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Worth Deserving Chapter 1916

“This is the Dragon God Body!”

“Chu Sect’s supreme body refining martial art, the Dragon God Body!!!”

The corners of the Indian Heavenly King Burning Heaven’s eyes twitched as endless trepidation and trembling swept through his heart, and his pair of eyes were even close to popping out.

In his heart, there was even a crazy thought flashing out.

Could it be that he was really Chu Tianfan.

The Chu Tianfan who was number one on the Heavenly Rankings back then?

Could he be, he really hadn’t died?

He had come back?


“It can’t be him.”

“It can never be him!”

“It’s a fake.”

“It’s all a fake!”

Even now, Burning Heaven still did not want to believe that the person in front of him was the real Ye Fan, the living Chu Tianfan.

However, how could Ye Fan pay any attention to Burning Heaven’s feelings.

After the Dragon God Body was on fire, Ye Fan swung his right hand, a huge fist as thick and heavy as a mountain, nearly pulling the power of the entire heaven and earth.

Afterwards, he slammed his fist towards Burning Heaven’s location.

Under Ye Fan’s fist, the tens of millions of thunderbolts in the surroundings were instantly shattered as if they were gla*s.

Under the heavy fist, all the crowd could see was that the space in this area was nearly shattered.

The terrifying power trembled countless people.

Burning Heaven did not dodge.

Instead, he chose to go toe-to-toe with Ye Fan.

Under the lightning addition, Burning Heaven mobilised all his power and gathered it on his fists and palms.

Back then, during the battle in the rainforest, Burning Heaven had an arm chopped off.

During that time, Burning Heaven’s strength was greatly damaged.

But as the saying goes, if you don’t break, you don’t stand.

Back then, the broken arm allowed Burning Heaven to create a one-armed fist technique.

The power of thousands was combined in one arm.

The power of this fist was, on the contrary, even stronger than the strongest power that Burning Heaven once had in his heyday.

“Even if you really are Chu Tianfan in the flesh, so what?”

“I, Burning Heaven, have traversed the eight wildernesses and dictated South Asia.”

“The pain of my one arm back then even made me break through the cocoon and transform into a butterfly!”

“Even if the real Chu Tianfan were alive, I would not necessarily fear him in the slightest!”

“What’s more, you, an impostor?”

Burning Heaven’s eyes were red, and his angry roar shattered the tables and chairs in the great hall.

The battle between the two great sealers was astonishing, and the real masterstroke had yet to be fought, but the entire hall was already in shambles.

Those who were close by were all sent flying.

Those who were farther away were also pressed down like mountains.

Their faces were so pale that they felt as if the blood was being squeezed out of their veins.



At this time, I don’t know who shouted out.

Those guests present finally realised that they had the power of life at stake.

As the saying went, when the gods fought, mortals suffered.

If they were in the vicinity of Ye Fan and the others, even if they were strong masters, they would probably be injured.

As for ordinary people, they would probably be broken to pieces!

For a while, the whole place was in chaos.

Kane and the others couldn’t care less about being shocked by Ye Fan’s strength.

They all fled in all directions like ducks in disarray.

Even those strong practitioners of the Heavenly Master Dao began to retreat into the distance.

The two of them, Ye Fan and Burning Heaven, naturally did not care about these conditions around them.

Faced with Burning Heaven’s angry voice, Ye Fan was laughing coldly.

“Burning Heaven, we haven’t seen you for many years, but you are still as arrogant as ever.”

“It seems that the pain of breaking your arm back then didn’t make you learn any lessons!”

“Since that’s the case, then let me show you again, my Chu Tianfan’s true majesty!”

Ye Fan’s mellow laughter was like a morning bell and evening drum, resounding through the nine heavens.

Kane and Winnie probably never dreamed that these words would come out of the mouth of that country boy who was sitting next to them before.

That kind of dominance, that kind of majesty, that kind of aura of defiance over all beings.

This was not like a boy from a poor background.

Rather, it was the lord of all beings, the king who stood at the top of the world!

At one time, Winnie still thought that Ye Fan was a frog at the bottom of the well with little insight.

But now, it seemed that the real frog at the bottom of the well was them.

She and Kane, after all, had underestimated that man.

No, it wasn’t just them, siblings.

It was also Noa, and even Noa’s father.

All of them, all of them, had underestimated the man.

“Noa, come on…”

Of course, Noa’s father could no longer care about lamenting his lack of eyesight.

His only thought right now, that was to stay away from the battlefield between Ye Fan and the two Burning Heaven.

However, what drove Noa’s father a little crazy was this.

That b*****d daughter of his own seemed to be blinded by her feelings.

When the battle between the two sides was about to come to a head, that foolish girl of Noa’s actually rushed towards Ye Fan regardless of everything.

Perhaps, she was still afraid that Ye Fan would die.

Or perhaps, she wanted to escape with Ye Fan.

However, Noa’s soft and delicate body looked so fragile and small when she rushed into the battle between the king and the king.

It was like a fallen leaf caught in a storm.

A falling leaf cannot change anything, it cannot block the wind, nor can it stop the rain.

The only end is to be torn to pieces by the endless wind and rain!

“Family head, it’s too late, run!”

Noa’s father also wanted to rush in and take his daughter away.

However, it was already too late.

The attack of the Incendiary Heavenly King Burning Heaven had already fallen.

Those guards of the Vias family, in order to protect the family head’s safety, directly forcibly took away Noa’s father.

“b*****d, let go of me!”

“I’m going to save my daughter…”

Noa’s father screamed in anger.

But, it was useless.

He was dragged along, and could only watch, helplessly and desperately, as his foolish daughter, ran into the storm ahead.

“Ya’er, you’re confused…”

It came the mournful and poignant shout of this one father.

In the midst of the storm, the man’s tears, were blown to pieces!


Just at the moment Noa’s father was carried away.

Ye Fan let out a furious cry that exploded into the clouds.

“Wuji Avalanche!”

The roof of the great hall had long since been lifted off.

The roiling heavenly river outside was revealed.

And beneath the nine heavens, only the man could be seen, standing proudly in the heavens and the earth.

The dragon roared and golden light surged.

After the sound of the infinite crash shouted out.

Everyone, only saw the slim figure, his feet shattering the earth, his body bent into a powerful bow.

Endless power was transmitted from the earth to his entire body.

With this roar, he slammed down his fist with a majestic power.


The two fists clashed.

The boom.

It shattered the void and cracked the earth.

The endlessly luxurious Heavenly King’s Palace fell apart in an instant.

Steel and concrete, gilt pillars, glazed tiles, all turned into gravel and blew all over the island.

Those who did not have time to run away were directly shaken open by the powerful Qi that spilled out.

All their internal organs were shattered.

Fresh blood poured out like rain.

Who would have thought that the day of the Indian Heavenly King’s great joy would now be as bloody and horrific as the end of days.

“Who will win?!”

The Heavenly Master Daoist, as well as those disciples of the Burning Heaven, all hid in the distance, staring at the battle to death.

Everyone was holding their breath nervously.

After all, this clash between the two was not only a matter of their victory or defeat, but also of their own lives and deaths.


The dust cleared.

The two magnificent and domineering figures in the middle of the battle were revealed.

Their fists were still clashing!

Like bulls with horns on top of each other.

A stalemate!

“Is it a draw?”

Seeing the scene before them, the Heavenly Master Daoist as well as Burning Heaven’s disciple were all startled.

“This young man, what terrifying strength, he actually tied with Burning Heaven?”

“When did such a character emerge from this martial arts world?”

The hearts of the Heavenly Master Daoists were all aghast.

In their lineage, they always lived in seclusion in the deep mountains, tempering their thunder magic.

They never cared about the affairs of the martial arts world.

They only knew about some long-established old generation powerhouses, those young powerhouses, they naturally did not know.

Therefore, when they saw a man in his twenties or thirties blocking Burning Heaven’s attack, they naturally trembled.

“Heh heh?”

“A draw?”

“You guys are delusional!”

“What kind of cultivation does my teacher have? What kind of power?”

“How can such a junior be my teacher’s opponent?”

“This first move is just a test of my teacher’s strength, he is not using his full strength.”

“Next, when my teacher is at full power, it will be the moment when this youngster will die!”

The disciple of King Yin Tian laughed loudly.

He looked smug and arrogant, as if he was sure of his victory!