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His Destined Path Chapter 3050

Chapter 3050

What does this mean? A complement to the words in the trigram?

Han Qianqian was completely dumbfounded, one, what exactly were the words in this trigram? Secondly, what was the request that made the Phoenix clan hand over the treasures of the Zhen clan to themselves one after another?

This was really mind-boggling and at the same time curious as to what exactly was being said in this trigram.

“Have you all collected the things?” Xia Ran glanced at the two.

The two people each looked at the things in their hands and couldn’t help but nod their heads.

“Good, then I officially announce that from today onwards, the new Clan Chief of the Phoenix, Xia Wei, will follow Han Qianqian until her death.”


Not to mention Han Qianqian and the piercing beetle, even Xia Wei, who was on the side, could not help but exclaim in shock after hearing Xia Ran’s words.

“On your journey, Xia Wei, you must remember to listen to Han Qianqian’s words.”

“As for Han Qianqian, I only have this one sister in my life, although you are not willing to marry her, and I do not want to force you, but I hope you can treat her well.”

“No, wait a minute.” Han Qianqian hurriedly spoke out, “You want me to take Xia Wei with me? Didn’t I say ……”

“I’m not asking you to marry her, I also said that just now, didn’t I.” Xia Ran was dissatisfied: “Although my Phoenix clan is not considered to be very good, but at least it comes from the orthodox Phoenix clan, since we mentioned it and you are not willing, we will not shamelessly stick our face in and insist that you marry.”

“Your peers are just between friends, that’s all. Secondly, this peerage is also the word in the trigrams, otherwise, do you think I would be willing to let you take my sister away?”

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, there is a cloud in the trigram, if you don’t take it with you, this time to the demon tribe burning bones road is bound to be a disaster, not only your own bones will not survive, even your wife and daughter will be involved, right, the trigram said called Su Yingxia?”

“Secondly, you have been struck by the seal of the earth, so you can’t be lucky at all, so if you go out alone, you are just looking for death.

“But remember that it cannot be a simple intersection like the first time, but you need to absorb a lot of it because they can suppress each other, if there is too little Phoenix blood to suppress the seal, it will be like your first time and you will simply faint, which will only be bad for you and not good for you.”

“If you feel your body warm after absorbing it, it will be enough, not for long, I guess, but at least half an hour is possible. With your ability, half an hour may not be enough to kill the enemy, but it is enough to escape.”

As the words fell, the piercing beetle had already come up to Han Qianqian’s ear, “Although you told them you had a wife and daughter, but they didn’t know your wife’s name at all, so it seems that this trigram should be true.”

Han Qianqian nodded, the most important thing was that she could even know the destination of her trip.

Secondly, it didn’t make sense that someone would fake the words of divination and then give away a whole bunch of stuff themselves to trick themselves into playing, right?!

Lastly, there was the look in Xia Ran’s eyes, and she did look at Xia Wei with reluctance.

Putting it all together, Han Qianqian also believed in the words of the divination.

Besides, was it useful not to believe it? How could Han Qianqian dare to be careless about something that concerned the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian?!

If this is what the trigrams tell us, Han Qianqian will listen to it. Please rest a*sured, sister Xia Ran, that although Han Qianqian has no intention of marrying her, he will treat her as his own sister and will never let anything happen to her unless Han Qianqian dies.”

“That’s good. Also, although she is your life-saving talisman, it does not mean that you can use it at will. Although it is true that you can briefly suppress the Seal of the Earth within you by simply using the Phoenix Power to obtain the Phoenix Power, however, after each use, the Seal within you will become resistant, which means that each time the time will become shorter and shorter.”

“For you, it’s risky, but for my sister, as I said earlier, the blood used to help you suppress the Seal of the Earth will be extremely costly each time, and she may not be able to carry it off.”

Han Qianqian nodded, “Han Qianqian will naturally do what he can to unseal himself.”

“The Earth Fire Heart Sutra and Phoenix Heavenly Fire Pill will help you in this regard, and this is the supplement I said earlier was for the sake of the words in your trigram.”

Han Qianqian understood, now he finally understood all of this, just that I’m afraid that even after thinking about all of this, Han Qianqian could not have imagined that this was the original reason for the matter.

“Another ……” Xia Ran suddenly looked at Han Qianqian, with a very serious look in his eyes, as if he had something big to announce: “Come over here, I will tell you alone.”