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Worth Deserving Chapter 1917

Faced with the smugness of the Burning Heaven disciples, the faces of those Heavenly Master Daoists were gloomy.

They had indeed appreciated the skills of Burning Heaven.

They were also well aware of how terrifying and powerful the Incendiary Heavenly King Burning Heaven was in the global martial arts world today.

And this young man in front of them might be equally extraordinary.

But after all, he was too young, so even they did not dare to be too optimistic about him.

However, just when everyone thought it was a draw.

Deep in the centre of the battlefield, the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth instantly lifted up in an arc.


“What’s going on?”

“That young man is laughing!”

Ye Fan’s reaction caused the crowd’s eyebrows to tremble.

And the next moment.

Boom, boom, boom, boom~

A full nine powerful qi exploded silently over the Incendiary Heavenly King Burning Heaven.

It was like nine high explosive grenades.

One after another, they exploded inside Burning Heaven’s body.

Burning Heaven let out a miserable cry and his robes were instantly shattered.

He, himself, was even like a cannonball, and was directly shaken away.

His body, which was hundreds of pounds in weight, brought up a demonic arc in the air.

Fresh blood mixed with fragments of internal organs was spat out all over the ground.

Finally, there was another boom.

Everyone could only see that this king, who held up the sky in the eyes of the people of India, fell to the ground in such a mess.

His mouth was full of blood, and he looked as miserable as a ruined dog.

All the previous majesty and dignity was smashed to pieces under Ye Fan’s punch.

Deadly silence!

A deadly silence.

For a moment, the heaven and earth were silent.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Heavenly Master Daoist’s eyes were wide open, and those disciples of Burning Heaven were even more incredulous as they looked at the scene before them.

One punch!

Just one punch!

Before this, who would have thought that this seemingly ordinary youngster in front of him would have directly defeated the number one powerhouse in South Asia, the Guardian God of the Martial Dao of India, Burning Heaven, with the might of a single punch!

What a demon!

What kind of a demon is this?

The Heavenly Master Daoist’s expression trembled.

Burning Heaven’s disciple’s face was white.

And King Yin Tian fell to the ground, his breath shriveled.

He struggled to exert his strength to suppress his injuries.

However, the raging power in his sinews and veins was like a storm sweeping across his internal organs.

He could not muster any strength at all.

In the end, it even pulled at his injuries.

He coughed several times in a row.

Several mouthfuls of murky blood were spat out again.

“How is it, Burning Heaven?”

“How is the effect of my move, the Infinite Collapse?”

“You should be honoured.”

“This punching technique, since I mastered it, you are the first person to witness its power.”

Ye Fan stood tall, looking down on the burning heaven beneath his feet like a mole.

Just as Ye Fan had said, this move, the Wuji Avalanche, was something he had cultivated back then in the extreme north, during the time he was recuperating from his injuries.

During the two years when Ye Fan was recovering from his injuries, there was nothing to be seen in the Extreme North except the endless ice and snow.

The only being that accompanied him was that man.

The same man who, physiologically speaking, he should call his father.

In the most wretched moment of his life, he opened his eyes to find that. The one who was by his side was the one he hated the most.

No one could understand how Ye Fan felt at that time.

He would even rather die than let this man see his most wretched and weakest side.

But at that time, Ye Fan actually had the luxury of even dying.

He could only pa*sively accept the healing and medical treatment given to him by that man.

During that period, that man kept taking the initiative to speak to Ye Fan.

He was like a chatterbox, talking incessantly in Ye Fan’s ear.

From astronomy to geography, from history to the future.

When he ran out of things to talk about, he would tell Ye Fan stories he had made up.

But Ye Fan never responded to a single word he said.

He never did!

But the man was not discouraged and continued to chat to Ye Fan every day.

Later on, he even told Ye Fan about his martial arts tips and cultivation experiences.

The inspiration for the “Wuji Ban” technique came from the man’s mouth.


“You should have learned a lot of our Chu family’s Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi, right?”

“It was created by our old ancestor, Ancestor Yun Yang.”

“When used in conjunction with the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination Method, it can achieve maximum power and effect.”

“Everyone thinks that the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination is the strongest martial art in the world.”

“However, after so many years of practising martial arts, I have found that there is no such thing as the strongest martial art, only the most suitable one.”

“So yeah, you don’t have to look at the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi as so sacred.”

“Sometimes, you can adapt it appropriately according to your own understanding.”

“For example, the second stance of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi, the Fiery Mountain Avalanche.”

“And the sixth stance, Wuji Jin.”

“One focuses on the fist technique, which is rigid and domineering, and is about instantaneous explosions.”

“The Wuji Jin, on the other hand, focuses more on the power generation technique, which is continuous, and is about a backward force. When one strength comes out, nine strengths are born.”

“Since that’s the case, have you ever thought of fusing these two moves.”

“Use the power generation technique of Wuji Power to perform the Fiery Mountain Bash.”

“Maybe, one punch can be better than nine?”

“You can really try it out sometime.”

“It really might be an unexpected pleasure?”


These were the man’s exact words at the time.

Ye Fan’s resentment towards the man had not yet subsided at that time, so naturally he did not care about his words.

But later, as they spent time together, Ye Fan’s resentment gradually became thinner.

In time, he had begun to listen to the man’s words closely.

Therefore, he tried to fuse the two moves as the man had said.

An even more powerful martial art, the Wuji Avalanche, was thus born!

And, with a single punch, it broke apart Burning Heaven!

“Chu… Chu Tianfan…”

“You… You’re really not dead?”

“It seems that indeed …. Indeed, we were too naive.”

“At that time, it was… Shouldn’t have given up the search for your body.”

“This… This world, after all… After all, I underestimated you.”

As things had developed to this point, even Burning Heaven had to accept the fact that the person in front of him was Ye Fan himself.

After all, at such an age, who else could defeat him with crushing force but the demon who had dominated the Heavenly Rankings back then?

Yes, Burning Heaven had realised.

Chu Tianfan that was not dead!

That devilish man, he was back.

At this moment, Burning Heaven could be described as remorseful.

That year, Ye Fan had killed himself with his sword.

The body was taken away by a mysterious person afterwards.

Everyone tried to look for it for a while afterwards, but then, it was left untouched.

The reason was that everyone took it for granted that Ye Fan had been pierced by ten thousand arrows and could not possibly be alive.

Since he was already dead, what was the point of finding his body.

Even Burning Heaven himself thought the same thing.

However, it was this kind of fluke mentality that ultimately made them miss the golden period to kill Ye Fan completely.

After all, at that time, even if Ye Fan wasn’t dead, he was probably still on the verge of death.

As long as they found Ye Fan’s body, even a dog would be able to bite him to death, right?

But the world’s martial powerhouses were all negligent, all thoughtful, all naive.

“That’s right, a man who can sweep through the Chu Sect at the age of his early twenties, what miracle won’t happen to him?”

“Chu Tianfan, I have to admit that you are, indeed, a very formidable opponent.”

“To be an enemy of you is probably the biggest mistake this king has ever made in his life.”

Burning Heaven suddenly laughed, his eyes full of self-deprecation.

He had stopped dwelling on why Ye Fan hadn’t died.

It was meaningless.

What should be considered at the moment was how to make up for this oversight and kill Ye Fan again.

“Saying this now, are you trying to get me to take pity on you and let you off the hook?”

“Do you think so yourself, is it possible?” Ye Fan asked indifferently.

“What if I were to let that woman go?”

“Use her life, in exchange for my life?”

“If what I expect is right, you are here for that woman too, right?”

“That’s right, I’m here for Yao’er.” Ye Fan nodded his head.


“Hero, it is true that beauty is difficult to overcome.”

“Even if you are as strong as Chu Tianfan, you are still not moved for a woman.”

“It is also true that this little sister of mine is born with a heavenly beauty and a luscious and intoxicating body. There is also a creation healing art that even the Sealed Sovereign has to be afraid of.”

“For the inside, she can teach her husband and children, and add fragrance to her red sleeves.”

“For outside, she can heal the sick and save others, helping you to reach the top of the martial arts.”

“If you look around the world, I guess only Tang Yun of the Chu Sect and the Moon God of the Sun Country can be compared to this senior sister of mine, right?”

Burning Heaven wasn’t surprised by Ye Fan’s answer, but rather was happy to hear this.

Because, as long as Ye Fan cared more about Yue Yao, then the greater the chance of him surviving.