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Worth Deserving Chapter 1899

The meaning of Ye Fan’s words was obvious enough.

Even though he did not explicitly say so, those with discerning eyes could hear it, meaning that this Jiangbei was still in the hands of Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming, the two of them.

After all, the Meng family had been destroyed.

In the whole of Jiangbei, only Lu Ziming and Zhang Jiuling were left with the prestige and ability to be the leaders of this area.

Although the two great clans, the Lu family and the Zhang family, had also suffered heavy damage.

The Zhang family, in particular, had nearly all of its members killed by the Meng family.

But it did not matter, Zhang Jiuling was still there, the backbone of the Zhang family was still there.

Moreover, with the fall of the Meng family, all of the Zhang family’s properties that had previously been forcibly occupied by Meng Wanjun were once again returned to the hands of the Zhang family.

Therefore, only by giving Zhang Jiuling and the others time, when they recovered from their injuries, they could completely regroup.

Once again, they would regain domination and control over the whole of Jiangbei!

Of course, the prerequisite for all this was to have Ye Fan’s support.

And now, Ye Fan’s words had undoubtedly given Zhang Jiuling and the others a pill of certainty.

After bowing once again to Ye Fan and expressing their loyalty, they all retired.

However, after Zhang Jiuling and the others left, the entire ward was silent.

In the large room, there was no sound.

Yue Yingchun and Hu Yipeng, the couple, had long since widened their eyes, and their old faces were filled with shock and trembling.

They were not fools.

Even if their brain circuits were long.

By now, they could undoubtedly see the end of the suspicion.

Obviously, the person that Lu Zi Ming and Zhang Jiuling and the others had just worshipped was Ye Fan.

However, how was this possible?

Wasn’t this foolish boy, a poor boy who came to Jiangbei to work?

Wasn’t he a young bachelor who was approaching thirty and hadn’t even found a wife?

And he was renting a bungalow like theirs for a couple of hundred dollars a month?

Even before, Yue Yingchun and her husband had some pity and sympathy for this foolish boy.

Yue Yingchun was even worried that he wouldn’t be able to get a wife and had people talking to him everywhere.

But who would have thought that such an obscure and unknown poor boy would now command such respect from the heads of the two powerful families in Jiangbei.

For a moment, Yue Yingchun and his wife felt that they did not know Ye Fan anymore.

Even after Zhang Jiuling and the others had left, Yue Yingchun and the others opened their mouths to say something to Ye Fan.

However, they no longer knew what tone of voice or attitude they should use to talk to Ye Fan.

But Ye Fan was still as usual.

It was as if he did not feel the difference in the ward, nor did he feel the change in attitude of Yue Yingchun and her husband, and he was still sitting by the bedside, gently feeding Sugar an orange.

But it seemed that Sugar didn’t want to eat any more and turned her head away.

“You little one, you can’t even finish one orange.”

“How will you have the strength to fight the disease if you don’t eat more?”

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, his eyes full of doting.

Just like this, Ye Fan stayed in the hospital with Sugar and their family for another day.

However, Ye Fan could not stay here for long after all.

In the evening, Ye Fan said goodbye to Hu Yipeng’s family.

Before leaving, Ye Fan gave Hu Yipeng the medicinal herbs Yueyao had left behind “Uncle Hu, this is what Yao’er left for you.”

“It has the method of taking it on it.”

“You stick to taking it as she instructed.”

“If nothing unexpected happens, it should be very beneficial to your leg problems.”

“Maybe, Uncle Hu, you’ll be able to stand up again.”

“And the injury on Sugar’s face, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“When I go to India and bring Yao’er back in one piece, she will help Sugar to recover her face.”

“Don’t underestimate that silly girl.”

“Although she looks silly on a regular basis, that nee-san, she has great medical skills?”

“Back then, she saved me from certain death.”

“Sugar will definitely heal from this small injury too.”

The sun was setting in the west and the evening breeze was brisk.

Ye Fan, in a thin dress, stood at the door and rushed to say goodbye to Yue Yingchun and the others.

Earlier, Yue Yingchun and the others did not believe these words of Ye Fan, and only thought that Ye Fan was comforting them.

But now, after seeing how respectful Lu Zi Ming and the others were to Ye Fan, Yue Yingchun and the girls finally realised that this seemingly ordinary young man in front of them was not an ordinary person. ,…

After hearing these words from Ye Fan, Yue Yingchun sank to her knees with a thud, her tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Mr. Ye Ye, thank you, really thank you.”

“If it wasn’t for you, this time, I really don’t know what I would have done.”

Yue Yingchun said thank you repeatedly.

Hu Yipeng’s eyes were also flushed red as he rushed to give his thanks to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan hurriedly helped Yue Yingchun up, “Auntie Yue, don’t be so polite, Yao’er and I really treat you like family.”

“If you call me that again in the future, then Yao’er and I won’t visit you and Uncle Hu in the future.”

“Well, I have to go now, you guys should go back and take care of Sugar too, otherwise that girl, when she wakes up and finds no one in the house, she should cry her nose off again.”

“Remember to say goodbye to her for me.”

“Tell her that Little Brother Fan will definitely come to see her again.”

These words of Ye Fan were what made Yue Yingchun and the others laugh.

The simple couple’s eyes were tinged with moisture, and their hearts were even warmer.

“You brat, if you dare not come back to see us, I’ll chase you to Jiangdong and beat the pot out of your house!”

“But you guy, you’re hiding really deep.”

“It made me and your Uncle Hu so worried about you.”

“Before, your Uncle Hu advised you to be introverted and low-key, but he didn’t tell you to be so low-key.”

“I’m now wondering if that Yaoyao girl is your sister.”

“Tell me honestly, are you two.”

“Is that girl your little girlfriend?”

“You guy, you can do it, to find such a beautiful little girlfriend.”

Before leaving, Yue Yingchun and his wife scolded Ye Fan with a burst of laughter.

Ye Fan was embarra*sed by what they said.

After that, the couple sent Ye Fan on another ride.

But after sending the gentleman a thousand miles, one must eventually say goodbye.

Ye Fan left after all.

This short journey to Jiangbei had come to a complete end.

However, Ye Fan did not know that shortly after he left, Sugar’s heart-breaking cries came from the hospital.

“Little Brother Fan”

“I want Little Brother Fan.”

“I don’t want Little Brother Fan to go”


The little girl howled and cried, even ignoring the pain on her face, and chased after the hospital on her bare feet.

However, outside the hospital, there was a constant flow of traffic and people.

But in the end, the thin, familiar figure was nowhere to be seen!

But that man’s tall, magnificent figure was one that Sugar would remember for many, many years.

She would never forget the man who came down from the sky like a great hero in her most desperate moment.

She would never forget the fireworks that Ye Fan set off for her that day!

After leaving the hospital, Ye Fan summoned Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming to see them again and gave them instructions.

The general idea was that he would go to India immediately.

After the fall of the Meng family, he did not care who could occupy the power vacuum left behind in Jiangbei.

He only cared about Auntie Yue’s family and the safety of Qiu Mu Orange.

“Mr. Chu, don’t worry about leaving!”

“What about the land of Jiangbei, there is us?”

“As long as our old lives are still intact, we will definitely not let Miss Qiu and the Hu family suffer half an ounce of harm.”

Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming both solemnly stated their position.

Ye Fan nodded his head before turning to leave.

“Mr. Chu, wait a moment.”

And as Ye Fan was leaving, Zhang Jiuling suddenly called out to him.

“Zixi, have you finished freshening up?”

“Why don’t you come out quickly?”

Zhang Jiuling shouted behind him.

Then, the door of the room opened and a beautiful-looking woman like a hibiscus flower, with the unique ebullience and gentleness of a Jiangnan woman, slowly walked out.

Seeing this person, even Lu Zi Ming could not help but stare in disbelief.

He could not believe that this bright and beautiful woman with exquisite make-up in front of him was Zhang Zixi.

He knew that the former Zhang Zixi was a heroic, unrestrained style like a deer in the headlights.

But now, the temperament as well as the dressing style had completely changed. It was the dress of a Jiangnan woman in waiting.

She is wearing a white silk dress like snow and ice, with a pale white ribbon around her waist that traces the curves of her body. The two fullnesses on her breasts are even more seductive.

Snow-white skin like lamb’s fat, hidden under the dress, is like the most beautiful delicacy in the world, waiting to be enjoyed by the right person.

Long, slender, willowy waist.

Tall, bright.

Shy, moving.

“Zixi, from now on you will follow Mr. Chu.”

“Serve day and night.”