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Worth Deserving Chapter 1913

Morose, angry words echoed in all directions.

As soon as these people appeared, they squeezed their hands together and chanted the words under their breath.

Later on, the crowd could only see that an object that resembled an ancient wheel had slowly risen from in front of these people.

At the centre of their brows, golden thunder patterns seemed to resonate profoundly with the ancient disc in front of them.

The patterns on it seemed to come to life.

Terrifying thunder power, like blood, flowed madly along those lines.

It was like, rushing in the middle of a river, a mighty river.

Until at the final exit, it poured out!

A stab!

All at once, thunder exploded in the void here.

Perhaps those thunderbolts were not very powerful, as small as small snakes.

But one or two may be insignificant.

But what about ten, a hundred?


In the eyes of the crowd at this moment, all they could see was that the Incandescent Heavenly King, who was still enjoying countless glory in the limelight, was now surprisingly deep in a sea of thunder, surrounded by all these electric snakes in front of him.

The endless power of thunder was rushing towards Burning Heaven.

Looking from afar, it was as if they were tearing and devouring.


“It’s now!”

“Take the Heavenly Master away!”

Suddenly, one of these few people shouted at once.

The bride, who had been beside Burning Heaven, was then saved by a black man.

He quickly moved away from here and hid in a safe place.

“This… This…”

“What’s happening here?”

“These people, who the hell are they?”

The battle on the high platform in front of them was already on the verge of breaking out.

However, the guests attending the wedding banquet on the stage had only reacted to it at this point.

After all, it had all happened so quickly.

It was all in the blink of an eye.

One second, several people from unknown sources rushed forward to launch an attack on Burning Heaven, and the next second the bride was taken away.

This sudden change of events undoubtedly left all those present horrified and terrified.

They did not dare to imagine that there were people in this world who would come to cause trouble for Burning Heaven and trash King Yin Tian’s venue.

Moreover, it looked like Burning Heaven had indeed been careless and had fallen into their path.

“Sis… Sis, is that Indigo Heavenly King going to be finished?”

Kane looked at Burning Heaven, who was deep in a heavy siege in front of him, and couldn’t help but ask Winnie who was at the side.

As the saying went, two fists could not defeat four hands.

What’s more, Burning Heaven had been taken by surprise again.

Under such circumstances, even if this Incendiary King was powerful, Kane felt that he was afraid that he would have to turn over in the gutter.

Winnie shook her head, “You think of Burning Heaven too easily.”

“If he really fell so easily, wouldn’t the Kingdom of India honour him as the Heavenly King?”

“What is the King of Heaven of India?”

“That is, the king of this heaven and earth!”

“Even if the sky of the Kingdom of India falls, he can hold it up for you.”

“Just wait, brother, soon you will see, Lord Heavenly King, an unparalleled style!”

Unlike the fear of the crowd, Winnie looked a little excited and thrilled at this moment.

In her eyes, there was a look of fire and admiration.

She felt like a little fan girl who was admiring her idol’s style.

The look of devotion was like that of a believer.

And at this time, the power of thunder was still being added.

Those few mysterious people who had suddenly appeared were like they were casting some kind of formation.

Each of them was using the same technique, urging the thunder power on the disc in their hands.

Raging electric snakes, carrying what seemed like an endless amount of thunder power, rushed towards Burning Heaven.

“Burning Heaven!”

“To die under the Thunder Snake Formation created by your teacher, you deserve to die!”

“If my teacher knew in heaven, he would be able to rest in peace.”

Looking at Burning Heaven, who was deep in the sea of thunder, an old man at the head of the group spoke in a deep voice.

The lofty words were as thick as a mountain.

Clearly, in their view, this raid plan was undoubtedly a success.

Not only had they successfully saved the new Heavenly Master, but they had also successfully executed the Thunder Snake Formation.

Next, all they needed to do was wait for Burning Heaven to die under the power of thunder!

However, just when these Heavenly Master Daoists thought that everything was about to be completed.

But then Burning Heaven, who was trapped in the Thunder Snake Formation, suddenly raised his head.

There was no sign of pain on his face, which was cut to the bone.

On the contrary, he even looked at the leading old man and gave him a faint smile.

“Eldest Brother, you are still the same as you were back then.”

“The same despise me.”

“The same self-righteousness.”

“Seriously, I still can’t figure out why Teacher pa*sed on the Heavenly Master Thunder Technique to you back then, but not to me.”

“Probably, I guess the teacher is really old, old-eyed and blind.”

Burning Heaven laughed as he turned around and slowly approached towards these Heavenly Master Daoists.

He bucked everyone’s gaze as he met the thousands of electric snakes.

At this moment, Burning Heaven was like the golden stone that had been wrought by thunder.

Fire burned, lightning struck and electricity struck.

They could not stop him from advancing in any way.

On the contrary, it made him even more majestic.

A terrifying pressure, like a 10,000-foot mountain.

“This… This…”

“How is this possible?”

“The Thunder Snake Formation, why can’t it hurt him in the slightest?”

“Absolutely… It’s absolutely impossible!”

The scene before them was undoubtedly completely out of their expectation.

They had never dreamed that the greatest card they relied on, against Burning Heaven, would be ineffective.

Under such circumstances, if they continued to consume, they would undoubtedly die for sure.

Thus, at the critical moment, the leading old man made a split-second decision, “Things have changed, take Little Heavenly Master and withdraw!”

After giving the order, these few people immediately turned around and took the bride they had saved with them, fleeing frantically towards the outside of the main hall.

Burning Heaven did not chase after them, but stood on high ground, standing with his hands folded, watching with a smile.

It was as if he was waiting for something more.

Sure enough!

A few breaths later, only a boom was heard.

That magnificent and snow-white holy wedding veil exploded in the eyes of all the people who were terrified.

At the same time, a short blade flew out like a bolt of lightning.


The sharp blade entered the body and sealed the throat with a single blow.

The nearest Heavenly Master Daoist looked at the woman in red in front of him with an endlessly bewildered gaze.

Then, it collapsed with a loud bang.



“You’re not a Little Heavenly Master?”

This sudden change of events undoubtedly caused all these Heavenly Master Daoists to be shocked.

“Congratulations, you got the answer right.”

The woman in red let out a cold laugh, followed by the sharp blade in her hand flying out once again, cutting a bizarre arc in the air.


“Quickly dodge!”

The old man in the lead exclaimed.

This time, he gave advance warning.

As a result, the woman in red did not manage to reap lives as smoothly as she did earlier.

The sharp blades only left trails of blood on their bodies.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

At this time, the strongmen of the Indian Kingdom who had been ambushing outside the door all along also rushed in.

They blocked the path of these Heavenly Master Daoists.

In a closed-door attack, they trapped these Heavenly Master Daoists in the main hall.

The situation took a sharp turn for the worse.

Those who had originally surrounded Burning Heaven were now trapped by Burning Heaven instead.

“Burning Heaven, you despicable villain, you designed to harm us?”

The old man in the lead finally realised what was going on, and his old eyes were red as he looked at Burning Heaven.

The path ahead had been cut off.

Now they were no doubt just beasts trapped in a trap, standing with their backs to each other, looking in all directions with eyes full of caution.

High above, Burning Heaven stood with his hands folded.

His proud gaze looked over as if he saw a few dead corpses, “Without using some tactics, how can we wipe out this group of remnants of you?”


“Eldest Brother, you’re just too naive.”

“That old thing hasn’t even fought me, let alone you.”

“Son of a b*tch!” The Heavenly Master Daoist was full of lofty eyes as he scolded at Burning Heaven uncontrollably.

“Where’s Little Heavenly Master?”

“What have you done with the Little Heavenly Master?”

“Burning Heaven, if you dare to touch even a hair on her head, we will not spare you even if we are ghosts.”

In the face of these people’s angry voices, Burning Heaven shook his head and smiled, “Do you know that many years ago, a supreme demon emerged from the Martial Dao world.”

“Once, with the strength of one man, he almost broke through the Chu Sect.”

“At that time, the global martial dao, all eclipsed by his light.”

“But as a result, that vertical son did not die under my king’s dribble!”

“I remember that when he was dying, those of his followers had threatened me in the same way.”

“But what happened?”

“After all these years, I, the King of Heaven, am still smiling and proud in the world!”

“And that vertical son has long since been scattered and forgotten in the world.”

“So, how can there be any ghostly retribution in the world?”

“Only the one who lives is the ultimate victor!”

“And that person who is alive, that is me, Burning Heaven!”

“In a hundred years, a thousand years, what with the Heavenly Master and the old Tao, what with Ye Fan and Chu Fan, all have become a shovelful of white earth.”

“And I, Burning Heaven, am still here, forever!”