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Worth Deserving Chapter 1920

Dust rises to the sky.

Carrying the entire island, it trembled violently.


Seeing Ye Fan being split down from the sky by those nine fire dragons.

Daoist Tian Shi’s eyes were red then!

“Senior, you are confused.”

“I have long said that the power of thunder is a heavenly might, it is simply not something that human power can resist, eh?”

The Heavenly Master Daoist was filled with sighs of regret and pity.

This senior in front of him, so young, was capable of resisting the Burning Heaven.

In time, his might would have terrified the entire martial arts world.

But now, he had fallen here.

Naturally, these people felt pity.

This is undoubtedly a great loss to the entire martial arts world.

Yes, in the eyes of these Heavenly Master Daoists, Ye Fan was hit squarely on the brow by nine fire dragons.

An attack of this magnitude was simply unstoppable even for Burning Heaven himself, and under the nine thunderbolts, he would definitely die.

Even if Ye Fan was stronger than Burning Heaven, in their eyes, if he did not die, he would definitely be seriously injured and dying.


“Chu Tianfan, how is it?”

“I have painstakingly operated this King Yin Island for fifty years.”

“This Thunderfire Dragon Slaying Formation has even absorbed the power of heaven and earth here for fifty years.”

“Even a God Realm powerhouse can trap him for half a column of time!”

“And how can it be broken through by you, the outcast of the Chu Clan?”

Burning Heaven’s laughter echoed for a long time.

In his words, there was a reckless and arrogant look lingering.

“Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan.”

“Your greatest flaw, this person, is that you are too arrogant.”

“You think too highly of yourself and too little of others.”

“Yes, I admit it, I am not as strong as you, not as talented as you, not as powerful as you.”

“In a single fight, I really can’t fight you.”

“However, you are forgetting that the Island of the Seal King, is my domain!”

“In my Burning Heaven’s domain, who can defeat me?”

“Anyone who provokes the majesty of this king will be burnt into flying ashes!”

Heavenly thunder rolled.

Burning Heaven’s words had the sound of rolling thunder resounding in all directions.

At this moment, he was like a victor, pronouncing his declaration of victory.

And then, he opened his arms and pressed down fiercely.

At that moment, everyone could only see that the last fire dragon, drawn by the burning sky, swept towards the ruins where Ye Fan had fallen, whistling!

“Chu Tianfan, come die for me!”


The sound of anger was followed by a lifetime of explosions.

A fierce force exploded in an instant.

Searing waves of heat swept wildly from the explosion.

The power of the thunder pierced through everything.

The heat was so intense that even the rocks and gra*s were almost vaporised.

The area had become a vacuum.

As far as the eye could see, there was only a black, bottomless gully stretching towards the depths of the earth.

“It’s over!”

“It’s completely over.”

“This time, there won’t even be any dregs left.”

The Heavenly Master Daoist’s face was full of uncertainty, and finally his body went limp, sprawling helplessly on the ground.

The rest of the survivors were also looking at the scene in horror.

No one thought that Ye Fan would still survive.

With that level of attack just now, everything would probably be instantly shattered and then given to vaporisation by the high heat.

It was too vicious!

Not even a single corpse was left for Ye Fan.

The terrifying nature of the Indian Heavenly King had undoubtedly shocked everyone.



The world, reverted to silence.

The sand had fallen to the ground, the wind had calmed down.

This part of the world was silent.

Only Burning Heaven stood there, panting violently.

After a short rest, Burning Heaven suddenly laughed.



“I’ve won.”

“I’ve killed Chu Tianfan!”

“I killed Chu Tianfan, the number one on the Heavenly Ranking.”


“It’s me, Burning Heaven, who has the last laugh!”

Burning Heaven laughed wildly.

The entire person was like a maniac.

He threw himself up in the air and laughed, wildly venting his inner emotions.

All the fear, trepidation and trembling he had felt before

At this moment, there was no doubt that all of them had been vented out.

It was as if a lost pedestrian in the desert had finally found an oasis after all the hardships he had gone through.

Yes, no one could understand the excitement and thrill in Burning Heaven’s heart at this moment.

Although it had only been an hour since Ye Fan had appeared.

But for this one hour, the pressure on Burning Heaven’s mind was undoubtedly enormous.

It was like being torn between life and death.

And now, with Chu Tianfan being killed by him, the taut string in his heart was undoubtedly truly relaxed.

“Hallowed Heavenly King, quickly close the formation.”

“Let us go.”

At this time, in the middle of the formation, came the almost pleading cries of the Burning Heaven Clan.

Although Ye Fan had been destroyed, the formation was still in place at this time.

The power of thunder that strayed from it caused those people pain.

Those who were acquainted with King Yin Tian pleaded with Burning Heaven to take away the formation.

Burning Heaven bowed his head and looked down.

On King Yin’s Island, sores were all over the place.

Those who survived were like ants, sprawled on the ground.

Burning Heaven looked at them indifferently.

That empty sleeve arm swayed in the wind.

Feeling Burning Heaven’s gaze looking over, these survivors instantly felt a hope for life.

As long as Burning Heaven closed the formation, then they would be able to get out alive.

However, just as everyone was eagerly waiting for Burning Heaven to grant them absolution, Burning Heaven let out a cold laugh.

“Since they are here, then they should stay here and serve as a bit of sustenance.”


Burning Heaven’s words caused all the people to tremble.

Those Heavenly Master Daoists’ eyes were even close to staring out.

Burning Heaven was, in fact, going to kill them all!

“You beast!”

The Heavenly Master Daoists cursed in anger.


“Heavenly Master Daoist, I am one of your clansmen!”

Countless people sobbed miserably, kneeling in despair and begging.

But, it was useless.

Like the supreme powerhouse standing at the height of Burning Heaven, this mundane, in their eyes, was not much different from trampling an ant to death.

Just like that, he waved his hand.

Under the formation, nine fire dragons appeared once again.

Although, the attack just now had used up some of the energy of the formation.

But with the remaining energy, destroying these mundane ants would undoubtedly be a breeze.


On the Indian King Island, countless people let out hisses of despair.

The Heavenly Master Daoist also watched in horror as the fire dragon fell, desperate and waiting for death.

However, it was in the nick of time.

King Yin Island began to tremble.

Deep below the earth, a sound came faintly.


“What’s going on?”

“Could it be that another undersea earthquake has occurred?” Burning Heaven immediately frowned.

But at this time, the sound had grown louder and louder.

From far and near.

In the end, Burning Heaven suddenly heard it clearly.

It wasn’t an earthquake, it was a person.

It was someone speaking!

“Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi.”

“First stance, Yun Yang Kick!”


After hearing the all-too-familiar words, Burning Heaven’s body trembled tremendously and his old eyes burst out.

The entire person, in disbelief, looked down at the black hole of the gully.

The next moment, a golden light had already risen to the sky.

His body was covered in dragon patterns, and the golden light was all over the place.

Beneath the river of heaven, that thin body was like a heaven-breaking divine sword piercing through the void.

After charging into the sky and the ground, he kicked the fire dragon in the formation with the force of a thunderbolt!


There was no hindrance at all.

The hundred-foot long fire dragon was instantly burst by the kick.

The burning power exploded, but the figure did not lose its momentum.

The Yun Yang divine kick was followed by a kick at the second fire dragon.

Again, it exploded instantly!

“Second style, Fiery Mountain Avalanche!”

Amidst the wind and sand, Ye Fan’s eerie voice rang out once again.

A fist shadow as thick and heavy as a mountain immediately emerged.

A fist that covered the sky slammed out.

Three fire dragons were crushed by Ye Fan’s fist!

“Third stance, Heaven Turning Seal!”

Without any pause, after two strokes were released in a row, the third style of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Journeyman appeared in awe.

This time, Ye Fan’s two palms were repeatedly released, his feet stepped on the River of Heaven, and his hands captured the dragon!

Sixth, seventh, eighth

Three more fire dragons were crushed by Ye Fan’s hands!