Worth Deserving Chapter 1912

The majestic sound was like thunder exploding.

This magnificent family head, as well as the few guards he had brought with him, were actually all stunned by Ye Fan’s majestic momentum.

For a moment, they stayed in place in fear, not daring to speak.

Even the self-proclaimed noble family head in front of him had the feeling that his life was being strangled when he faced Ye Fan.

He didn’t know why he felt this way.

He was just a poor boy from a poor background, a despicable person with no name.

But why did it give him a sense of fear that he was walking on thin ice in the abyss?

After saying this, Ye Fan finally left.

He did not take this man’s life.

After all, he was also doing it for his daughter.

Ye Fan always possessed more tolerance for such men who were rich in fatherly love.

It was only when Ye Fan’s back was far away that Noa’s father came back from his panic.

“What an arrogant little boy!”

“And the power is in your hands?”

“How much power can you, a nameless curmudgeon, have?”

“Could it be that it is still stronger than a power, stronger than a powerful family?”

“After all, it is only the impotent rage of a vertical son.”

The man shook his head, his eyes full of disdain and contempt.

A man, mediocrity may be temporary.

But the key, to recognise oneself.

A person who could not even face up to his own incompetence and mediocrity, what greatness could he be expected to achieve in the future?

In his opinion, a man like Ye Fan who is arrogant and unaware of himself is doomed to a lifetime of mediocrity!

Previously, the man had thought of giving Ye Fan a push for the sake of his daughter’s happiness.

But now, what’s the point of pushing?

He would bring a pig up to the sky, but he would never give this Yanxia junior half a lift.

“Let’s go!”

The man snorted coldly and waved his sleeves away.

His first words when he returned to Noa’s side were, “Forget him.”

“Such a lowly and despicable man is not worthy of you, nor is he worthy of your thoughts.”

“Father will find you the best man in the world to be your husband and my son-in-law!”

The man spoke in a deep voice, and there was an unquestionable majesty in his words.



“Ye Fan, what’s going on?”

“What is the head of the Vyas family looking for you for?”

“It’s not to get back at you, is it?”

“That little girl, it seems to be someone from the Vyas family.”

After returning to his seat, Kane asked Ye Fan with some worry.

Ye Fan smiled lightly, “It’s fine, it’s all settled.”

“That’s good.” Kane breathed a sigh of relief, “The Vyas family is the head of the three noble families in the Indian country. The power and energy in the Indian country is unimaginable.”

“If they get on my mind, I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk out of Indian Country alive.”

Kane said with his eyes full of gloom.

Winnie also asked Ye Fan once again, is it really resolved?

Ye Fan smiled and said, “If it wasn’t solved, do you think I would still be able to come back intact?”

With these words, Ye Fan had dispelled Winnie’s doubts.

“It’s best to do so.”

“I also hope that, through this matter, you can learn a lesson.”

“People like you who come from humble origins should be more honest on a regular basis.”

“A moment of impulsiveness may bring you a momentary pleasure.”

“But the consequences are not something a little man like you can afford.”

Winnie lectured Ye Fan in the tone of a life coach.

Next to him, Kane also nodded his head in deep understanding, “Ye Fan, although my sister speaks badly, what she says is the truth.”

“Anyway, let’s stay out of trouble if we can in future.”

Kane was also persuading Ye Fan.

Ye Fan didn’t say anything and just smiled back.

At this time, in the hall, music began to play.

Immediately afterwards, the master of ceremonies walked onto the high stage.

“Guests and friends, thank you all for coming all the way here.”

“Let us witness a grand and magnificent wedding on this sacred day.”

“Naturally, it goes without saying that today’s leading man is the most powerful man in our Indian Kingdom, who has spent his life guarding the people of this Guo family.”

“The lord of the kingdom bestowed his title and granted him a fiefdom.”

“Yes, he is our King of Indigo.”

The MC’s pa*sionate voice rang out.

Below the stage, there was already thunderous applause.

Kane and Winnie snapped their hands in applause.

“Next, we will be highlighting our hostess for today.”

“I have officiated at nearly a thousand weddings since I have been in the wedding officiating business.”

“However, I can say without exaggeration that today’s hostess is the most beautiful of all the brides I have ever seen.”

“There is a saying in Yanxia that says, “A sinking fish is a sinking goose, a closed moon is a shy flower.”

“I don’t think that any beautiful word in the world is too much to describe her.”

“Well, not much to say.”

“Next, we have our newcomer, making her official appearance!”


The MC’s words fell, and in an instant, a thousand cannons boomed in unison.

The mellifluous sound of music followed.

Roses sprinkled down from the sky.

The tightly packed hall opened with a bang, like a door to heaven.

Bright light poured down.

Afterwards, all anyone could see was a majestic man in a suit, holding a pair of pure white and slender hands, stepping on a brand new carpet, welcoming the sky full of flower petals, slowly walking.

The whole place was abuzz with excitement!

All the women in the audience cast admiring and envious glances.

The men, on the other hand, looked longingly at the most powerful man in India.

And so it was, with all eyes on them.

The two walked hand in hand into the highest part of the hall together.

At the same time, behind the stage, images flashed across the huge screen.

Naturally, there was the huge photo album of the Indian Heavenly King, Burning Heaven, and the bride herself.

“Oh my!”

“Is that King Indigo’s queen?”

“So beautiful!”

“Simply captivating!”


“When did such a beautiful girl come out of our Indian Kingdom?”

The crowd was once again abuzz with excitement.

Although the bride was still wearing a veil, the pictures on the screen had already told the world what a stunning beauty the King of India’s queen was!

“Ye Fan, look, it’s really beautiful!”

“If my future wife, Kane, can be a tenth as beautiful as her, I will have no regrets in this life!”

Kane also shouted excitedly at Ye Fan.

However, he did not notice Ye Fan’s clenched hands and trembling body!


“How could it be Yao’er?”

“How could Yao’er have married him!”

Like a madman, Ye Fan stared deadly at those photos flashing on the front screen.

In his heart, it was all tremors and disbelief!

It was.

Wasn’t this stunningly beautiful woman the same Yue Yao who had previously left without saying goodbye and gone south to the Indian country to take revenge?

But, why did she become Burning Heaven’s bride?

What exactly had happened these days?

“No, something seems fishy.”

After a short tremor, Ye Fan seemed to have discovered something.

A pair of eyes fell on the mannish woman beside Burning Heaven, and his eyes then narrowed tightly.

“Congratulations, King Yin Tian!”

“On behalf of the Houghton family, I would like to wish King Yin Tian a happy new marriage!”


“On this happy day, the royal family of Western Europe has come to congratulate us!”


At this moment, guests from all sides offered their congratulations.

Feeling the respectful gazes of the crowd, Burning Heaven was filled with proud eyes.

“Gentlemen, have a heart.”

Burning Heaven waved his hand, and his proud voice echoed throughout the room.

At this moment, Burning Heaven had just reached the peak of his life.

Power, women, status, strength.

What a man wants in life is just all of the above.

Now, he had them all.

The power of a seal, a beautiful wife.

His life was now almost complete.

However, just as Burning Heaven was receiving the worship of the guests.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Suddenly, several sounds of breaking air exploded quietly.

Amongst the crowd, several figures were seen shooting out like arrows from a string.

These figures, dressed in robes, all had golden thunder patterns on their eyebrows, and as soon as they appeared, they took on the form of a full moon and surrounded Burning Heaven!

“Burning Heaven, you have deceived your master and destroyed your ancestors, and you have murdered your fellow disciples!”

“And now, you have imprisoned the new Heavenly Master of our Heavenly Master’s Way!”

“Today, on the orders of our ancestor, we have come to kill you, the villain, and clean up our business!