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Worth Deserving Chapter 1915

“It’s me.”

Ye Fan gave a response.

The low, slow voice was like thunder exploding at this moment.

Brush brush brush…

The gazes of everyone in the room were all gathered on him.

The Kane siblings, on the spot, were even scared out of their wits.

“Crazy man!”

“This is a madman!”

“It’s a complete madman!”

After hearing Ye Fan’s words, Winnie’s entire body had gone silly.

Her face was full of fear.

Rushing in Ye Fan’s direction, she cursed angrily.

She now regretted it a million times.

She didn’t expect that this Yan Xia man was such a brainless and unaware rash person.

If she had known, she would have just beaten him to death at that time, she would not have brought this stupid b*****d this in.

“You two fools!”

“The family is going to be killed by you!”

Next to them, Kane and Winnie’s uncles were also scared out of their wits, their faces pale with cold sweat.

It was like an unmitigated disaster!

Originally, they had come over today, apart from celebrating the wedding of the Indian Heavenly King, the rest of them had come to talk about cooperation.

Their family wanted to expand the market in India and had to find a backer.

As long as they took down Burning Heaven, their family’s business empire in India would undoubtedly rise up easily.

But now, it was all over.

Because of his two nephews and nieces, he had brought in a b*****d who didn’t know what he was doing.

Now, he wanted to kick the two siblings to death.

Not to mention that the family’s grand plan was ruined, once it was found out that Ye Fan had been led in by them, it was estimated that even he himself would not be able to leave this King Yin Island alive.

Even they were like this, and Kane, who was closest to Ye Fan, was already confused.

The whole man was so frightened that tears and snot flowed from his eyes and nose.

He hadn’t even figured out what this Ye Fan brother of his was thinking until now.

You say you are a nameless little man, what are you doing in this mess?

Aren’t you hitting a stone with an egg and seeking your own death?

It was estimated that someone else, Burning Heaven, could crush you just by extending a finger.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Ye Fan.

Some were shocked at Ye Fan’s arrogant boldness.

Some laughed at Ye Fan’s insolence.

And more than that, there was pity and pity.

They only felt that today’s wedding was going to be one more dead soul.

However, just when everyone thought that this Yan Xia man was looking for death without measuring himself.

In front of them, on the high platform, wearing a brand new suit and dressed as a groom, Burning Sky’s face had already started to change.

Especially, when he saw the man stand up and saw the slim man in front of him getting closer and closer.

Burning Heaven’s expression, too, had the initial majestic and domineering look, which slowly turned into horror and terror.

In the end, Burning Heaven’s pair of eyes were even close to staring at each other as his pupils suddenly tightened.

Like looking at a ghost, he looked at the face in front of him that had caused him immense fear.

“You… You…”

“You… You ….”

King Yin Tian was already dumbfounded.

His trembling body, pointing in Ye Fan’s direction, let out an almost rooster-like whimper from his mouth.

He opened his mouth wide and shouted for half a day, but he was unable to speak a single word.

Moreover, he even doubted his own eyes for a moment.

Thinking that he was seeing wrongly, that he was hallucinating.

However, he rubbed his eyes countless times.

But, it was still the same face, it was still the same person.

It was familiar, as if, this person had never left this world.

It was like that vast and endless ocean.

A thousand years, ten thousand years.

No matter how violent the storm is, no matter how vast the sea is.

He was still here, and would always be here.

Finally, Ye Fan had arrived in front of Burning Heaven.

He stood there, his indifferent eyes, just looking at the Burning Sky in front of him.

What kind of gaze was that.

It was like a true god of the nine heavens looking down on ants.

It was also like a ten-thousand-foot mountain bending over wormwood.

That kind of contempt and disdain did not even need to be deliberate, it just emanated naturally.

The moment Burning Heaven locked eyes with him, he had actually lost.

“What, Burning Heaven.”

“It’s only been two short years this time, could it be that you don’t remember me already?”

“How can we give a cup of happy wine when old friends get together?”

Ye Fan’s faint laughter resounded throughout the hall.

For a moment, the whole room was silent.

Winnie and the others, who had originally cursed in fear and anger, were even directly staggered there.

“Old… Old friend?”

“Could it be that this… This country boy, does he know… knows Lord Burning Heaven?

Winnie’s eyes widened as she felt that things had gone beyond her imagination.

This arrogant Yanxia man did not seem to be as unpleasant and humble as they had imagined.

“You… You’re Chu… Chu Tianfan?”

After trembling for a long time, the three words, Chu Tianfan, only came out of Burning Heaven’s mouth.

Ye Fan did not hide and nodded frankly, “It seems that Brother Burning Sky, still remembers me, an old friend.”

Ye Fan smiled lightly, but that smile, when it landed in Burning Heaven’s eyes, was even more terrifying than seeing an evil ghost.

He jumped backwards so violently that the wall behind him was smashed, thinking like a rat seeing a cat, he quickly pulled away from Ye Fan.

At the same time, he stared with dead eyes and shook his head frantically.


“This can’t be!”

“This is never possible!”

“You’re already dead.”

“You died two years ago.”

“The whole world witnessed your fall.”

“How is it possible that you are still alive?”

“This is never possible!”

“This is a blindfold.”

“This must be a blindfold from those old dogs of the Heavenly Master’s Way.”

“Watch as this king smashes you to pieces and reveals your original form!”

Burning Heaven roared in horror.

Seeing Burning Heaven in such a state of disarray, the entire audience of guests was dumbfounded then.

To be able to make the number one powerhouse of the Indian Kingdom so fearful and out of shape.

The crowd no longer dared to imagine what kind of person this fresh-faced man in front of them was.

“Winnie, you… This friend of yours, to… Who exactly is it?”

“He… He’s really from the countryside?”

Winnie’s uncle changed his previous disgusted and stinky attitude towards Ye Fan to one of awe.

At this moment, he even asked Winnie with trembling words.

Wenni’s pretty face was also white as she shook her head in bewilderment, “I… I don’t know either…”

They had only met Ye Fan in pa*sing.

In total, Winnie had never said a few words to Ye Fan, and she had never seen him.

Naturally, Winnie would not know Ye Fan’s true identity.

Equally baffled were the Heavenly Master Daoists.

They had expected certain death, but now, there seemed to be a slight turn of events.

This mysterious man who had suddenly appeared did not seem as simple as his age would suggest.


At this time, Burning Heaven had completely exploded.

He opened his mouth to induce thunder and shouted out for thunder to come.

A hundred meters of thunder then ran through the heavens and the earth like a thunder dragon, angrily batching down in the direction of Ye Fan.

“I don’t care if you are a human or a ghost, come to death for this king!”

“Under this king’s heavenly thunder, all demons and ghosts will be reduced to flying dust!” Burning Heaven roared in fury.

The deafening roar lifted the roof of the entire hall.

The fear inside was transformed into endless killing intent at this moment.

Whether the whole Ye Fan was real or not, he had to die.

That fear of being dominated by Ye Fan, Burning Heaven did not want to experience it again.

“Friend, danger!”

“Be careful!”

Seeing the Heavenly Master Thunder Technique being performed under Burning Heaven, a hundred metres of thunder actually appeared.

These Heavenly Master Daoists were undoubtedly trembling to the core.

They shouted at Ye Fan in fear, telling him to dodge immediately.

However, Ye Fan ignored them.

He stood peacefully.

It was like a stubborn stone in a turbulent river.

He did not move as the river rushed by!

Until, his thin body was struck by the thunder.

“It’s over!” The Heavenly Master was in despair.

Winnie and the others were even more terrified and terrified.

Kane covered his eyes in fear.

He did not dare to look at his former best friend, who was now split into millions of quick by the thunder.

However, just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was bound to die.

Suddenly a dragon roar resounded through the clouds.

The Yin Yang Dragon Body immediately burst open.

Golden light lingered and the giant dragon rose to the sky.

Chu Tianfan, the Dragon God Hall Master, resisted the heavenly thunder hard and did not retreat even a bit!

“Wh… What?”