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Worth Deserving Chapter 1919


The entire King Yin Island began to tremble violently.

It was like boiling water, boiling violently.

Countless bizarre reels, as if they had been negotiated, hovered out from beneath the earth.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw ancient and bizarre patterns emerge from these discs.

And then, the forces of heaven and earth were triggered.

In the nine heavens, the violent thunder power, as if it had been summoned, converged towards the bottom like mad.

In an instant, the whole of King Yin Island became an ocean of thunder.

On the countless reels, thunderous light surged, and the violent power flickered incessantly.

However, this thunder power did not spill out everywhere, but began to gradually converge.

In the end, there were nine fire dragons formed.

Each one, a hundred feet tall.

The searing flames, with a furious and mighty aura, could not stop rising and growing stronger.

It was like an active volcano tumbling with lava, and the next moment would be the most violent eruption!


“Your time of death has come!”

“To die under the oldest formation of my Heavenly Master Dao, you should also be proud of yourself.”

Burning Heaven laughed proudly.

He was high at the top of the Heavenly River, like a monarch looking down on all beings, looking at a kind of mole and gra*s on that King Yin Island.

Although most of those thunder powers were gathered together, there was still a subtle amount of wildly explosive power swimming above the entire island.

This bit of power might be easily tolerable for a martial artist.

However, most of the people present were some worldly mortals.

And now that Ye Fan was fighting with Burning Heaven, the entire island was enveloped by the formation.

Even if they wanted to escape, there was nowhere to do so, and they were all trapped in the formation.

The lightning power in the air was so painful that it made them suffer.

They all fell to the ground as if they had been electrocuted, unable to stop their bodies.

“Your Highness Burning Heaven, save us…”

“I… We are your clansmen…”

Those of Burning Heaven’s clansmen, naturally, were also tragically affected.

They fell to the ground, moaning and shouting.

However, Burning Heaven would not pay attention to them.

To him, his clansmen, his friends and relatives were all just weak ants in his eyes.

He only had one thought in his mind right now, and that was to exterminate Ye Fan.

“It’s over!”

“The Lightning Fire Dragon Slaying Formation has been formed, when those fire dragons finish building up momentum, it will be the time of our death.”

The Heavenly Master Daoists who were also in the formation instantly revealed a look of despair.

Although it was also the first time they had seen this formation.

However, after all, it was an ancient secret art of the Heavenly Master Daoist sect.

They had seen descriptions of this formation from the sect’s canonical texts.

“This formation, it really doesn’t have any weaknesses?”

Ye Fan also cringed at the absence.

He had to admit that the Heavenly Master Dao was worthy of being an ancient sect.

The power of this formation in front of him was still not as powerful as those recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, though.

But one had to know that what was recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book were all celestial techniques.

In other words, it was an immortal technique.

It was a spell used by immortals!

In other words, although this Thunder Fire Dragon Slaying Formation was not as powerful as a celestial spell, its power had reached the ultimate level of human power!

Even Ye Fan, a few hints of gloom had to appear in his expression.

“No wonder this old dog chose the wedding on this King Yin Island.”

“So, it was waiting here?”

Ye Fan’s brow furrowed.

Earlier, Ye Fan had wondered why Burning Heaven had chosen to hold the wedding in his exclusive fiefdom and invited all kinds of powerful people.

Wasn’t he afraid that he would attract enemies and end his lair?

In the martial arts world, usually exclusive fiefdoms like this are not known to outsiders.

After all, once the lair was exposed, it was highly likely that it would be sought out by enemies and wiped out.

But now, Ye Fan undoubtedly understood Burning Heaven’s plan.

He was luring his enemies here so that he could end them all in one pot.

Perhaps, in Burning Heaven’s plan, there was no thought of activating this Thunderfire Dragon Slaying Formation.

But Ye Fan’s appearance had forced him to use his strongest card.

Scared, Ye Fan could not help but ask the Heavenly Master Daoist who was not far away.

Since they belonged to the same sect, they naturally had an understanding of this formation.

As the saying goes, if one knows oneself and one’s enemy, one can win a hundred battles.

If he could know where the principle formation base of this formation was, perhaps Ye Fan would be able to break through easily.

“It’s useless.”

“This formation has nine formation bases that together form the source of power of this formation.”

“Burning Heaven has been operating on this King Yin Island for decades.”

“After so many years, these formation bases, I’m afraid, have long absorbed and stored the incomparably terrifying power of thunder.”

“Thunder is the might of the heavens!”

“No one can stop the power of thunder.”

The Heavenly Master Daoist’s face was pale as he shook his head and spoke, his eyes full of despair.

“In that case, just destroy those nine formation bases.”

“Without the source of energy, the formations will naturally not break.”

“Then you guys know, those nine formation bases, where are they located?”

Ye Fan asked to them again.

The Heavenly Master Daoist in the lead nodded, “I know is I know.”

“Then why don’t you tell us?”

Those Heavenly Master Daoists still shook their heads, “It’s useless, senior.”

“Even if we know where they are, you still won’t be able to destroy them.”

“Because, those formation bases, are on the outside of the formation.”

“To destroy them, you have to rush out of the formation’s range.”

“But, we won’t be able to rush out at all.”

“Once you touch the edge of the formation, you will be attacked by those nine fire dragons in a frenzy.”

“With the power of thunder and fire combined, any life will be instantly vaporised.”

“We don’t stand a chance.”

These Heavenly Master Daoists had already given up.

They tilted their heads, all of them looking at the nine fire dragons that were circling and lingering in the air.

Their power was still strengthening.

When their power climbed to the extreme, they would begin to attack on their own initiative.

Now, it was just the final calm before the storm.

But right in the middle of the crowd’s despair, Ye Fan suddenly raised her head and looked at the nine coiling and haunting fire dragons at the top of that formation, her red lips lightly opened, “Can we rush out, just try it, won’t we know?”

As the words fell, Ye Fan stamped his feet on the earth and stomped his feet violently, his entire body was like an arrow that had left the string, rushing up into the sky.

“Senior, don’t!”

At that moment, a group of Heavenly Master Daoists were undoubtedly instantly shocked when they saw this.

Those few old men were even so frightened that their eyes almost stared out.

They cried out in alarm and instantly blocked it.

“Seniors, come back!”

“You’ll die…”

However, no matter how much they shouted.

Ye Fan’s body that charged into the sky was without any delay.

It was as if, a divine sword, vowing to split through all barriers.

“Senior, you are confused…”

Seeing that everything was irrevocable.

Those Heavenly Master Daoists, no doubt, covered their faces and sighed long and hard.

In their words, there was endless regret.

At this time, everyone’s gaze had been drawn by Ye Fan’s movements.

Outside the formation, Burning Heaven’s eyes were also abruptly frozen.

“Trying to break through my Thunderfire Dragon Slaying Formation?”

“You’re delusional!”

Burning Heaven laughed fiercely before manipulating those nine fire dragons to sweep towards Ye Fan in front of him.

“Dragons come!”

“Give me death!”

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Just as Ye Fan had just touched the edge of the formation.

Those nine fire dragons were like opening floodgates, their terrifying power converging into a pillar of power that struck Ye Fan head-on with the force of thunder.

The first one!

The second one…

Nine fire dragons struck Ye Fan’s body at almost the same time.

For the first few strokes, Ye Fan relied on his Dragon God Body to resist them.

However, after the fifth, sixth and seventh streaks fell, Ye Fan could no doubt not stop them even though he was carrying the Dragon God Body.

His forward momentum immediately came to a halt!

It was only when the eighth fire dragon fell, under the river of heaven, that the slim body was viciously split down like a cannonball.

The earth trembled and boulders shattered.

The very centre of the formation was smashed into a huge crater!