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Worth Deserving Chapter 1927

“Come up and get killed.”

“Come and die!”

The muddled voices, like the burning sounds of the nine heavens, echoed for a long time in the middle of this great mountain and forest.

Ye Fan had already stopped moving forward, and his deep eyes narrowed at once.

“Ye Fan, then who is that?”

“I I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t seem to be someone from the Floo Palace.”

Noah was undoubtedly also stunned by the figure at the end of the River of Heaven.

The overwhelming aura was so overwhelming that it was close to destroying everything.

The endless killing intent appalled Noa to the core.

Ye Fan did not speak, only his figure slowly landed on the ground and placed Noa on the ground.

“Just stay here, don’t go anywhere.”

Ye Fan put down Noa.

Just as he was about to leave, Noa was grabbing him hard.

That little face full of worry and trepidation shook her head at Ye Fan uncontrollably.

It was like he was urging Ye Fan not to go over there and not to make a move with them.

This side was the Frodo Palace compound, the main stronghold of the Indian martial arts.

If Ye Fan went there alone, once he started fighting, Ye Fan would undoubtedly be in danger of falling deep into a heavy siege.

However, having come this far, Ye Fan would not stop there.

Yao’er was still suffering and her life or death was unknown.

In his life, Ye Fan had already lost too many people he cared about.

He did not want to lose any more.

Therefore, even if there was a mountain of fire ahead, Ye Fan still had to go through it!

He had to see how much this little country of India was capable of.

Back then, even the Chu Sect had not been able to keep him at the Chu Sect Mountain, so Ye Fan really did not believe that this Florentine Palace of the State of India could be more dangerous than the Chu Sect Mountain?

Just like this, that man, after all, departed.

The cold river was lonely, the sky was long.

The man called Chu Tianfan, once again, went to the battlefield of swords and knives, to kill with blood and fire!

Looking at the man walking alone in the midst of the roiling heavenly river, Noa suddenly felt the urge to cry.

If that woman called Yao’er saw that in this world, there was a man like light who, in order to save her, rushed into that battlefield of swords and fire without fear of life and death.

She should feel happy, right?

At least, there was a man in this world who really cared about her that much.

That man, moreover, was so dazzling.

So dazzling that he looked like an immortal who had fallen from the mortal world!

Noa was suddenly so envious of that girl called Yueyao.

How good it would be if she was the Yao’er in his eyes.

Even if it was only for a moment, but as long as she saw it, her king came to fetch her with his sword.

Even if she died, she would have no regrets!



Meeting the man’s might, Ye Fan stepped forward.

Soon, he stood in front of the man.

Between the nine heavens, two people stood like this across the void, standing far apart.

Beneath their feet, the waters of the Ganges rolled eastward.

The rushing waters roared through the valley, like a stern ghost from the abyss.

The fierce wind, wrapped in boundless cold and wetness, rolled past.

“You are Chu Tianfan?”

“I heard that you were once ranked number one on the Heavenly Ranking.”

The man sized up Ye Fan.

Although he had known about Ye Fan’s age, when he saw it with his own eyes, he still shuddered at the youth of the man in front of him.

Ye Fan ignored his question and simply said in a deep voice “Did Burning Heaven tell you to come out and stop me?”

“Tell him to hand over Yao’er.”

“I will let him die a painful death myself!”

“As for after that, I will retreat myself.”

Dorian laughed at his words.



The laughter was wanton, as if the sound of a stone crushing, with ridicule, with contempt and irony.

“And what an arrogant junior!”

“You have invaded my Indian country’s martial dao and killed my fellow citizens.”

“My daddy has yet to ask you for your sins, and you instead want us to hand over our people and want the lives of my Indian Kingdom’s seal.”

“Vertical son, don’t you think you are asking for too much?”

Dorian laughed coldly.

That high and mighty tone really seemed like the venerable one in this world.

Ye Fan didn’t get angry, he just looked up at him, but there was more than a little chill in his eyebrows.

“Is that so?”

“That would feel like more.”

“Actually, I would have wanted even more.”

“For example, after killing Burning Heaven, I would have stepped on the Frodo Palace and promoted your Indian martial dao.”

“And after that, split the Himalayas. Let the warm current from the South Indian Ocean blow to the hot summer Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and turn the Gobi Desert into the Land of Heaven.”

Ye Fan spoke in a light-hearted manner.

Like he was telling a joke.

At that time, Duolun was enraged “You vertical son, you are dying, and you are still giving me big words here.”

“Seeing that you are a junior, this daddy will give you a chance to live!”

“Break your own arms, kneel down and beg for mercy, honour me as your master and become my slave.”

“Become my slave and I will spare your life.”

Duo Lun’s low voice rang out.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled “You are even more foolish than Burning Heaven.”

“Even if Burning Heaven is arrogant, he is not guilty of being stupid enough to think that I would recognize him as my master.”

“Looking at you all covered in miscellaneous hair, you look like a savage.”

“I thought that you were just physically degenerate.”

“But now it seems that the brain is also bad, degraded to the level of a beast.”

“You,” Ye Fan almost exploded with anger at these words from Duo Lun.


“Chu Tianfan, how dare you treat my senior brother with disrespect?”

“My senior brother is a former senior in the martial arts world.”

“Even your Yanxia’s Ye Qingtian has to call himself a junior in front of my senior brother!”

“You little brat, it’s not enough to say that my senior brother is covered in hair, how dare you say that my senior brother has a bad brain?”

At the edge of the Ganges River, the bald old man who had been watching the battle from afar finally couldn’t hold back when he heard Ye Fan’s harsh and unpleasant words.

He cursed at Ye Fan!

Ye Fan looked over with an odd face “I’m not the only one who said that, you did too.”

“I,” the bald old man’s face turned blue, unable to speak because of Ye Fan’s words, and finally said in annoyance, “I’m repeating what you said.”

“It’s all the same.” Ye Fan spread his hands and then looked at Duo Lun, “Look, your senior brother agrees with me and thinks you’re not in your right mind. And specifically repeating it again.”

“Son of a b*tch!” The bald old man was going to be furious.

He hurriedly explained to Dorian, “Brother, don’t listen to his nonsense, he’s trying to sow discord!”

“You stupid b*****d, shut up!” The corners of Dorian’s eyes twitched and he wanted to smack this idiot to death.

You’re just a spectator, just watch, don’t say anything.

After scolding the bald old man, Duo Lun’s morose gaze looked at Ye Fan “What a sharp-tongued b*****d!”

“However, you’re looking for death.”

“Is that so?” Ye Fan laughed lightly, “But I think that it is you who is looking for death!”

“For so many years, people like you, who stood in my way, have basically died.”

“That’s enough!” Dorian bellowed.

He no longer wanted to fight with this brat.

This little b*****d wasn’t very old, but his mouth was a masterpiece.

If he continued to talk nonsense with him, he was afraid that he would die of anger!

So, after the sound of his voice fell, Dorian immediately struck out.

His sword swept through his hands.

The battle was about to begin!

In the void, one could only see that Duo Lun holding his sword with both hands, and he lashed down at Ye Fan’s location.

The forceful energy brought up a river of swords that was a hundred metres long.

The silvery blade light was like a knife cutting through tofu, splitting this river of heaven nearly in two.

“This is, the Heavenly Luo Blade Duel!”

“Senior brother has actually practiced the Heavenly Luo Blade Duel?”

On the banks of the Ganges River, the bald old man was instantly shocked.

The Heavenly Luo Blade Duel was the supreme blade technique engraved on Mount Froo Divine by their ancient powerhouse.

But for hundreds of years, no one in the country had been able to comprehend this blade duel.

And now, the ancient blade duel had reappeared in the world.


“My Indian country’s martial dao is about to rise again!”