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Worth Deserving Chapter 1900

Zhang Jiuling instructed in a very serious manner.

Zhang Zixi bowed in a dignified manner and said, “Yes, grandfather.”

Next to him, Lu Zi Ming saw this, but the corners of his eyes twitched.

He thought to himself, “Zhang Jiuling, this old fox, is using a beauty ploy for Ye Fan.

He had given Zhang Zixi to Ye Fan, and it looked like Ye Fan was the one who got the benefit.

After all, if it was an ordinary person, he would have been thrilled to get a beautiful beauty with white skin and a long waist.

But in reality, it was the Zhang family that really benefited the most.

Whether or not Ye Fan was interested in Zhang Zixi, as long as Zhang Zixi stayed with Ye Fan, then in the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Zixi was Ye Fan’s woman.

At that time, the Zhang family would have no intention of completely hugging Ye Fan’s thigh.

What’s more, after a long time together, love will grow over time, and it is inevitable that a gun will go off.

In two or three years’ time, if Zhang Zixi became pregnant with Ye Fan’s child again, the Zhang family would really be prosperous.

Ye Fan’s descendants had Zhang family blood.

In ancient times, Zhang Jiuling would have been a state uncle.

This intention of Zhang Jiuling was really an act of merit in the present time and benefit in a thousand years.

“That, Mr. Chu, you have a distinguished status, it shouldn’t be enough for just Zixi to serve alone.”

“I have a niece who is seventeen years old this year, with a beautiful face and a beautiful figure…”

Lu Zi Ming also began to have secret thoughts, ready to give one of his nieces to Ye Fan.

It was then that Zhang Jiuling’s face turned black!

“What are you adding to the mess, Lu Zi Ming?”

“Mr. Chu is in charge of everything day to day and does all the big things. You let a little girl follow Mr. Chu, I’m afraid you’re not adding to Mr. Chu’s mess, are you?”

“Mr. Chu doesn’t have time to babysit for you!”

Zhang Jiuling said in a deep voice.

“I go, old man Zhang, what kind of words are you saying.”

“If you send a girl to Mr. Chu, you are not adding to the mess.”

“I’m adding to the chaos by sending a girl?”

“Aren’t you a bit too bossy, old man?”

“You can’t take advantage of all the good things.” Lu Zi Ming was instantly displeased.

“Can this be the same?”

“My family’s Zixi is both talented and beautiful.”

“Not only does she look heavenly, she also has the cultivation skills.”

“No one can beat her under the Patriarch.”

“In the future, if I follow Mr. Chu, I will not only be able to relieve Mr. Chu’s emptiness, but I will also be able to relieve his worries.”

As he watched, these two old guys were about to fight.

The corners of Ye Fan’s eyes twitched, and he was suddenly a little speechless.

“Alright, all stop arguing.”

“I appreciate your good intentions.”

“But I, Chu Tianfan, am used to walking alone and do not need anyone to follow and serve.”

“So, Lu Ziming, you don’t need to go hobnobbing your niece either.”

“And you, there is no need for your granddaughter to follow me either.”

“What’s more, I, for one, don’t like to impose on people.”

Saying this, Ye Fan turned around and looked at the tall and bright girl at the side.

Ye Fan smiled at her, “Zhang Zixi, right?”

“A very nice name, and a really good-looking person, with good talent and guts too.”

“I didn’t expect that your Zhang family, a declining martial arts family, could still produce such an outstanding girl.”

“However, little girl, in the future, there is no need to go against your own heart and please anyone, just be yourself.”

“Next time your grandfather, if he will force you again and give you to someone else, just use your fist to crook your grandfather’s nose and tell him that he likes to serve people so much, you go and serve well.”

“Whether you are a boy or a girl, you still have to be with the one you like.”

“May you meet the teenager of your dreams soon.”

“When you meet, you must be brave enough to go after it.”

“Don’t care about being reserved or saving face, these are all very cheap things.”

“But if you miss it, you will most likely regret it for the rest of your life, right?”

Ye Fan spoke in a serious manner, and there seemed to be an inexplicable emotion embedded in his words.

Perhaps, at this moment, he thought of Qiu Mu Orange, Tang Yun, and Yue’er.

Yes, once Ye Fan had so many good-looking girls by his side.

But having come this far, there was no one around him.

Perhaps that was how life was, meeting was only temporary, loneliness and parting was the main theme of eternity.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, before he turned to leave.

But Zhang Jiuling did not seem to have given up yet. When he heard that Ye Fan was going to the country of India, he immediately took out a long-prepared letter and handed it to Ye Fan.

It turned out that Zhang Zixi had a cousin who happened to be in the country of India right now.

Zhang Jiuling then asked Ye Fan to bring this letter to her.

Ye Fan didn’t refuse, it was just a matter of raising his hand.

After that, Ye Fan left.

As he watched Ye Fan’s back, Zhang Zixi’s red lips were biting tightly, as if she was struggling with some thoughts inside, and her face was as red as fire.

Finally, as if she had made a decision, Zhang Zixi finally mustered up enough courage.

She chased out of the hall and ran to the courtyard, rushing in the direction Ye Fan left and shouting loudly, “Mr. Chu, grandpa didn’t force me, I voluntarily followed you, I want to go with you…”

The warm wind, wrapped in the characteristic humidity of the West Lake, blew across the land and also blew Zhang Zixi’s words, to pieces.

On the roadside, the tender leaves brushed cleanly, and the dusty stones on the ground, were even rustled by the blowing.

“Silly girl, don’t shout, Mr. Chu has already gone far away.”

Zhang Jiuling followed and said in a low voice.

Zhang Zixi looked ahead at the vast expanse of heaven and earth, and indeed the thin figure could no longer be seen.

At that moment, Zhang Zixi’s heart, too, was as empty as this silent sky.

It was as if something had been stolen from her.

Tears flowed down her face without her realising it.

She buried herself in her grandfather’s arms and bawled like a child: “Grandpa, Chu… Mr. Chu will come back again, won’t he?”

“I’ll see Mr. Chu again, right?”

Hearing his own piteous and heartbreaking words, Zhang Jiuling’s heart also twisted like a knife.

He suddenly regretted it a little.

He shouldn’t have let Zhang Zixi get acquainted with Ye Fan, nor should he have told her Ye Fan’s story.

Perhaps then, this silly girl, would not have gotten trapped.


Zhang Jiuling sighed.

He wanted to say something, he should have advised Zhang Zixi to forget about him.

That man, he was just too dazzling.

Dazzling like the bright sun that hung high above the heavens and the earth.

They, on the other hand, were just dust, floating weeds, gravel.

If they looked up at the sun, they would not enter its embrace, they would only burn their eyes.

But Zhang Jiuling thought about it, but in the end he did not say the words.

He knew that it would be useless to say it.

With a man like Ye Fan, what girl in the world would not sink?

Just like, the golden breeze and jade dew meeting each other was better than countless others on earth.

This silly girl will, I’m afraid, find it hard to like another man in the future.



“Mommy, look, the little swallow is flying so high!”

It happened to be a weekend day.

In the beautiful spring light, a mature and charming woman, leading a little one, came to the West Lake to fly a kite.

The little one seemed to have been cooped up in the steel jungle of the city for too long, and once he reached the lake, he ran and laughed like a little wild horse off the leash.

“Little Fan, slow down, wait for mummy.”

The woman shouted anxiously, holding her son’s coat in her hand as she chased after him.

However, she was still wearing high heels.

It was impossible to run.

The hard leather of her shoes even rubbed red blood marks on her snow-white jade feet.

But the little one was already running farther and farther away.

She was afraid that the little one would have an accident, so she could only chase after him with a stiff head.


However, the accident did happen.

The slender heel of her shoe seemed to have stepped on a small stone, and the woman let out a cry of surprise before her forward body, that quickly, fell towards the ground.

The woman instantly closed her eyes and waited helplessly for her body to hit the ground as the sharp pain hit her.

But the next moment, something bizarre happened.

At some point in the otherwise empty surroundings, a human figure suddenly emerged.

It blew by like the wind.

The woman only felt that a firm and strong hand was stretched out towards her.

Immediately afterwards, the woman’s delicate and soft body fell into a warm and solid chest.

It was as if a drifting duck had found a harbour.

The feeling of security was so full that the woman was close to tears.