you need anything.”

“Don’t be impulsive.”

On the road, some kind-hearted people asked.

But the man was silent, always stepping forward.

At this moment, if someone from the martial arts world were here, he would have noticed that the man’s power was gathering and climbing.

It was like a nameless karmic fire that was burning brightly.

In the end, no one dared to approach within a few metres of the man’s body.

Gra*s and trees froze, sofas flew wildly.

Pedestrians on the road moved away and retreated.

The feeling was as if the man walking under the blazing sun was not a flesh-and-blood human being.

Instead, it was a demon king who had come to claim his life!



The West Lake has ten scenes: the spring dawn at the Su Causeway, the wind lotus at the Qu Yuan, the autumn moon at the San Ping Lake, and the broken snow at the broken bridge.

The first time I visited the old place, I could no longer see the snow of the broken bridge that year.

After all, at this time of year, it was nearly March and spring had long since arrived at West Lake.

“Spring dawns on the Su Causeway, and all things are revived.”

“Ye Fan has fallen, the Zhang family has fallen.”

Chu Wenfei looked at the spring scene of the West Lake, but he could not help but feel a thousand emotions in his heart.

It only felt as if everything was heralding the arrival of a brand new era.

Ye Fan had died, and a new person had taken his seat on the throne of Jiangdong.

And now, the land of Jiangbei will also welcome their new king.

A thousand sails on the side of a sinking boat, a thousand trees in front of a sick tree.

Destruction is always accompanied by new life.

Only, Chu Wenfei didn’t know why, ever since Ye Fan fell back then and there was no more news of that man in the world, he felt that the world had become somewhat strange.

In particular, those people he knew had one by one receded into obscurity.

Chu Wenfei suddenly felt that he was getting old, and that the era that belonged to them had already pa*sed.

“That guy, when he was alive, made people hate him to the bone.”

“And now that he’s gone, it’s something that people miss again.”

On the lake island, there was a flurry of voices everywhere coming to congratulate the Meng family.

Only Chu Wenfei, seeing things and thinking of others, was filled with sadness.

While he was lost in thought, there were more and more people on the lake island.

Until, the time came to midday.

The sun was shining!

The feast at West Lake officially opened.

Under the guidance of the waiters, Chu Wenfei and other powerful people in Jiangbei were seated.

Immediately afterwards, mountainous delicacies, seafood and fine wines were brought to the banquet in a small osprey boat.

They were greeted by the beautiful scenery of the West Lake and tasted the delicious food and wine.

Today’s West Lake feast was undoubtedly beautiful.


“That man, why does something look familiar?”

When Chu Wenfei was raising his cup and drinking alone, he suddenly noticed that there was a man and a woman sitting in the corner in an inconspicuous place.

Although both of them were wearing masks, they could not see their faces.

However, looking at their eyebrows, Chu Wenfei had a familiar feeling.

He felt as if he had seen this woman somewhere before.

But for a while, he couldn’t recall.

“Here we go.”

“The main character has come out!”

“That one is Meng Wanjun, the head of the Meng family.”

“From now on, my land of Jiangbei will be honoured by him.”

As Chu Wenfei was wondering, there was a sudden hubbub around him.

The rich and powerful people in front of him were all excited, looking up at the high altitude and letting out envious and yearning sentiments.

Chu Wenfei also looked up, only to see a middle-aged, gentle and elegant-looking man, surrounded by the crowd, walking to the highest point of the venue.

To his left and right, there were two young men standing on each side.

At that time, Chu Wenfei’s pupils suddenly shrank “Meng Chuan?”

“Does Mr. Chu know this young master of the Meng family?”

“It seems that you should be about the same age and both in Lin’an.”

“The circle of powerful people is just this big, so I guess you should be familiar with each other.”

A wealthy man beside him asked with a smile.

Chu Wenfei smiled resentfully “I know each other, can I not? Young Master Meng also has his eye on a friend’s wife of mine.”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve also heard about this Young Master Meng, he’s a lover’s son, dabbling in flowers everywhere and changing his girlfriend faster than his clothes.”

“He’s a total family dude.”

“Compared to his brother, he is far worse in terms of virtue.”

“See that young man on the other side? He’s also the son of the Meng family head, but he’s an illegitimate son.”

“Although his status is not as orthodox as Meng Chuan’s, he has the virtue and talent, and today the Meng family head has allowed him to join him on stage, so it looks like it will be an unknown who the Meng family headship will fall to in the future.”

The Meng family had previously been the richest in Jiangbei, and now they were even completely seated as the top of Jiangbei, naturally attracting the attention of all sides.

Family matters like theirs had even become the talk of the town before dinner and after tea for the entire Jiangbei power elite.

“Thank you all for coming all the way here to attend today’s banquet at West Lake.”

“I, Meng Wanjun, would like to thank you all for your appreciation.”

Meng Wanjun’s voice suddenly rang out, his loud voice was like a loud bell, instantly overpowering all the murmurs in the room.

For a moment, the entire West Lake was silent.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the venue.

Meng Wanjun of the Meng family had become the centre of the entire Jiangbei region!

However, no one noticed that at this moment, in the corner, there was a woman, whose gaze instantly became ice-cold, and even, even her breathing became rapid.

At this moment, a man’s palm, landed on her shoulder.

“Don’t forget the purpose of our trip today.”

“Be sure to be calm and composed.”

“Everything, wait for Mr. Chu to come out of the gate!”

The man lowered his voice and said soothingly.

The woman did not speak, but merely nodded.

Ahead of them, Meng Wanjun’s voice, continued to ring out.

“A hundred years ago, my Meng family was just a small family in a secluded mountain village in Lin’an City.”

“But my ancestors, unwilling to be poor, stepped out of the mountains and into the city.”

“They relied on their wisdom and hard work to create wealth and value.”

“After several generations of hard work, my Meng family finally gained a firm foothold in Jiangbei.”

“However, the Zhang family is unethical and jealous of the wise.”

“Decades ago, in an attempt to suppress my Meng family, they forced my grandparents to die.”

“All three of my grandfathers killed themselves with swords in front of the Zhang family’s gate!”

“Of course, the tragedy of my Meng family is only a microcosm of the Zhang family’s rampant dominance in Jiangbei.”

“There are many more tragedies like this.”

“And the culprit for all of this is the Zhang family.”

“It can be said that I, Jiangbei, have suffered from the Zhang family for a long time!”

“Today, taking advantage of this West Lake banquet, in front of this Jiangbei celebrity, I, Meng Wanjun, will do justice to Heaven and put an end to the old Zhang family thief, Zhang Jiuling!”


As Meng Wanjun’s words fell, a cross several metres high was erected at the back of the venue.

And on the cross, there was an old man, hung high up in the air.

His clothes were ragged and his face was dishevelled.

His body was even covered with bloodstains.

Just by looking at his appearance, I guess no one would be able to believe that this old man in front of him was the former president of the Jiangbei Martial Arts a*sociation, the Zhang family head, Zhang Jiuling, right?


Seeing her grandfather’s face like this, the masked woman’s eyes instantly turned red in the corner.

There were tears swirling in her eyes.

She roared in a low voice, and was even about to rush out with her sword.

But she was pulled back by the middle-aged man on the side.

“Zi Shi, calm down!”

“The current Meng family, with an expert in charge, is simply beyond your ability and mine to fight against.”

“The only way is to wait for Mr. Chu to come out of the gate.”

“In Jiangbei right now, only Mr. Chu can save your grandfather!”

Lu Zi Ming pressed Zhang Zixi and spoke anxiously.