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Worth Deserving Chapter 1904

“This… This ….”

“How is this possible?”

“I… Am I blind?”

“Or is out… Hallucinations?”

Kane’s entire being was dumbfounded by then.

Dumb as a rock!

He stared at Ye Fan with dead eyes, like he was looking at a ghost.

Next to him, his sister Winnie was even more terrified.

Her face was as white as paper.

They had never thought that this seemingly ordinary man in front of them would have the ability to defeat ten people with one.

Tea leaves were like swords and water into swords!

Winnie suddenly remembered that she had just shouted at Ye Fan.

Recalling it now, Winnie was undoubtedly scared for a moment.

It was estimated that at that time, if only Ye Fan had also thrown out a cup of tea like he was doing now, the one lying on the ground now would have been her, Winnie, too.

It turned out that at that moment, she was actually so close to death.

“Brother… Brother, you… You to… What the hell is it?”

After a long silence, Kane asked Ye Fan in a low, trembling voice.

When Winnie heard the words, her pretty face trembled with fear then.

And then pulled her brother up and turned around and ran out of this restaurant.

“Hurry up and go…”

Winnie knew that she had offended Ye Fan earlier.

She would now undoubtedly be worried that Ye Fan would retaliate against them next after settling these people.

Therefore, after coming back to her senses, Winnie hurriedly led her brother to flee.

In a flash, only two people were left in the entire hall.

One of them, still sitting peacefully, lifted the teapot and poured herself another cup.

The other one, however, was standing in the middle of the hall.

Her gorgeous dress gave her an extraordinarily noble air.

However, it was this incomparable and dignified girl who, at this moment, no longer had any semblance of majesty on her delicate and pretty face.

It was like an angel with broken wings.

Even that stunningly beautiful body was trembling.

She looked around dumbfounded.

All those attendants and bodyguards who used to grovel to him in the past had fallen.

Crimson blood flowed down to her feet.

She opened her mouth, perhaps even wanting to give the order to have Ye Fan burned to death.

However, as she looked around, where was there half a figure other than Ye Fan.

For the first time in so many years, she was alone, in a strange and dangerous environment.

She could no longer boss her subordinates around.

The only thing on the girl’s mind was to escape from here.

Seeing that the figure in front of her was still carrying her back, she seemed not to have noticed her.

So the proud princess turned around and prepared to flee.

“If you take one more step, your chest will be pierced in an instant.”

“The crimson blood will bloom here in a poignant flower of blood.”

A faint laugh came.

His tone was surprisingly that calm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had indeed seen so many people fall under her just now, she probably would never have believed that this person was threatening her life again.

The young girl stopped after all!

She did not dare to risk her life.

She turned her head, wanting to question the man about something.

However, the moment she turned her head back, she resolutely discovered that a piece of tea had, in fact, reached her.

Like a flying sword, it hung over her chest.

The young girl’s body trembled abruptly, and a cold sweat broke out behind her spine.

She was suddenly glad she hadn’t taken any chances.

Otherwise, her chest would really have been pierced through by now.

“Who are you?”

“I order you, let me go!”

“Otherwise, my father’s guards will definitely throw you to the stake and burn you to death!”

It was still the same tone of command, still the same overbearing tone.

Perhaps this woman had always spoken like this since she was born.

Condescending and condescending.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, “Ordering me?”

“This young lady, do you think that everyone in this world, has to listen to your orders?”

“Don’t you? We Vyas were born to be the noblest family in the world, we have the noblest blood in us, we were born to be admired.”

“Just as there are some people who are born to be ruled by men. For those people have all lowly blood in their veins, all the lowest of the lowly untouchables.”

“To keep these untouchables alive is our gift to them. Shouldn’t they be grateful and grateful, and hardly should they not revere and admire us?”

The young girl in front of her did not know where she got the courage.

The voice in which she spoke also became louder.

It was as if she was flaunting her noble lineage.

“Bloodline? Noble?”

“Is this your pride?”

Ye Fan, who heard these words, instantly laughed.

He turned around for the first time, raised his head, and sized up the young girl in front of him who was as noble as a little princess.

“Do you know about the Chu Family?”

“They are also known as the most honourable and powerful family in the world.”

“All, the descendants of the Chu family are born with a superiority that is different from the normal people.”

“My father is also a member of the Chu family.”

“But my mother, she was just a perfectly ordinary person.”

“So, the Chu family, did not accept my mother’s marriage into their family, feeling that it was a desecration of their noble lineage.”

“And in me, half of my mother’s blood remains.”

“Just because of this half of what they call despicable blood, they felt that I was inferior and expelled me from the clan and drove me out of the Chu family.”

“But do you know the result?”

Ye Fan’s eyes became teasing, and the smirk that was in the corners of his mouth grew thicker and thicker.

“What result?” The young girl subconsciously asked.

Ye Fan was in no hurry to answer, only a wave of mighty pressure exploded abruptly from his body.

And then, the noble woman only felt a mountainous pressure that swept over her.

She could barely breathe.

In the end, she could no longer bear that weight, and with a bang, she knelt down at Ye Fan’s feet.

“How dare you make me ….”

The young girl instantly let out a scream of pain.

She couldn’t accept that someone with a noble bloodline like hers had knelt down to someone.

This was undoubtedly a near devastating blow to her self-esteem and pride.

She raised her head, and that hate-filled gaze stared deadly at Ye Fan.

Instead, Ye Fan bent down, his palm holding up her snow-white chin, and smiled teasingly, “This is the result!”

“You wouldn’t have thought, and neither would they have thought, that those so-called noble-blooded Chu family members once knelt at my feet and begged me to spare their lives!”

“Their so-called Chu family head was even sealed by me with the most cruel secret technique, on top of the Chu Gate Mountain, suffering from the flames of fire day and night! His beloved only son was even beaten to death with a single blow from me that day!”

“So, what is noble? What is lowly?”

“Those who claim to be noble are still like pigs and dogs before me?”

“Just like you, who think you are as high and noble as an emperor and princess.”

“But what’s the use?”

“In the face of absolute power, you are not even as good as a pig or dog.”

“Just under this Hall Master, a plaything!”

Ye Fan laughed with bravado.

The sound of dominance and bold words echoed endlessly.

At the end of his words, Ye Fan even waved his sleeves.

The wind was like a sword and his face was like a cut!

In that young girl’s frightened gaze, she saw that all of her clothes were shredded by Ye Fan’s qi blade.

Her snow-white torso was exposed to Ye Fan’s sight without any cover.

“Kneel down!”

Ye Fan gave another low roar.

The young girl, who was already kneeling in submission to the ground again, was now pressed to the ground under Ye Fan’s majesty.

Like a pet cat, her limbs were spread apart on the ground.

The towering bosom in front of her chest had long been squeezed and deformed by the cold ground.

At this moment, the young girl had become the plaything of Ye Fan’s men.

She could kneel when he told her to, and lie down when he told her to.

Her delicate body was not even exposed to the elements.

In front of this man, who was as majestic as a god, the young girl, who was so noble a few minutes ago, no longer had any dignity to speak of!

She was completely stunned.

All her nobility and pride were shattered to pieces.

She lay naked on the cold floor, like Ye Fan’s most loyal pet, not daring to say a word, only sobbing silently.

The two lines of tears that flowed from her pretty face were as crystalline as pearls!