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Worth Deserving Chapter 1903

Ye Fan was so arrogant that his words shocked the two Kane siblings speechless for a time.

At this moment, Kane’s eyes were wide with disbelief as he looked at the Yan Xia man in front of him.

He only felt that this Yan Xia man must be crazy.

You were alone, or in a foreign land, while the other party was obviously a powerful local force.

And the other side was outnumbered.

Kane looked outside, at the door, and there were no less than a dozen bodyguards standing.

This was exactly like a noble lady experiencing life.

Even his arrogant sister, Winnie, had given in and was ready to flee.

However, Kane never expected that this Yanxia man would not have the slightest sense of propriety, and would say something crazy to tell people to get lost.

Even though it was a very bold thing to say! Very arrogant!

But all arrogance should be capitalised by strength, otherwise, it would be a death wish.

Kane had some sympathy for Ye Fan.

He seemed to have already seen Ye Fan’s miserable end next.

“This idiot.”

“Simply seeking death.”

Winnie shook her head and said coldly.

After that, she paid no more attention.

Originally, a small person with no name like this would not be able to enter her eyes at all.

As for his life or death, Winnie didn’t care even more.

She only wanted to take her brother and leave here first.

On the other hand, these words of Ye Fan naturally fell on the ears of that noble maiden.

She frowned, her pretty eyes sweeping over Ye Fan’s body.

Between trembling red lips, a cold voice, then rang out, “Dare to insult me?”

“Burn him to death!”

With just a few words, it was like a judge’s final judgment.

It was a direct pronouncement of Ye Fan’s death sentence!


At this moment, even both Winnie and Kane were stunned.

Although, they knew that the law in the Indian country was chaotic.

However, they still did not expect that in this land of the capital city of the Indian country, in a downtown neighbourhood, someone would take someone’s life so openly and honestly.

Were these people not afraid of the law’s judgment?

And, to kill a foreigner in the street, were they really not afraid of causing a diplomatic incident?

Or is this proud princess-like young girl in front of her, the power behind her, really so powerful that she defies all rules and laws?

“I say, Miss, not so much.”

“He just offended you, and you kill him?”

“Can’t you be a bit more international humanitarian?”

“Let him apologise and that’s it.”

“Or, beat him up, too.”

“It’s not so bad as taking a life.”

“That’s cruel, you know?”

“Isn’t that the origin of Buddhism in your country of India?”

“Isn’t there a Buddhist saying that there is goodness in the heavens?”

“You have to inherit the good virtues of your ancestors, don’t you?”


Kane’s chatterbox was back, talking at length.

However, Kane was also being kind and was speaking up for Ye Fan, or rather fighting for his cause.

“Kane, what are you doing?”

“You want to die too!”

“Are you crazy?”

“What do you care about him?”

But Kane’s sister Winnie was terrified.

Her pretty face was pale.

Rushing at her brother, she admonished him.

Over here Winnie was still frightened and lecturing Kane.

To this noisy sibling duo, the dignified young girl did not pay attention to them.

All her eyes were on Ye Fan.

Ever since she was a child, she had been admired by all the stars.

Even her father had never said a single unpleasant word to her.

But now, someone, in front of her, was telling them to get lost.

To her, such words were undoubtedly a great blasphemy and offence.

Such a disrespectful and disrespectful person should be burned at the stake!

It was as if a subject had received an order from the king.

The moment the noble maiden’s words fell, the faces of those sturdy men were no doubt instantly cold.

Morbid killing intent emerged.

First, they gave a respectful response.

After that, they raised a fist and smashed it towards Ye Fan.

Looking at that look, they were prepared to beat Ye Fan half to death first, and then burn him to death.

“Brother, be careful!”

Seeing Ye Fan up to now, he was still there with his head down drinking tea.

Not even, not even noticing the fist swinging from behind.

Kane immediately shouted in alarm and warned loudly.

However, Ye Fan still did not move a bit.

Like an old monk sitting still, he allowed his opponent’s iron fist to fall.


Two dull booms landed on Ye Fan’s spine.

Kane covered his eyes and thought to himself that this guy was finished.

With the strength of these two big men, this one punch would probably break Ye Fan’s spine.

But Winnie did not show any expression of sympathy.

She felt that this was this Yan Xia man’s fault.

If God had done something wrong, it could be forgiven.

If you do it to yourself, you cannot live.

People always have to pay the price for what they have done.

However, just when everyone thought that this Yixia man would end up miserable.

Who would have thought that the two big men smashed on Ye Fan’s back as if they had smashed on steel.

The two men’s bones were broken.

The wrists were like noodles, drooping down.

The two men were in agony!

The two-metre tall man’s eyes were tearing up at this point.

“This… What’s this?”

“The one who was beaten didn’t cry, but the one who beat him cried instead?”

This scene undoubtedly confused the two sisters and brothers.

Even the blonde-haired, blue-eyed brawny beauty who was previously full of disdain also revealed a look of surprise at this moment.

At the same time, the young girl who was dressed in a gorgeous dress and regarded herself as a noble girl also showed her astonishment.

It should be noted that these two domestic slaves of her family had a hand strength of almost a thousand pounds.

Even a hard boulder could strike a fan under their fists.

Even steel would be deformed under their enormous strength.

But now, with a single punch, these two had broken their own bones.

“No wonder they dare to provoke this lady.”

“So they really have something to rely on.”

“However, with these alone, you are afraid that you are delusional to think that you can make this young lady back down.”

It was rare for this dignified young lady to speak more.

She looked at Ye Fan’s back and smiled coldly.

And then, clapped her palm.


The door to the room was instantly rushed open.

The dozen or so bodyguards stationed outside all rushed in.

All dressed in black suits and shiny leather shoes.

Like a black torrent, they rushed in.

“Burn him!”

The dignified young girl pointed in Ye Fan’s direction and immediately gave the designation.

And then, those bodyguards behind him pounced on Ye Fan like a hungry wolf.

“There are knives!”

“They have weapons!”

Kane screamed in terror.

He could clearly see that these men had knife weapons hidden under their suits, and even silver Desert Eagle pistols.

Kane’s siblings had gone completely mad with fear.

For a moment they thought that they had come across some kind of black gang organisation.


The sharp blades cut through the air, bringing a sharp burst of air.

As they watched, the men rushed towards the man in front of them, brandishing their weapons.

But in Kane’s and Winnie’s eyes, the hot summer man was still sitting there sipping his tea.

Winnie thought that this guy was sick in the head, was tea that good?

He was about to lose his life, but he was still drinking tea!

Just as Winnie was sarcastic in her heart, at the sight in front of her, the man lifted his cup of tea, took a sip and then spilled it to the sky.


The tea was scattered in all directions.

The tea leaves were wrapped in droplets of water and shot out like flying swords through the rain.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

After a sharp cracking sound.

Everything fell into silence!

Everyone was staggered, the fierce bodyguards just now were like robots with a broken clockwork, instantly frozen in place.

It was as if time had stood still.

Until the next moment, countless lines of blood shot out from the eyebrows of these people.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Everyone, fell to the ground with a bang.

In the crimson pool of blood, these people, all without a sound.

Deadly silence!

Deadly silence.

Winnie and Kane, who had just risen to their feet, flung themselves to the ground again in fear.

And the maiden, who had just been as proud and dignified as a princess, had no blood on her majestic face.

She looked around her, and everyone had fallen.

She suddenly became frightened and helpless.

It was like a monarch who had ordered all the troops to fall, but only then did he realise that they were all in rout.

Looking around, she saw that she was surrounded by enemies.

She was the only one left!