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Worth Deserving Chapter 1928

The bald-headed old man’s laughter swept through.

But at the end of the heavenly river, the long blade had the appearance of lightning, splitting the sky.

Towards where Ye Fan was, it smashed angrily.

Ye Fan did not dodge, but stood proudly in the void, his hands folded.


“What does he want?”

“Could it be that this Chu Tianfan, wants to receive a white blade with his empty hands?”

Looking at Ye Fan’s movements, the bald old man Hai Bu, who was watching the battle from the side, his eyes instantly narrowed.

There was some horror in his heart.

“This idiot!”

“Simply looking for death.”

“How can my Senior Brother Dorian’s Wild Blade be received with an empty hand?”

The other Indian powerhouse called Bape also thought that this Ye Fan was truly crazy!

Perhaps, it was too arrogant and C*cky.

One should know that Duo Lun had been ranked in the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking many years ago.

And now that he had been in seclusion for decades, his strength was bound to refine once again.

Even if Chu Fan was still at the peak of his strength, there was no way that he could catch his blade with his empty hand.

The only result would be to be cut in half by Duolun’s frenzied blade!

Not only the two of them, but also Duo Lun, could see what Ye Fan was planning to do.

It was then that Duo Lun could not help but shake his head.

After all, he was only a junior, and his combat experience was seriously inferior.

He didn’t even know the simplest way to avoid his edge.

With this bit of Daoist skill, Duo Lun really couldn’t figure out how he had reached the top of the Heavenly Ranking.

Could it be that the current Heavenly Ranking was already so devoid of gold?


The cold wind swirled wildly, and the blade was streaking across.

At the top of the Heavenly River, the slash that stretched a hundred feet across had already fallen.


Duo Lun opened his mouth, there was no joy or sorrow in his indifferent gaze, and he was even a little bummed.

Although he hadn’t really cared about this Ye Fan to begin with.

But he thought that this so-called Heavenly Ranking No. 1, even if he was even worse, should be able to pa*s a few dozen moves with him.

But now, it seemed that he had overestimated this Yan Xia junior after all.

Receiving his Tian Luo Blade Technique with his empty hand.

What was the difference between that and banging his head against the tip of a sword?

“How meaningless.”

This was what Dorian thought in his mind.

He had already acquiesced to Ye Fan and would be decimated by this slash of his.

Therefore, after he swung this slash, he directly turned around in style and looked behind him at his two junior brothers, “In a moment, you two go over there, chop off his head and bring it back to the Floo Palace.”

Dorian’s bland tone was one of pretence.

It was like the battle-hardened god of war, who was ready for battle!

After saying this, Dorian intended to go back to the Florentine palace first.

But it was the two of them, Haibu and Bappe, whose faces became distorted with a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Brother, quick… Look…”

The two men spoke with pale faces and trembling expressions.

Dorian, however, waved his hand and said casually, “There’s nothing to be surprised about.”

“The Tian Luo Blade Duel is unstoppable, it is the most rigid and powerful blade technique in the world.”

“The only way to deal with such a blade duel is to avoid its sharpness and have a fighting chance.”

“This Yan Xia junior is inexperienced in combat, he even tried to catch a white blade with his empty hand.”

“It’s not a big surprise that I was decimated with a single slash.”

“If you and the others wish to learn, when I am free, I can teach you a move or two.”

Dorian spoke indifferently.

It looked like he thought that Haibu and the others’ loss of composure was due to the terrifying power of the sword duel he had just performed.

“No… No, senior brother.”

“Look, block… It’s blocked!”

Both Hai Bu were in a hurry, and these two words almost came out in a roar.


Dorian just shuddered then.

And then turned around violently.

Only to see Ye Fan still standing there at the river of heaven ahead.

He folded his hands together, and that hundred-foot blade mane was actually held in his hands like that.

The fierce sword wind blew his clothes.

However, the almost heaven-destroying energy could not repel Ye Fan in the slightest.

It was as if the mouth of a tiger had been broken open by Ye Fan!

Catching a white blade with his empty hand!

Ye Fan had really done it.

“This… How is this possible?”

“This is never possible!”

“My Tian Luo Blade Duel is indestructible and rigid to the extreme.”

“He… How could he possibly be able to block it with just his hands?”

Duo Lun, who had been arrogant beyond measure, finally stopped being calm when he saw the scene before him.

The entire person, as if he had gone mad.

He stared at the scene in front of him with dead eyes in disbelief.

Who could have imagined that Ye Fan’s thin and small body could burst out with such magnificent strength!

By relying on his hands, he had managed to catch that devastating force.

The visual impact was like an oceanic storm that instantly swept through Duo Lun’s entire heart.

Noa, who was hiding in the forest, looked at that magnificent feat and was shaken: “Really, it’s like a god…”

Noa stared in fascination.

At this moment, Ye Fan, obviously noticing the sight of Duolun and the others looking over, immediately turned around and smiled wickedly: “Give it back to you.”

In the next moment, all they could see was that Ye Fan turned his body, held the blade in his hand, and slashed violently!


The longitudinal blade mane cut through heaven and earth.

With the speed of lightning, it cut through the sky and fell straight down into the nine heavens.

Its speed was so fast and its momentum so strong.

It was like the might of thunder in the sky.

At that moment, Haibu and Bappe were directly dumbfounded!

Even Dorian was so shocked that his eyes popped out!

None of the three of them, had expected that Ye Fan would actually knock back this blade mane!


“Haibu, run!”

Bape shouted like a mad dog.

They were not Ye Fan, they would not dare to receive this blade maneuver with their empty hands.

Therefore, the first thought the three of them had was to avoid its edge.

However, how fast was the blade light?

Coupled with Ye Fan’s unexpectedness.

It didn’t leave them much time to react.

The three of them had just scattered a few metres when the blade was already ruthlessly slashing down.

The mountains and rivers trembled and the earth split open.

The hundred thousand trees beneath their feet were like bean curd, directly split apart by the lazy slash.

At the very centre of the storm, the gra*s, trees and flying rocks were even instantly turned into flying ash!

It was worthy of being an ancient sword technique of the Indian martial arts.

This power could almost catch up with the Cloud Smoke Sword Skill.

With the sound of the explosion, the huge shockwave directly lifted off Haibu and Bape.

These two Sealed Patriarchs who had come to watch the battle probably had never dreamed that they would be shot while lying down.

At this moment, they all flew backwards, spitting out blood.

Doran was a little better off!

He was stronger after all, and the impact just now only knocked him back a few steps and did not cause too much injury.

But the blast still ripped through his clothes, and the surface of his skin showed some blood marks.

The whole man, on the other hand, looked in a sorry state!

“D*mned Yan Xia junior!”

“I’ll kill you…”

The blade’s aura dispersed and the dust gradually subsided.

Duo Lun, who had blocked the attack, cursed angrily with a gloomy face.

However, his words had just fallen.

Amidst that sky of dust, a black shadow had rushed in.

It was Ye Fan!

Yes, after knocking back that blade mane, Ye Fan had followed suit and pounced.

His palm curled into a fist and he charged up instantly like a maggot on his tarsus.

He didn’t give Duo Lun any chance to catch his breath.

After the knife maneuver fell, a furious fist smashed directly into Duo Lun’s face.


It was too fast!

Ye Fan’s speed was too fast!

Duo Lun had just reacted when a sharp pain wrapped around Ce Duo Lun’s entire old face.

He tried to swing his sword to resist.

But Ye Fan’s feet followed on top of Duolun’s wild blade!

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

A full thirteen kicks.

It was as if a man from Shaanxi was waving a drum around his waist, and the gale like attack was like a wild devil’s dance!

The situation in the field was completely one-sided.

Doran was broken straight away!

The bones of his face were twisted and blood was spat out wildly mixed with his teeth.

Especially Ye Fan’s last thirteen consecutive strikes, the majestic force poured out through Duolun’s long blade and directly onto his chest.

Ribs crumbled and his chest was nearly dented.

Finally there was a buzz!

The sword in his hand, too, came out of his hand!